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PrestaShop Day Mexico City 2019

Oct 21, 2019

1811 Dasha M.

PrestaShop Day Mexico City 2019

PrestaShop Day is the event that brings together the experienced developers, various ecommerce enthusiasts, experts and PrestaShop community’s key players. It keeps contributing to PrestaShop’s innovations and development of this open-source ecommerce platform.

Since the first event, PrestaShop Days have taken place in the most beautiful and technologically advanced cities worldwide. In 2019 alone, it has already been organized in Paris, Madrid and Milan. However, PrestaShop is reaching new horizons – on October 17, 2019, this event for the first time, took place in Mexico City and lasted for 9 hours from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Crowne Plaza Hotel of Mexico welcomed this special ecommerce day.

The PrestaShop community in Latin America is growing. This major Mexico event has proved the significance of this platform for the local people as well as globally. The guests of the event had a unique opportunity to join informative workshops, ecommerce exhibitions and conferences where the top developers and ecommerce experts shared their knowledge. The developers from all over the world could learn directly from the PrestaShop community’s key figures. The examples of the best ecommerce practices remain the major inspiration source that helps to launch and improve online stores.

Besides the knowledge that you can gain at the PrestaShop Day events, it is also a perfect place to make contacts for the retailers, PrestaShop partners, freelancers and dedicated development teams. Over 400 ecommerce merchants participated in the Mexico event and many of them were fortunate to find the future PrestaShop developers for their online stores.

The registration and accreditation of the guests and speakers began at 9:00 am and the ones who arrived earlier had an opportunity to take part in networking with a cup of coffee at the Mexico Hall of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.


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As well as the previous notable event that took place in Madrid, PrestaShop Day Mexico City started with a keynote speech by Alexandre Eruimy, the PrestaShop’s CEO. He is relatively new in this position but has already proved himself to be a retail and ecommerce ecosystem expert. Alexandre Eruimy has been in charge of PrestaShop since February 2018, and his speeches keep drawing a lot of attention from the PrestaShop community.

Shortly after the first speech, the section of the event talks was opened by Philippe Boulanger, Director of eShow Mexico, and Rene Salazar, Senior Manager at Business Development Department at PayPal Mexico, with the assistance of the eLeaders Club. They shared the best tips for the El Buen Fin 2019 – the Good Weekend. It is the biggest annual shopping event in Mexico which is similar to the well-known Black Friday. Every year, El Buen Fin takes place on the third weekend of November and in 2019, this major for every merchant event will last from November 15 till 18.

The presentation was titled the ”Buen Fin 2019: 120 secrets revealed by ecommerce experts.” The main goal of this part of the event was to help the merchants to prepare for the major retail event but it was also found helpful by many developers who provide a full package of services including website promotion.

After a short networking break, Miguel Barrientos, Integration Engineer at PayPal and Marco Sedano, Solutions Engineer at PayPal shared their vision and knowledge of ecommerce in their presentation called ”PayPal: Best practices for a successful ecommerce.” They used examples from their extensive experience to deliver the most up-to-date information.

Directly after that, Wilson Alba, Co-Founder and Tech Lead of Rolige, the Mexican company that specializes in developing modules for PrestaShop, shared practical solutions for PrestaShop in his presentation titled ”Do you already know how to manage your logistics?”

After lunch, the next part of the ecommerce talks began with the presentation ”How to improve the online visibility of your ecommerce thanks to SEO?” by Jose Facchin, SEO expert and Founder of Webescuela, the digital marketing agency from Barcelona.

Jose Facchin was followed by two PrestaShop key people – Pablo Borowicz, Lead Developer and Coline Ginestet, Lead Product Manager. Their informative presentation ”The product and technical vision of PrestaShop 1.7” contained helpful insights for both users of PrestaShop and developers working with this ecommerce platform. If you missed this presentation but still want to learn more about the capabilities and functionality of the latest PrestaShop version, you can find out what was improved in PrestaShop in our blog article.

Jehyson Bustamante, the PrestaShop Ambassador explained how a retailer can win from making purchasing as easy for a customer as possible in the presentation ”Simplify your check out and increase your sales (OPC).” He shared the experience in decreasing the number of abandoned carts of an online store by improving the checkout. After that, Beto Sanro from Galabyte, a digital marketing agency from Mexico City, described the peculiarities of operating an ecommerce business in Mexico in the last presentation of the event ”The ecommerce ecosystem in Mexico.”

The formal part of PrestaShop Day Mexico City came to an end with the Q&A panel discussion under the name ”Doctor PrestaShop: Round of Questions, Doubts and Incidents to resolve.” The answers were provided by the leading PrestaShop experts such as Pablo Borowicz, Lead Developer at PrestaShop, Alexandre Eruimy, CEO at PrestaShop, Coline Ginestet, Lead Product Manager at PrestaShop, Johann Molinari, CMO at PrestaShop, Jehyson Bustamante, CEO at PresteamShop, and Philippe Boulanger, Director at eShow.

After the panel discussion, the guests and speakers joined the cocktail after-party where they enjoyed networking with the key people of the ecommerce community. Such an impressive and valuable for the ecommerce innovation event was organized thanks to the following sponsors:

sponsors prestashop day mexico city

Wrapping it up, we want to underline the importance of PrestaShop Days for the ecommerce world and the contribution of this event to speeding up the innovations. Sharing the experience, best practices and knowledge, the PrestaShop team paves the way to the future.

In case you did not have an opportunity to join PrestaShop Day Mexico City 2019, the tickets for PrestaShop Day Warsaw on November 5, 2019, are still available!

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