PrestaShop Development for KOOKU Design

Stylish interior objects

KOOKU Design is a Polish online gallery selling stylish interior objects from well-known designers. The company offers unique limited edition pieces. Some of the items are handcrafted only in one specimen, which gives them an exceptional value. The presented works are made by both famous designers and young rising talents. Conceptual furniture, rugs, lighting, and decorative elements can be found on numerous pages of KOOKU webshop. These works will make you feel special.


Within the framework of our mutually beneficial cooperation, we have achieved high results, namely, an efficient and reliable webstore. Today, KOOKU Design’s site contains the Hotjar heatmap, which visualizes statistics using a color palette. This tool is useful for conducting market research and establishing feedback. There is a Facebook Sharer on pages and a Facebook login to make the online store more user-friendly. The site has the DoubleClick.Net tool for rewarding advertising campaigns. For the users’ convenience, the store implements one of the most popular payment methods – PayPal payments. The ecommerce website is hosted on LiteSpeed web server. It is a highly scalable Apache interchangeable web server, which provides high website performance.


PrestaShop Audit


As a part of KOOKU Design’s project, the BelVG team conducted an audit for their PrestaShop-based webstore. We have completed a full check to identify weaknesses and find ways to improve them. The site’s technical condition audit is aimed at evaluating characteristics that are important for the search engines. A well-conducted audit allows us to develop an effective optimization strategy. Our specialists also conduct a usability audit to identify website flaws that prevent users from becoming loyal company clients. Furthemore, usability affects the site’s position in the search results.


Search engine policies are changing rapidly, so you should conduct audits regularly to keep up with the requirements of the time. Some errors and shortcomings may be accumulated in the course of the site’s operation. To avoid these negative phenomena, reach out to the BelVG professionals to recognize vulnerabilities and define steps for their elimination.


PrestaShop Frontend Development


A successful online business requires an effective and well-structured website to attract customers and maintain their interest. Frontend development plays a significant role here because it is the user interface that the client delas with. To enhance the clients’ loyalty, the BelVG team provided the design gallery with frontend development. We made the necessary theme improvements, delivered adjustment services as well as eliminated all the interface glitches.


High-quality frontend development has a positive impact on site promotion. It is the beautiful interface, clear website content, convenient functionality, unusual interactive and animated elements that can attract the clients. Our team consists of creative and experienced developers who truly love programming and design. They will find a suitable approach to any online business, enchance it and help make it successful.


PrestaShop Backend Development


To get a website that works without any problems, you need to take care of the backend development. Within the KOOKU Design’s project, the BelVG specialists performed high-quality backend development services. It included extension installation, for example, shipping gateways to simplify logistics and help prepare the orders, manage stock, suppliers and carriers. The BelVG team also equipped the website with a payment module for shoppers to manage their online transactions and pay for purchases faster. Our developers provided the configuration of existing modules to improve site operation.


Modern development is a multi-level and complex process. The final choice of web development tools depends on project complexity and major tasks. A competent partner in backend development will help you create a stable and reliable website. The BelVG PrestaShop specialists are experienced professionals with higher technical education and profound work experience. You can rely on us to improve your store performance and enhance the shopping experience of your clients.


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