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Сomputer chargers and batteries

eQuipIT is a Swedish company that specializes in accessories for laptops, phones and cameras, especially in chargers and batteries. The company has been on the market since 2008 and currently it is one of the leading retailers of chargers, batteries and spare parts for consumer electronics in Sweden. eQuipIT provides a large number of accessories for most of the popular brands such as HP, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Lenovo, Dell and Canon.


eQuipIT wanted to extend their PrestaShop store’s functionality with the help of an experienced development team. With rich experience in custom PrestaShop development, BelVG was a perfect candidate to complete this task. As a result, we created a special configurator page to simplify the choice of products for customers. Now, the store is running successfully with the help of several efficient solutions. The New Relic dashboard provides a complete view of the application’s health and helps to assess website performance. Detailed user behavior analytics is provided by the Hotjar and CrazyEgg integrations, which offer a lot of top-notch tools like heatmaps and recordings. Besides, advertising efficiency is increased thanks to the DoubleClick.Net tool, which helps to manage and grow efficient marketing campaigns. The Elastic Email platform, which is an all-in-one email delivery solution, is used for advanced email marketing automation. Thanks to the Trustpilot integration, eQuipIT can share real customer reviews on the website. As for web hosting, the company uses the Choopa hosting and the Vultr cloud hosting, based on the nginx proxy server.


PrestaShop Audit


PrestaShop development can be complicated by the unexpected issues, if website vulnerabilities are not eliminated before development. That’s why it is of critical importance to perform an in-depth PrestaShop audit before starting to optimize speed, install integrations or develop custom features. Website assessment helps to understand what weaknesses and malfunctions it has and which points need to be improved, providing a clear vision of further development.


Realizing the importance of a preliminary website assessment, we started our cooperation with eQuipiT by performing a comprehensive PrestaShop audit. The BelVG developers analyzed and tested different aspects of the website, including traffic load, page loading speed, integrations compatibility and much more. It was essential to have a full picture of weak and strong points of the store, since even minor issues could lead to serious problems with new functionality. After a detailed PrestaShop audit, BelVG was aware of all the weaknesses of the store and had a thorough plan for productive development.


PrestaShop Development


Nowadays ecommerce is a highly competitive sphere, which means that merchants should follow modern development standards to remain on track. For this reason, it is significant to regularly update your store according to best ecommerce practices, keep an eye on trends and add innovative features. Exceeding the clients’ expectations can increase customer satisfaction greatly and give great advantages over competitors.


Cooperating with eQuipIT, our primary task was to develop an advanced search feature. Their business comprises 3 main parts that they wanted to be reflected in their e-store: chargers, batteries, cables & accessories. The BelVG developers displayed this structure with the help of three separate categories pages for every product. What is more, we created a Configurator page that facilitates an easy choice of products for customers. Thanks to this top-notch feature, customers can choose the model of their laptop and then they will receive the list of accessories that are compatible with it.


PrestaShop Support


Outstanding website performance is one of the crucial factors for conversion boost and better SEO-ranking. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to monitor application health regularly, keeping an eye on different frontend and backend aspects. With qualified PrestaShop support, your store is safe from unexpected bugs and downtimes, since the website performance is tested regularly and most of the issues are detected before they lead to any disappointing consequences.


In the eQuipIT project, we developed a custom search feature for their PrestaShop store. After the successful development, ongoing website support was necessary to ensure stable website performance and implement updates and the latest security patches on a regular basis. The BelVG developers provide proficient PrestaShop support to prevent serious malfunctions and make sure your store is always up-to-date and absolutely secure.


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