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Custom PrestaShop Development for TaxFreeSnus

About Taxfreesnus is an Andorra-based ecommerce shop that sells Swedish snus and Nordic chew. The online shop is popular mainly among those Scandinavians who buy snus within the European Union. Before the company was founded, the product could only be purchased in Sweden or outside the EU, and later Andorra became an ideal place for this business. provides the buyers with the premium brands and free worldwide delivery.


Project Overview


The company was looking for experienced PrestaShop developers to improve the performance of their ecommerce website. They chose BelVG to solve this task. We carried out the PrestaShop version update, as well as customization and integration of services. We also set up a multi store for them, customized the search, and installed several modules.



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Services & notable features

  • PrestaShop update
  • Custom payment configuration
  • PrestaShop module installation and configuration
  • Bug fixing
  • Checkout customization

Taxfreesnus PrestaShop upgrade

PrestaShop Upgrade


No matter how good the ecommerce system is, it is often the latest version that is the most innovative and secure. Following this idea, TaxFreeSnus decided to improve their web store by upgrading it to PrestaShop 1.7 version. The main requirement was to save all the products, content and customers account details with the login information.


BelVG upgraded the system on the test server first, checked the compatibility of all modules, and fixed small bugs. As a result, now PrestaShop 1.7 offers Taxfreesnus various benefits over its earlier version, such as high flexibility and easier management. Besides, the upgrade makes the web portal really lightweight and provides better speeds. Thanks to a faster checkout process the customers can transact swiftly along with better password security that ensures the safety of their personal data and order details.

Custom PrestaShop payment configuration

Custom PrestaShop Payment Configuration


Tax Free Snus needed special payment customization due to the specific products of the website. Each item that customers place in the card should have been issued as a separate order – one item, on order, one package. But it was obvious, that paying separately for all the orders was not an option.


The BelVG developers adjust custom settings for the Taxfreesnus multi store. The team set up the rule that each item in the basket is placed in the system as separate orders. But all these orders are linked together and the user pays for all of them at once.

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    PrestaShop Module Installation and Configuration


    Thanks to the modules, PrestaShop store owners can add lots of different features to their website. Some modules can cause bugs when installed on one shop, to avoid this, the BelVG team install and test modules on the devserver first, and then push them to live. We installed and configured a number of different PrestaShop modules for Taxfreesnus:


    • We added module that allows determine customer’s location based on the received data and displays the delivery information in the website header
    • We installed Correos module to ensure integration with this shipping provider and adjusted label Print function that allows adding product price + products reference number to the shipping label.
    • Update and configure Instagram module for both storefronts to ensure showing Instagram feed on main pages of both storefronts
    • Install and configured RedSys payment method


    We still install and customize modules for the website and ensure their compatibility with each other.

    Taxfreesnus PrestaShop module installation

    Customization of the Checkout and My Account Page


    The owners of Taxfreesnus wanted to give their customers a user-friendly way to buy nicotine pouches. This is why they asked BelVG to configure a one-step checkout. We implemented this feature on both storefronts and made all necessary frontend changes.


    The BelVG developers also integrated the functionality that allows users to save items in the cart for the next purchase. Logged-in users can click on the bar “Save items in cart” while forming an order and the next time they log in the website, the cart is getting filled with these products automatically. It is made for users convenience as most of the time they repeat their orders.


    We also customize the My Account page a little bit. The default template implied that users can change personal information only while entering their password. We changed the template and split it into two parts. Now users can change their personal information without entering a password, and the password can be changed on the second page.

    Taxfreesnus PrestaShop checkout customization
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