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11 Best PrestaShop Websites by Industry

Jul 31, 2023

1709 Vika Rigarovich

11 Best PrestaShop Websites by Industry

PrestaShop is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions. More than 250,000 sites currently run on this platform, and it takes 7th place at the top in ecommerce usage distribution.

To give you an idea of PrestaShop’s ecommerce power, we’ve listed 11 exceptional examples from 5 industries that showcase which features this platform allows implementing.

Table of Сontents:

Clothes & Accessories
Hardware and Appliances
Furniture & Interior
Wrapping Up


Unlike brick-and-mortar shops, customers can’t touch, try on or taste the products in online stores. So it’s important to provide a comprehensive description that includes information about the features, specifications, size, color, weight, etc. You can also add videos to showcase the items best or explain to your customers how to use them.

Here are some other key requirements for online retail stores.

  • High-resolution photos. Quality images are crucial when selling products online. Remember to include multiple angles, zoom-in capability, and photos of the items in use.
  • Quick preview option. A Quick View feature allows customers to see more details about the product without leaving the current page, simplifying the shopping process. There are special modules, such as the BelVG module for Magento 2.
  • Reviews and ratings. User-generated content covering your products’ quality helps to build trust. Therefore, it’s necessary to allow customers to leave feedback.
  • Smart search functionality. The search should include filters and categories to make it easy for users to find what they need not only by product or brand name but also, for example, by ingredients or material.
  • Loyalty program integration. Treat your loyal customers with points, discounts, or special deals to improve retention.

Online retailers sell a huge variety of different products. Here are three successful examples of retail stores applying the best techniques of the ecommerce industry.

Rue Du Cadre

Rue du Cadre is a French e-store offering a wide range of frames: made-to-measure, photo, canvas, and passe-partouts. Their selection provides items from small to large formats made of high-quality wood and aluminum.

Their website uses a custom user-friendly theme with a personalized homepage, a menu with relevant photos, and improved site navigation. The elements, colors, and fonts used in the design are in harmony with the company’s corporate identity.

Rue Du Cadre

In the drop-down menu, the subcategories of the site are displayed with corresponding pictures, making it easier for users to find the desired products.

The most notable feature of their site is the Framer tool, allowing users to create customized photo frames. This custom module developed by the BelVG team is intuitive and easy to use. The customer selects the size, type, color, material, mount type, glazing, and passe-partout. The tool automatically calculates the order value and synchronizes it with checkout.

Here’re some other significant features implemented on the site.

  • Cropper tool that allows to prepare users’ photos for printing automatically. This feature provides orientation change, size adjustment, filter imposition, cropping, compression without quality loss, and others.
  • Availability of discounts, which are calculated depending on the quantity of goods in the order. The more items in the order, the bigger the discount; the total order cost is calculated automatically. If the user changes the number of goods, the order cost is recalculated considering the new discount size.
  • Cross-sell and best-sell sections have been added to stimulate the growth of the average order value.
  • Quick View feature that allows users to view product information and add it to a cart directly from the catalog via a pop-up without switching to the product page.

PrestaShop capabilities allow the site to be convenient for users and reduce the load on the company’s employees, as the ordering process is maximally automated.


Carillons is a Belgian brand offering a variety of chimes, jewelry, meditation accessories, palo santo, and gongs. The site’s design perfectly aligns with its product range: stylish and exotic.

Product pages provide extended information, high-quality photos with zooming features, videos, and the ability to share liked products on social networks.


The e-store has a range of features that simplify the shopping experience. Here are the key ones.

  • Smart search that shows products in the results with photo, price, title, and catalog category indication.
  • Filters for faster search of suitable products.
  • Quick View feature allowing to view product info in the catalog without switching to the product page. The main details appear in a convenient pop-up.
  • PayPal payment gateway integration.

Thus, Carillons can be considered a good example of an e-shop. In addition to its user-friendliness, it offers many features crucial for a convenient shopping experience.


TaxFreeSnus is an Andorra-based e-store selling Scandinavian snus and chews and delivering them worldwide. Their multistore processes 18k monthly customers, generating a $1M annual revenue.


PrestaShop usage allowed them to implement a range of custom solutions. Among them are the following.

