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PrestaShop Event: PSConnect Baltics 2019 in Lithuania

Nov 18, 2019

1717 Dasha M.

PrestaShop Event: PSConnect Baltics 2019 in Lithuania

Ready to get some updates on the latest PrestaShop event? Let’s discover what the e-commerce community sets for this year and learn more about the top-notch tendencies from the top experts of the PrestaShop ecosystem.

On the 14th of November, the PSConnect Baltics 2019 conference took place in the heart of Lithuania – gorgeous Kaunas city, in the modern BLC Business Leaders Centre that perfectly corresponded to the theme of the event. This event was attended by a great number of speakers and e-commerce knowledge seekers not only from Baltic most innovative companies but also by PrestaShop core architects from Europe and North America. Over 200 guests of the event participated in various educating activities including intense workshops, real-time consultations, group seminars, and e-commerce presentations.

Working in collaboration with the PrestaShop team, the host company Invertus made possible the organization of such a great event. Invertus is a premium PrestaShop partner agency and a top-tier industry expert with several offices across Europe helping the businesses around the world with scalable e-commerce solutions. It is an enthusiastic company which is willing to contribute to PrestaShop community growth with the help of this very first PrestaShop event in Lithuania.

The organizers did their best in working on the event program. PrestaShop Connect Baltics 2019 agenda encompasses most pending topics in the field, with a major focus on the topics connected with conversion growth, performance and e-commerce quality improvement. The day of presentations and workshops was aimed at spreading the spirit of innovation and educating all concerned about the future of PrestaShop ecosystem.

The conference was opened by a keynote speech from Christophe Bouron, CRO PrestaShop and Linas Gudonavicius, CEO Invertus who captured the public’s attention with their positive energy and forward-looking insights.

Christophe Bouron proceeded to elaborate on the PrestaShop future to motivate all the members of the e-commerce community. He shared some convincing facts on the present-day e-commerce development and advice on how to start up the online business from scratch. To top it off, he claimed the PrestaShop community to be one of the biggest community in the world which is steadily growing every 4 minutes and aims to generate about €15 billion in the near future.

Shortly after, Eugenijus Toleikis from MakeCommerce, one of the sponsor companies, took the stage. He brilliantly explained why up to 70% of customers leave the checkout pages not finishing the payment. Eugenijus Toleikis share the best practices on how to stop losing clients at the final accord. By elaboration on such a burning question for the e-commerce store owners and providing workable solutions, he instantly fell into the audience’s good grace.


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Going further, Paulius Galkus brought up New Year’s email marketing resolutions for 2020. Many companies have already learned that social media can become a powerful tool that helps to scale up conversion rates and reach out to a larger audience if you use it right. With this in mind, his speech was useful and dedicated to turning the unprofitable marketing campaigns into profitable winners.

After the lunch break, people continued to absorb the knowledge with a renewed vigour. Mažvydas Šimkus, Invertus Operations Manager gave an impressive presentation on effective e-commerce project management supported by valuable tips and stats.

He was followed by a number of impressive speeches given by representatives of well-known companies, such as YNOT media, Good One, NFQ, etc. Whether you already have a developing business or have just come up with an idea related to e-commerce, there was plenty of useful information to think over.

What do your customers truly want? Is a very interesting question and also a title of the main stage presentation based on the vast experience of one of the e-commerce top enthusiast specializing in problem-solving – Dominykas Orda. He has become one of the most enthusiastic representatives of the host company and’s Product Owner at a time. He shared a simple view of a difficult topic. Underlying the importance of continuous improvement of customer’s experience, he captured the attention of the whole audience with his data-driven and value preposition attitude.


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Although, time flies when you have a lot to say or willing to reveal interesting secrets. So, the final flourish was fairly granted to Mathieu Ferment, a PrestaShop Senior Core developer with working in technical management for web projects as well as technical migration of the software. Being passionate about what he is doing, Mathieu Ferment conducted a booth where anyone interested could find answers to some most peculiar software issues they came up with.

The event buttoned up on a positive note. In the final word, the Invertus team expressed their delight for all visiting the biggest PSConnect within the Baltics States allowing to start a new exciting journey toward global community growth. There is no doubt this event is worth to be named as a successful one. After the closing speech, the guests enjoyed networking as it also had a lot to do with the business development while expanding the contact base and cooperation opportunities.


Wrapping it up, we’d like to mention, that the PSConnect conferences give a unique opportunity to meet up for key industry experts: e-merchants, agencies, industry partners, freelancers, professional developers and share their immense experience with newcomers full of beans and ready to take the plunge with the knowledge obtained.

We believe that there will be more of such events next year, that bring together very different minds from all over the world where they can share bright ideas and knowledge. The PSConnect events help people to fire up their flame of ideas contributing to the fruitful future of PrestaShop and its global community.

Stay tuned for coming PrestaShop news and check out the updates soon!

Andrey Dubina
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