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Custom PrestaShop Development for Wellness Resource

About Wellness Resources


Wellness Resources is a family business that was established back in 1985 in the United States. It specializes in health-improving supplements made without any chemical additives. Their innovative formulas are tested following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Wellness Resources team also provides science-based recommendations and shares their knowledge in the website blog.


Project Overview


The company asked BelVG to help with their website – they needed some custom features and long-term support.

We created a new PrestaShop theme for them, introduced an award system with bonuses, and implemented recurring payments (Autoship) with a discount in case of a subscription order. Moreover, we’ve been supporting the website to improve its performance since 2014. Besides, the website has USPS, UPS, and DHL shipping integrations and the opportunity to log in via Facebook. The website uses Amazon web hosting on Apache 2.4 web server.


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Services & notable features

  • Long-term support
  • Recurring order functionality
  • Theme Development
  • Bug fixing

Wellness resources PrestaShop development

Recurring Orders and Other Feature Development


Since the beginning of our partnership, The BelVG developers implemented lots of features to the Wellness Resources website. One of the most prominent functionality is the Autoship option.


This option allows logged in users creating recurring orders. They can make one or many lists of products and set up a frequency with which they want to receive these products. The system automatically places an order and makes payments. Users can add or delete their lists, edit products and frequency, change payment and shipping information.


We also developed several other features:


  • award system that accrues bonuses for every purchase and transforms them into a discount.
  • customized PrestaShop search that shows related blog articles and news together with products.
  • quick order page where users can see a list of items and quickly add them to the card specifying a quantity first. It’s a comfortable page for users that know exactly what they need to buy
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    PrestaShop Theme Development


    Back in 2014 Wellness Resources needed its website to look more modern and display company value. This is why one of the BelVG tasks was customizing the PrestaShop theme.


    Choosing a ready-to-use template, Wellness Resources then customized it to fit their requirements. They sent us a homepage mockup and based on it, our designers together with our frontend developers refined the template and created all the website pages. As a result, the company received an online store with the functionality and design they wanted.

    PrestaShop theme development

    PrestaShop Support & Maintenance


    Wellness Resources is to provide their customers with a comfortable shopping experience online. With this in mind, the company asked BelVG to support their website and provide ongoing development. BelVG has been implementing new features, installing modules, and fixing bugs since then. We developed an adaptive design for the website, and still maintain a good load speed, keeping the Google Page Speed score of the website high.


    We are still performing multiple integrations to make the management process more comfortable and provide online store owners with analytical information. We are implementing the PrestaShop updates keeping the website up-to-date.

    PrestaShop support
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