  • The recurring orders feature allows logged-in users to save items in the cart while forming an order. The next time they visit the store, the website cart will be filled with these products automatically.
  • Custom payment functionality allows to issue each item placed in the cart in the system as a separate order. Meanwhile, all these orders are linked together, and the user pays for all of them at once. This feature is applied to specific products only.
  • The customized My Account page allows users to change personal information without entering a password. They can change the password on the second page.
  • Instagram feed integration displays the brand’s posts on the main page.
  • A custom 1-step checkout.
  • RedSys payment method integration.

PrestaShop has allowed TaxFreeSnus to use many custom solutions, making it convenient for users: recurring orders, custom payment and checkout functionality, and more.


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The health industry demands certain requirements for websites to follow. Here are the main ones.

  • User-friendly design. The interface should consider different degrees of users’ tech literacy, especially since among the target audience may be elderly or disabled people.
  • Accessibility. The website should follow web accessibility guidelines to serve users with disabilities. It includes providing text alternatives for non-text content, making all functionalities reachable from a keyboard, and ensuring that text is readable.
  • Social proof. To build credibility, highlight health professionals’ testimonials, interviews, and case studies.
  • Effective customer support. It includes live chat and a FAQ section for addressing user queries and concerns. It’s also necessary to have a system for handling returns and refunds.
  • Subscription option. For regularly purchased products, offer a subscription option so customers can get items regularly without placing an order manually each time.

We’ve picked a few PrestaShop-built website examples of health-related companies.

Wellness Resources

Wellness Resources is a PrestaShop ecommerce site of the USA-based company specializing in health-improving supplements that don’t contain any chemical additives.

The site offers recurring payment functionality (Autoship) with a discount for subscription users. Registered users can create one or more product lists and set the frequency of receiving them. The order placement and payment will be carried out automatically.

Wellness Resources

There’s also a Quick Order section featuring discounted items and Support Packages with supplement kits for specific occasions. The user can quickly add the desired items to the cart from this catalog by specifying the required quantity.

Among other features worth mentioning are the following.

  • A blog where the brand team gives scientific advice on various health-related topics and shares their knowledge.
  • Сustom theme, simple and easy to use, matching the brand’s values.
  • Smart search that matches products, relevant blog articles, and news.
  • Wellness Rewards system with bonuses for loyal customers. Bonuses are accrued for each purchase and can be applied to get a discount.
  • Referral program, in which both users, the one who invited and the one who was invited, get 10$ each.
  • USPS, UPS, and DHL shipping integrations and the ability to track the order.

In summary, the Wellness Resources e-store has taken the most out of PrestaShop’s features. For users’ convenience, they have implemented features such as the ability to auto-order products by subscription, smart search, and quick order options. There are also loyalty and referral programs.

Aktiv Naturheilmittel

Aktiv Naturheilmittel is a producer and retailer of dietary supplements and natural healing products well-known in German-speaking countries. It’s a website working in several countries and adapted to various markets, languages, currencies, and tax rules. All of that has become possible through the use of PrestaShop multistore functionality.

Their website has a vibrant, fully customized theme with usability taken into account. Product pages are built on an unusual layout – they were designed to look like landing pages. They provide full product descriptions, including composition, discount information, nutritional values, recommendations for use, and notes. In addition, users can leave feedback there.

Aktiv Naturheilmittel

The site has a helpful blog with articles and tips on healthy living. The brand also offers the option to book a call with the company’s managing director for free advice on choosing nutritional supplements.

Clothes & Accessories

Product details and aesthetics play a significant role in customers’ purchase decisions in this industry.

Here are some key features a clothes and accessories website should have.

  • Wishlist functionality. Allowing users to save favorite items to a wishlist can help them make purchase decisions. It helps for tracking user preferences more precisely.
  • Personalization. Implement personalized product recommendations, content, and emails. Personalization features can result in increasing sales.
  • Cross-selling and upselling features. Recommending related or complementary products (e.g., “Customers who bought this also bought…”, “Complete the look with…”, etc.) can increase the average order value.
  • Social media integration. This functionality allows customers to share their favorite products on social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Augmented reality (AR) experience. AR can allow customers to virtually “try on” accessories and clothes. This feature can increase buyer confidence and reduce return rates.


