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Shop specializing in chimes & meditation accessories

Carillons is a Belgian shop that sells a wide variety of chimes, jewellry, meditation accessories, palo santo and gongs. Besides, you can buy fancy esoteric statuettes, salt lamps, okiagari and other exotic goods. You can find a gift for your friend or relative here, as well as discover a new way to decorate your own interior design. Special attention is devoted to the chimes and carillons that let you relax being lulled into a relaxed state of mind.


In search of high-quality PrestaShop services, Carillons turned to BelVG. We conducted a PrestaShop audit, optimized the speed and delivered top-notch support services. At the moment the website has SmartSupp live chat, Facebook Login, Facebook for Websites and Pinterest Widget. Besides, Fancybox allows a user to make a website more sociable connected with integrations from the hugely popular Facebook website. The online shop uses an OVH European based hosting solution and Apache web server.


PrestaShop Audit


It is of utmost importance to conduct a thorough PrestaShop audit before the ecommerce platform upgrading. It provides a detailed review of the store’s functioning and the technical issues the user may encounter on the website. In the very beginning of our cooperation with Carillons, we decided to conduct a PrestaShop audit to get a better understanding of the issues that cause bottlenecks in the performance.


We made a comprehensive analysis of the system files, website performance and loading speed. PrestaShop audit helps detect the website’s vulnerabilities and find ways to improve them when building a strategy for further enhancement. After the detailed review, we managed to create a solid strategy to enhance the performance of the online store.


PrestaShop Speed Optimisation


For a flourishing online shop it is extremely important to maintain high page loading speed. If your potential customers face problems in the speed of your website, it can lead to customer loss. The majority of users lack time and are eager to make purchases as quickly and efficiently as possible.


So one of the key objectives on the way to establishing a prosperous online business is the website’s high speed. The BelVG PrestaShop developers have extensive experience in speed improvement and now thanks to PrestaShop optimisation the store has increased conversion rate and revenue.


PrestaShop Support


To maintain first-rate website performance the monitoring of website health is needed on a regular basis. Thanks to high-profile certified developers, the online shop received the best support services including keeping an eye on both frontend and backend. With qualified PrestaShop support, the online shop is safe from unexpected errors and bugs, because it is tested regularly and all the issues are detected before they cause any devastating consequences.


The continuous website support is necessary to ensure stable website performance and implement updates and latest security patches. The BelVG developers provide proficient PrestaShop support in order to prevent serious malfunctions and guarantee that your store is always up-to-date and protected from any external threats.

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