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BelVG is a Shopware development company. We have been working with the platform since 2019. We now have Shopware-certified developers, and a great experience with building, customizing, and upgrading Shopware websites. We can integrate websites with different CRM, and product management systems, perform frontend adjustments, install and configure different plugins.




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What is Shopware?


Shopware is one of the leading ecommerce solutions used by the largest European brands. Created in 2003, this platform is especially popular among the German-speaking countries. Thanks to its flexibility, numerous available extensions and integrations, it provides online merchants with an opportunity to quickly expand on both international and local markets.


In comparison with other ecommerce solutions, Shopware has a more generic appeal across a range of businesses. It can boast of numerous features such as rich intuitive content management capability, drag-drop design layouts and flexible product and catalogue management tools. Moreover, Shopware offers a free data migration tool to facilitate transition from other popular platforms. With an attractive price, excellent support and a large community developing third-party integrations and extensions, Shopware is capable of covering the needs of any business.


BelVG provides such services as migration to Shopware from other platforms or to Shopware 6 from the older versions, full-time website support, custom extensions and integrations, web design with a comprehensive UI/UX audit as well as on-page SEO.

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Shopware Advantages

Perfect mix of technology and design

The Shopware creators are truly passionate about the latest technologies in the IT domain and intuitive and clearly structured front-end design. Thanks to it, Shopware enjoys more than 1,500 themes and templates along with mobile-friendly features and opportunities for unique customization.

On-premise and cloud-based features

The transition of software architecture to a headless and API-first approach was announced at the recent Shopware Community Day. Now, ecommerce businesses can achieve all their targets with the help of a single ecommerce solution.

High flexibility

Shopware is extremely flexible and offers various plans depending on the size and needs of a business. Merchants can choose among a free Community or Starter Edition, Professional or Enterprise Edition.

Customer loyalty

With Shopware, you can create remarkable shopping experience for your customers, establish their loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. The platform give lots of opportunities for a store administrator to unify the shopping experience across multiple channels and provide custom offers.

Faster time to market

Time is money. In order to save time you can launch multiple online stores faster than you could relying on other ecommerce platforms.

Shopware community

In case you have questions regarding plugins, themes or designs, a large active community is always ready to share relevant first-hand experience, as well as proven-to-work tips and tricks.

Lothar John. Ecommerce migration for the home goods store from Hanover, Germany

The launched site was satisfactory, thanks to BelVG’s technical expertise and swift turnaround time. Their communication and availability were also impressive.

Klaus-Dieter Gwiasda,
Head of IT, Lothar John

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BottleWorld. Ecommerce development for the German online store for exclusive spirits

The BelVG's work is of high quality, avoiding serious development mistakes, and quickly addressing issues that need to be fixed. Overall, they are responsive, flexible, and communicative partners.

Nils Petersen,
Online Marketing Manager, BottleWorld

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Deine Tür. Webstore customization for the large door manufacturer from Leipzig, Germany

BelVG has become a valuable partner thanks to their high-quality work and ability to efficiently understand project requirements. The foundation of honesty and transparency, in addition to their consistent communication make them an ideal partner.

Managing Director, Deine Tür

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Why build your Shopware store with BelVG?

Our team is experienced with various ecommerce platforms

  • 20+ Adobe Magento certified developers in the team
  • PrestaShop gold partner with 10+ PrestaShop-trained developers
  • 500+ successful ecommerce projects on different platforms
  • Certified developers with 12+ years of experience

We provide an NDA when required

  • Most of the customers feature the transparency of our services
  • We fulfill our promises, sign detailed contracts and do not go above the agreed budget
  • Any extra costs are discussed beforehand

Our credo is efficient communication

  • Every project is assisted by a project coordinator who is on the line at any time
  • We can use any task management software of your choice (e.g. YouTrack, Trello, JIRA, Redmine etc.)
  • Any project can be put on Agile or Scrum methodology

The BelVG team is diverse

  • There are not only developers among us but also:
    • Web designers
    • Quality assurance specialists
    • Business development managers
    • Marketing specialists


Migration to Shopware 6


Shopware 6 migration introduces several advantages such as easy-to-use admin panel, 3d party integrations and technical support. Moreover, it is extremely secure and has advanced SEO capabilities. Migration to Shopware 6 results in an increase in conversion ratio, better customer retention and cost-effectiveness.


Shopware Development from Scratch


With the help of custom solutions in your ecommerce platform, you can ensure that the functionality of your website is tailored to the unique processes of your company. Out-of-the-box websites provide one-of-a-kind features. A properly customized online store handled by experts guarantees that your website will be SEO friendly with a convenient checkout process. Custom features can include specific pricing settings, purchasing peculiarities, etc.


Shopware Support & Maintenance


Timely health checks of your ecommerce store help your website run smoothly and reduce the risk of vulnerabilities. A well-maintained ecommerce online store is secure and has no loopholes that can threaten the safety of your users’ data, so it is important to control the website on a regular basis.


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Shopware Integrations


The right choice of integrations is necessary if you aspire to introduce a truly convenient webstore that your customer can use without any difficulties. Smooth operation of the online store is guaranteed due to the comprehensive work of every business tool with ecommerce software. For example, with integrations you can ensure a smooth and secure payment processes, cover all business requirements, advanced catalog management and shipping process.


Shopware Web Design


Alluring appearance and appropriate theme design is of utmost importance if you want to create a perfect ecommerce website that would satisfy the most demanding taste of a customer. A proper design sets the first positive impression of your business and influences the perception of your brand by the audience. What is more, it aids SEO and good rankings as well as builds trust in your brand.


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