Artipoppe is a Dutch brand selling baby carriers and slings. Their site is quite simple and intuitive. Its product pages contain maximum details, quality zoomable photos, and videos.

A smart search is implemented that delivers results matching the entered keyword, grouped by product category. Advanced filters help to sort products by availability, color, material type, and care instructions.


The shop offers gift cards that can be delivered via email or in a stylish box. There’s also a possibility to order the goods as a gift and choose several gift-wrapping options. In this case, the items are sent without price tags and invoices.

Among other features worth mentioning are the following.

  • Integration with the brand’s Instagram account feed. The posts can be seen on the product pages.
  • A section with video and photo instructions for tying slings.
  • Referral program, according to which a bonus of 50 euros is given to both the customer who invited a friend and the invited one.
  • Custom return functionality separates returns depending on the shipped country. The country is checked first to determine if free shipping is available when issuing a return. There’s also a possibility to request a product exchange instead of a return.
  • Adyen platform integration for handling payments across different sales channels.
  • Shipping integrations such as FedEx, DHL, and PostNL.

The brand’s shop is built on the PrestaShop platform, while the blog is made on WordPress. However, thanks to a custom API, users can access product or category pages directly from the blog. The transition is so seamless that the user doesn’t notice the switch between systems.

PrestaShop usage also allows Artipoppe to localize storefronts for different regions and countries since the company delivers worldwide. A pop-up notification with country selection shows up when a user accesses the site for the first time. The country is automatically determined according to the IP address, but the customer can change it manually. Depending on the selected country, the site switches to the matching currency and calculates taxes and fees following the legislation of this country.

The site was recently upgraded to the new PrestaShop 8 version.

CTI Party

CTI Party is a Denmark-based company selling various party supplies: from balloons to tablecloths. Their website’s design is vivid and cheerful and matches the store’s theme. When the user enters the site for the first time, the pop-up offers them the chance to win a free wedding gift.

One of the site’s most notable features is the product customization tool. It enables users to create personalized designs for specific products: balloons, satin ribbons, and chest ribbons. Users can choose parameters such as balloon size, color, lettering, pattern, place to print, and ribbon length. The user selects the required quantity of goods, and the order cost is calculated automatically.

CTI Party

Here are more of CTI Party’s e-store features worth mentioning.

  • Showcase photos, costs, and names of the most popular items in each menu category.
  • Availability of B2C and B2B functionality with different price displays (with and without VAT).
  • A Quick View feature allows viewing a product card without proceeding to its page. The information opens in a pop-up, which includes an Add to Cart button.
  • A section offering relevant products.
  • 1-step checkout with the ability to place an order as a guest.
  • Integration with Trustpilot displaying real customer reviews on the website.
  • PayPal and PayU payment gateway integrations.

PrestaShop platform usage has allowed CTI Party’s website to incorporate many features, making it a great example for other e-stores in this industry.

Hardware and Appliances

Here are some key features for implementation in hardware and appliances e-stores.

  • Specification filters. Add filters specific to each product category. For example, a refrigerator filter might include capacity, energy rating, type, brand, price, etc.
  • Product comparison feature. Allow buyers to compare features and prices across different models or brands by implementing a comparison tool that lists characteristics side by side.
  • Technical support. Offer a hotline or chatbot for technical support to help customers troubleshoot or understand how to use their purchased products.
  • Subscription or auto-reorder. Consider offering a subscription or auto-reorder feature for hardware items that need to be replaced regularly (like filters, lightbulbs, etc.).
  • Local delivery & pickup options. Provide options for local delivery or in-store pickup, especially for larger, expensive appliances.
  • Lease options. High-cost appliances might be too expensive for some customers to pay for upfront. Consider offering financing or leasing options to help them spread out the cost.

It’s necessary to include safety information, detailed product manuals, and guidelines for use. The product description should include the warranty terms, energy efficiency, and installation info.


eQuipIT is a Sweden-based company specializing in laptops, phones, and camera accessories. The company opened in 2008 and has since become one of Sweden’s leading retailers in its field. It’s also due to a well-designed website that utilizes PrestaShop’s capabilities.


