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CTI Party is a Denmark-based company providing a wide range of party items. The company’s main idea is to make significant moments in people’s lives even brighter. The selection of products that CTI Party provides includes balloons, candles, ribbons, tablecloths, plates, garlands, and much more. Moreover, the store has a lot of special products for various theme parties, for example, for baptism, wedding, or corporate parties.


CTI Party was looking for a reliable PrestaShop team to solve technical problems with their store. With extensive experience in PrestaShop development, the BelVG developers were ready to meet the challenge and complete the tasks on time and within budget. Currently CTI Party’s website has a lot of unique features. As for marketing analytics, the store uses Alexa Metrics for visitor count tracking and Hotjar, which provides user behavior analytics tools. Trustpilot integration contributes to customer trust since it provides real customer reviews on the website. Payment gateway integrations include PayPal and PayU, which are among the most popular in the region. CTI Party uses the OVH web hosting and the nginx proxy server.


PrestaShop Audit


PrestaShop audit is an essential part of the development process because it gives a detailed look on how a website works and what issues it has. To avoid unexpected problems in development, it is necessary to detect website’s vulnerabilities and bottlenecks that may cause technical issues. Besides, PrestaShop audit shows what needs to be improved both in the frontend and backend so that further enhancements can be planned.


When BelVG started to partner with CTI Party, conducting a thorough audit was crucial, because there were a few problems and we needed to understand what caused them. Our experienced PrestaShop developers carried out a comprehensive assessment of the system files, website performance and loading speed. Moreover, we analyzed drawbacks in web design. The PrestaShop audit showed there were serious problems in core files, which led to issues with product categories. Besides, the checkout wasn’t working properly and needed to be fixed.


PrestaShop Development


PrestaShop is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms because it is easy to personalize and enhance with new features. With ample customization possibilities and a lot of modules on the official store, ecommerce software engineers can make one-of-a-kind custom plugins for your online shop. With so many possibilities that PrestaShop development gives, you can always keep up with top-notch ecommerce solutions and follow new tendencies in the ecommerce industry.


In the CTI Party project both the frontend and backend needed improvement. PrestaShop audit detected several problems in core files and a number of checkout bugs. The BelVG developers fixed errors in the core files, but it didn’t help with the incorrect display of product categories. It turned out that there was a problem with server settings. Correct server configuration solved the problem with categories and speeded up the store significantly. Due to the backend edits, checkout was restored, too, and CTI Party got a fully functioning store.


PrestaShop Support


In a highly competitive market, it’s impossible to hold high positions without updating your store according to modern requirements. PrestaShop is a powerful platform with great opportunities for upgrades, it offers a lot of integrations and plugins available for customization. The latest PrestaShop versions provide innovative functionality and most up-to-date security patches, that’s why timely upgrades are so important.


PrestaShop support is essential if you want to keep up with the latest ecommerce tendencies and be sure that your store is secure and modern. When we started working with CTI Party, their store was outdated, so it needed to be upgraded and the latest security patches had to be implemented. When all the tasks were completed, the BelVG team continued to provide CTI Party with professional PrestaShop support to ensure great website performance without any malfunctions on a regular basis.


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