PrestaShop Theme Development for Werenberg.dk

A premium furniture shop located in Denmark

Werenberg is a Denmark-based furniture store selling a wide range of top-quality home furniture. Their products are available both online and offline in the showroom and can be delivered directly to a customer’s door. Werenberg specialists can design furniture according to customer’s needs and wishes, so it can fit into any interior perfectly.


Werenberg were looking for a reliable partner to enhance their PrestaShop store’s frontend and BelVG was a right candidate for this purpose. In the process of our productive partnership, the BelVG team installed and customized a new theme for the store, as well as configured it the right way. Today, Werenberg’s PrestaShop store has a fresh look due to the modern responsive theme. The website functionality and performance are improved by multiple integrations and robust features. The OptinMonster integration enables to create professionally designed opt-in forms without writing any code. Metomic’s privacy-by-design API ensures ethical consumer data management. Besides, website speed is optimized with the Lightspeed Cache plugin. The Trustpilot integration allows to automate collection for service and product reviews and invite customers to leave feedback. The webstore also runs a WordPress blog to keep the customers up-to-date. As for deployment, Werenberg uses Cloudflare Hosting & DNS and the LiteSpeed web server.


PrestaShop Theme Development


Theme is one of the most important components of an ecommerce store. Website appearance has to correspond to business domain, reflect brand identity and philosophy. Moreover, web design should be appealing and easy to navigate to ensure excellent user experience. Therefore, PrestaShop theme development is a perfect option to fulfill requirements related to usability and website appearance.


When we started to partner with Werenberg, the company wanted to enhance website appearance and change the PrestaShop theme. Werenberg’s initial requirement was to combine two PrestaShop themes into one. The BelVG developers assessed the task and came to the conclusion it would be too time-consuming. Therefore, our team offered a more efficient approach – to choose and customize a new theme for Werenberg’s particular needs. As a result, the online store was refreshed with a modern, individually customized PrestaShop theme that combines usability, responsiveness and one-of-a-kind design.


PrestaShop Frontend Development


Well-thought frontend means both remarkable web design and easy-to-use interface. Website is a company’s reflection, so it should provide customers with all the necessary information about products, contacts, schedule, etc. Moreover, navigation needs to be intuitive so that customers can find the information they need easily.


During our cooperation with Werenberg, one of our main goals was to create a remarkable web design, combining best design practices to make the site user-friendly and attractive. However, there was an issue with Werenberg’s schedule, since the store’s working hours differ from week to week. The offline store is open on every second Sunday and this information had to be displayed correctly on the website. To automate the display of the store’s working hours, the BelVG developers created a custom module that defines which weeks of the year to display Sunday working hours. Due to this feature, Werenberg can be sure to provide relevant information about the shop’s schedule.


PrestaShop Support and Maintenance


Website support is a guarantee that website performance is always stable. Moreover, maintenance is of vital importance during the development process, since the new version of a website must be bug-free and error-free. Moreover, all the new records and features of the webstore have to be synchronized between two store versions to ensure the website is up-to-date.


Working with Werenberg, website maintenance was one of the main priorities. While the BelVG developers were making changes on a staging server, the company’s live store continued working, which means they had new orders and new customers. Therefore, we needed to constantly fix conflicts and keep up with live databases. After the development was finished, we successfully applied the changes to the store, tested the performance to make sure everything is compatible and works smoothly after the changes.

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