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2019 Results: PrestaShop Updates & Innovations

Jan 3, 2020

1406 Dasha M.

2019 Results: PrestaShop Updates & Innovations

Happy New year, global ecommerce community! 2019 has been genuinely rich in innovations, improvements and meaningful events. Discover the results and all the significant changes that took place in 2019 with one of the leading ecommerce platforms – PrestaShop! Key points of the five major updates, numerous informative events, security patches and much more in our article.

What has been New in PrestaShop
What has been New in PrestaShop
What has been New in PrestaShop
What has been New in PrestaShop
What has been New in PrestaShop
What is PrestaShop Day & PS Connect?

Let’s uncover the PrestaShop results of 2019. Over the year, the core team, as well as the growing community, have been contributing to the ecommerce ecosystem development. Numerous insightful PS Connect and PrestaShop Day events keep educating the newcomers in the industry as well as successfully spreading the knowledge among the ecommerce experts.

Among the most exciting PrestaShop news 2019, we can single out the launch of PrestaShop Checkout, built in partnership with PayPal. It allows online retailers to choose between different payment methods, including PayPal, cards and local payment methods without switching to a different interface. This new checkout has made payments more secure and its commission rate is one of the lowest on the market.

BelVG is proud to be a part of the innovative PrestaShop community. Every year the members of our team discover new knowledge that helps us manage PrestaShop development more efficiently. The PrestaShop popularity among the other ecommerce is growing, especially in Europe. 2019 has brought us some exciting PrestaShop projects that allowed us to put our knowledge and experience in practice. Top brands choose PrestaShop!

  • Aktiv Naturheilmittel. This brand is one of the leading producers of natural healing products and supplements in Germany and Austria. It is not just a marketplace that delivers various oils, balsams and masks but a brand that educates a huge community about healthy lifestyle and diets. The BelVG has upgraded Aktiv Naturheilmittel’s PrestaShop website and managed outstanding web design.
  • Unicwear. This company is a supplier of inspiring colorful racewear. Created by two race champions, it has become a place where every enthusiast can find appealing, durable and comfortable racewear. BelVG carried out custom PrestaShop development for the Unicwear website, theme development and several custom PrestaShop integrations.
  • Wellness Resource. It is an American family business with the goal to provide the society with health-improving nutritional supplements free of any chemicals or harmful additives. Our team has managed PrestaShop custom development of Wellness Resource‘s online store, continuous PrestaShop support and delivered a new PrestaShop theme.

Aktiv Naturheilmittel - prestashop 2020 outcomes

A couple of major and minor updates have sharpened the functional PrestaShop features to ensure the platform remains a next-level ecommerce solution. Let’s discover what has been improved in PrestaShop over 2019!

What has been New in PrestaShop

Some significant improvements have been introduced with the release of PrestaShop version. Besides security fixes from Symfony that covered the bugs and issues that were found in, this major update addressed first of all the Front End.

PrestaShop Front End

The PrestaShop team has implemented a new function aimed to deliver a better user experience. It appeared among the SEO options – in the new version, it became possible to enable/disable attribute name in the product page title. Without any difficulties, the webstore owner or any other admin now can turn this function on and off in settings. Below you will learn how to do it on your own.

All you need is just to click ConfigureShop ParametersTraffic & SEO:

What has been new in prestashop in 2019?

After that, the attribute name will show up in Title as you can see on this screenshot:

prestashop 2019 results

Another improvement addressed product combination. After the delay before the request was observed in PrestaShop, this function was speeded up in the release.

PrestaShop Back End

The PrestaShop Back End has received some changes as well. The following issues were fixed:

– Stock alert z index was changed to be on top of the header
– Cancel button on Safari browser was fixed
– RTL glitches were fixed
– Кrovider warehouse routes were fixed
– The use of enter key in search hook input was prevented

You can learn more about the PrestaShop Back End improvements here.

What has been New in PrestaShop

The changes in PrestaShop addressed specifically the Back End. Besides bug fixes and minor security updates, the important improvement was made in customer sign up form. The validation system was upgraded to make form fields more secure and protected from spam.

In terms of core bug fixes, the following issues were managed:

– URLs are no longer allowed to be added in customer names
– Dispatched hook on the Grid presenter was fixed

You can find out more details about PrestaShop release here.

What has been New in PrestaShop

PrestaShop Front End

In one of our previous articles, we have described all of the PrestaShop Front End improvements in detail, so here we are going to provide just a brief overview of the key points.

This update has taken PrestaShop customer acquisition and conversion tools to the new level. New advanced navigation was added to improve sorting and filtering by category with a price slider. On top of that, PrestaShop has also included a few new features, including Customers Reviews and Watermark feature that prevents your website content from being stolen or used without your permission.

To help you increase website traffic from search engines, some new advanced SEO features were added, including SEO optimization for products with variations and new Rich Snippets feature. Also, another improvement which was managed in PrestaShop is that product combinations now have canonical URLs that display the default combination without redirections.