The features of this e-store worth highlighting are the following.

  • Detailed information on the product page and high-quality photos with zooming possibility.
  • Availability of a customer feedback block on the product page and the Trustpilot integration of real customer testimonials on the homepage.
  • A custom 1-step checkout.
  • Smart search that delivers not only suitable products but also relevant categories.

The eQuipIT website offers a wide variety of products, and leveraging the PrestaShop platform allows them to maintain a large catalog, visitor count, and traffic and also to provide an enhanced product search for user convenience.

Ecofort AG

Ecofort AG is a company from Switzerland. It provides products for the indoor climate. Their site uses a custom PrestaShop theme designed to match the Magento-based Ecofort affiliate store design. Therefore, the look of this store is similar to Magento stores.

One of these resemblances is hovering images on the catalog page. When you hover over it, the photo changes to a more detailed product photo. Such a feature isn’t default for PrestaShop and was added separately.

Ecofort AG

The site’s product pages are vibey yet minimalistic. They contain rich product content and, in terms of design, resemble a landing page. At the top is a CTA, which, when clicked on, takes the user to the bottom of the page, where the add to cart button is placed. A detailed product description, photos, videos, benefits, instructions for use, and customer reviews occupy the rest of the page.

In addition, the store has implemented custom checkout and custom payment systems such as Rechnung and E-banking.


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Furniture & Interior

Here are some essential features for furniture and interior ecommerce websites.

  • 360-degree view or AR/VR technology. A 360-degree view can provide the items’ perspective. Some websites are now integrating Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to allow customers to visualize the furniture in their space.
  • Space planning tools. These allow customers to plan their space virtually, helping them figure out what pieces will fit and how they’ll look together.
  • Product customization. An interactive customization tool can be a powerful feature. Your customers will appreciate the ability to customize products, whether choosing a sofa fabric or a wooden table finish.
  • Interior design advice and inspiration. Features like a blog or a “shop the look” section can provide design inspiration and help customers understand how to style products. It could also include professional interior design advice or consultation services.

Here are some PrestaShop examples of sites in this industry.


Werenberg is a Danish company selling top-quality home furniture. They offer their customers ready-made furniture and also the opportunity to develop a design according to the customers’ wishes.

The store runs on a custom theme with a stylish design that reflects the brand’s values.


Some of the important store features include the following.

  • Integration with the brand’s Instagram feed.
  • Integration with Trustpilot to collect user reviews.
  • Replacement of product photos in the catalog on mouse-over.
  • Convenient functionality of catalog filters with many options.
  • Detailed product descriptions with many high-quality photos that change depending on the color of the product.
  • The wishlist option is available for registered and unregistered users and allows sharing the wishlist on social networks.
  • Custom 1-step checkout.
  • Integration with XpresPay from Sparxpres for installment payment option.
  • Automatic calculation of delivery cost depending on the selected delivery method and order amount.

The PrestaShop platform helped the Werenberg brand to create a website that meets the requirements set by the furniture industry. The entire ordering process is user-friendly: from the ability to create a wishlist without registration and select the right items by filters and enhanced product pages to payment and delivery.

KOOKU Design

KOOKU Design is a Polish online gallery selling unique limited edition interior objects from designers. Their PrestaShop store uses a custom theme reflecting the products’ uniqueness.

KOOKU Design

Among the site features, we should mention the following.

  • Convenient filters in the catalog.
  • Product page with detailed product descriptions and high-quality photos.
  • Possibility to customize the product before placing an order. For example, users can choose the color or fabric type.
  • Ability to share your favorite products on social networks.

Thus, the KOOKU Design site provides customers user-friendliness and the ability to pick up designer goods by filter parameters. Users also can customize them before placing an order without having to communicate with managers.

Wrapping Up

These PrestaShop website examples show businesses leveraging the platform’s flexibility and feature set. From minimalist designs to complicated layouts, from small boutiques to large retailers, these e-stores demonstrate the power of PrestaShop as an ecommerce solution.

So whether you’re planning to launch your online store or considering switching to a new ecommerce platform, these examples offer inspiration. Implement the industry’s best practices and give your customers an impeccable shopping experience.

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