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How to Migrate to Magento 2? Step-by-step Guide

Feb 11, 20192075Mary D.

Decided to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2? This is a perfectly sound resolution, even despite the fact that Magento 1 version, both Community and Enterprise Editions, will continue to be supported till July 2020, which seems like quite a lot of time. Still, the migration process will be neither simple nor fast, so the earlier you embark on this process, the better.

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How to Migrate to Magento 2? Step-by-step Guide

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BigCommerce to Magento 2 migration is a top solution for your online store if it still operates on the BigCommerce platform. BigCommerce is considered to be good, especially for small – and medium-scale companies, since it offers various functionalities and fastens the market entry time. But on the other hand, BigCommerce seems to be not the best solution for online stores because it requires subscription payments per month, limits free themes and templates, charges successful users with extra fees and many more. Are you disappointed with your BigCommerce online store? Enjoy BigCommerce to Magento 2 migration service and improve your store’s performance right now. Why Magento 2? Well, the CMS has a list of advantages. Having moved from BigCommerce to Magento 2, you get the newest and up-to-date solution to build a unique online store. The platform has a more responsive administration panel, improved framework and checkout. With Magento, you will be able to provide your customers with safe payment and shipping; the platform could manage international sales and provide payment in various currencies. But how to switch from BigCommerce to Magento 2? Quite simple. You just need to pick a good development team – BelVG, and we will do all the job for you. Our team understands where you are and where you and your business wants to be. We have access to all top Magento solutions to boost your sales and reach the global market. Enjoying Magento 2 migration services, provided by BelVG, you get a scalable platform which can handle the growth of your online store. BelVG team can upgrade the performance of your business, as well as ensure constant development by implementing various Magento marketing tools. The experienced team can avoid challenges during migration to Magento and save the theme and design of the previous platform. Want to switch your website to Magento? Contact BelVG support to get more information about it. We will clarify the whole migration steps and provide all the details of the process. You can also visit BelVG blog, where you can read all about replatforming and compare BigCommerce and Magento to understand exactly why moving from BigCommerce to Magento is the main solution on your way to success.