PrestaShop Back End

PrestaShop has brought a wide range of important changes to the PrestaShop core as well as fixed some bugs that were observed by the users and developers in 1.7.5x. We would like to share the most prominent changes and briefly describe them. The full list of improvements, including security and core component updates and bug fixes can be found here.

  • A new function was added to the Translation Manager of Back Office. Now it can manage legacy translations of modules and Symfony modules.
  • New mail template system based on Twig was added.
  • A new CLDR standard was implemented. It provides improved price and amount localization. PrestaShop has announced that this standard will allow creating custom currencies in future versions.
  • The cache is now introduced when loading modules.
  • Web services were significantly improved (now product customization is reachable and product combination information in Pack content is available).
  • Some new hooks were added (the full list of new hooks can be found here in the section The technical sideNew hooks).
  • Some sections of the Back Office were updated – their controllers were renamed (Design ➝ Pages, Catalog ➝ Brand & Suppliers and others).
  • New rights are now applied for the PrestaShop files and folders (755 for the folders and 644 for the files). They used to have 777 rights as all the others.

Some of the updates are incompatible with the previous PrestaShop versions:

– The object Currency is now available in multiple languages.
– The method getCldr of the Tools class is outdated. Using Tools::getCldr() will generate an exception like PrestaShopException.
– The PhpExcel library was replaced with PHPSpreadsheet.
– The use of other access points (ajax.php, ajax_products_list.php and others), except for index.php is now deprecated.
– Some currencies, which are no longer used, were deleted: LTL, BYR, STD.
Slashes are no longer removed from $_GET and $_POST variables.


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What has been New in PrestaShop

This PrestaShop version was released by the end of summer and it addressed small and major bugs discovered in the previous version. There were no new features but the developers single out the importance of this update as it has made key PrestaShop functions even more convenient.

Most of the changes took place in the Back Office but some bugs were also fixed in the Front Office, Core, Installer, Web Services, Localization function and tests. More information about PrestaShop you can find in one of our previous blog posts.

What has been New in PrestaShop

Some changes were introduced in PrestaShop which contributed a lot to the platform’s usability and improved user experience. Most of all, this version has addressed the Back Office improvement. Among the key points, we want to single out the following:

  • CLDR allows now to display deleted and inactive currencies
  • Anonymous mode is available in the AdminController
  • Clickable row option was added for grid actions
  • Constraint on siret in CustomerType was removed

Discover more of the PrestaShop release’s key points in our recent blog post.


PrestaShop Development

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What is PrestaShop Day & PS Connect?

Besides more advanced technical capabilities, new functional features, core updates and fixed bugs, the BelVG team would like to share some highlights about the PrestaShop community news and improvements.

Every year the PrestaShop Day conference takes place in the most beautiful and technologically developed cities worldwide. It is a historic event that brings together thousands of ecommerce enthusiasts, innovation seekers and professional developers. The PrestaShop Day event reaches new locations constantly and in 2019, it has taken place in Paris, Madrid, Milan, Mexico City and Warsaw. Intensive workshops, informative presentations, inspiring speakers with the most up-to-date ecommerce news – you can discover all of it and even more during the PrestaShop Day events.

PS Connect is a relatively new event that was introduced to the community with the rising interest in the PrestaShop innovations. This conference is more personalized than other bigger events. It is the right place for the newcomers to get in touch with the ecommerce experts and uncover the PrestaShop secrets, learn from the experience of other developers and find out proven-to-work tips and tricks. In 2019, PS Connect has taken place in Lyon, Bogota, Rome, Bayonne, Barcelona and Baltics.

On the official PrestaShop website, you can find the schedule for both PS Connect and PrestaShop Day events. Stay tuned for the coming posts about 2020 PrestaShop events with our blog!

prestashop key events


The BelVG team is glad to share the ecommerce success with such a future-oriented platform as PrestaShop. We are already excited to find out what improvements, new features, modules and themes are going to be introduced in 2020. There is one fact which is completely undeniable – our professional PrestaShop developers will keep sharing the ecommerce knowledge, how-to guides and developer tips in our blog. Subscribe to learn PrestaShop news faster than anyone else!

Now let’s wrap it up and look through the most prominent PrestaShop improvements of 2019:

  • Now it is possible to manage and preview the transactional emails directly from the new Back Office page: Email Theme.
  • Translation system has been improved.
  • Major SEO improvements.
  • New CLDR standard implementation sufficiently improves the customization of such elements as currencies, price formats and others.
  • Some modules are updated (Faceted Search, Product Comments, Watermarks and others).
  • Continuous work on Symfony and Twig (new Back Office sections are transferred).
  • Mobile optimization: Back Office and email templates.
  • User experience and conversion improvement (for example, improved price details display – product price, shipping, taxes, etc.) at all key stages of the purchasing process.

Feel free to share your experience of working with PrestaShop in the comments down below!

The following people contributed to this article: Andrei Litvin.

Andrey Dubina

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