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Top Trending Products: Myth vs Reality

Oct 4, 2019

2843 Dasha M.

Top Trending Products: Myth vs Reality

When you make a life-changing decision to become a retailer, one of the first things you will have to decide – what to sell. At the beginning, it is critical to evaluate if the product you consider selling is in demand. If the answer is yes, you have to check whether it already gives signs of losing positions in the market or not.

Why do You Need to Know Trending Products?
What are the Top Trending Products Today?
What are the Anti Trends 2019?
Timeless Classic – What are the Items with Stable Demand?
What are the Trending Products 2020?

Why do You Need to Know Trending Products?

You may think that it is easy and the items that people buy a lot today are the ones that will generate you a big chunk of profit tomorrow. But it is not that simple. Some of today’s trending products are going to lose all of their popularity sooner than you can imagine. It is crucial to keep an eye on the slightest changes in demand and customer preferences to know the growing and dying trends sooner than your competitors.

When your business just gets rolling, selling the items that the public will not need after a few weeks can cause severe pain in your wallet. It is the reason why you have to analyze the market and stay tuned for the latest trending products.

Starting your business, you are unlikely to have much experience and knowledge about the industry you are going to work with. We have analyzed this problem and decided to help you. In Google Trends, we have analysed over five hundred most talked-about products for the last five years, and here you can find the results of our research. This article will give you some ideas about today’s trending items and inspire you to make a product choice based not only on your personal ideas and market vision but backed by the statistical summary.

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What are the Top Trending Products Today?

Picking trending products to sell, you have to take into account that the statistics in your country may look different if you don’t come from the United States. Besides that, you also need to see if there are any legal technicalities about selling certain types of products in your country.

Some of the mentioned products are easier to start selling, some are more expensive and complicated. Your success depends on the resources you have available, and your willingness to accept the challenge.

1. Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges are a part of an e-cigarette which is filled with a special flavoured liquid or oil and installed inside of a vaporizer. Slow, steady growth in the interest in vape cartridges started at the beginning of 2016. Over the last five years, the demand for this item has been growing, and we can also see that it is not affected by the holidays or time of the year.

vape-top-trending-products-2019 (1)

2. Electric Cars

In 2019, the interest in electric vehicles is strong – people talk more about them not only in the United States but everywhere in the world. The new models attract a lot of car enthusiasts. Environmentally conscious people who want to get off the gasoline hook especially take notice of the electric cars’ benefits. It may seem that getting into this business is close to impossible but electric cars are sold not only by the giant car manufacturers but also by some startups [1].


3. Reusable Straws

The 2019 study shows that over 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the beaches around the world [2]. The environmental problem awareness is increasing, especially in developed countries, and people more and more often choose reusable items over plastic. In some countries, for example, in the UK, the government has already banned plastic straws making reusable ones more popular [3]. In the US, these environment killers are not prohibited yet, but sooner or later, it will happen too.


4. Posture Correctors

Today, a lot of people spend their working and leisure time on the computer. Sitting often in uncomfortable positions, they find themselves having back problems and pains. Various posture correctors are the solution that helps people start feeling better and not damage health further.



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5. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is automatically controlled and designed for energy efficiency [4]. Since 2016, the demand for this product tends to increase during Christmas. Smart lighting strengthens its presence among the Christmas presents every year, and new types of smart light bulbs appear on the market.


6. Keto Foods

Keto foods are high-fat products with an adequate level of protein, which are low on carbohydrates. They are the main components of a ketogenic diet. Today, it is highly popular among those who want to burn fats instead of carbs and lose weight.


7. Matcha

Today, matcha is everywhere – people add it to coffee and ice cream, make tea, desserts and face masks out of it, and use it in many other ways. Matcha is a ground powder of green tea leaves picked and processed in a particular way. The talks about the magical healing power of matcha started about six years ago, and since then, its popularity has been steadily growing and reached its peak in 2019.

matcha top trending products 1

8. Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are huge in 2019. This accessory has a lot of variations which can have up to a dozen tassels per bunch or just one long that will hang on the shoulder. Usually, they are made out of silk threads, and some tassel earrings include other elements like flowers, crystals, small pom poms or feathers.


9. Magic Erasers

Magic Eraser is an all-purpose versatile cleaning tool which used to get rid of mud, old sticker marks, spilt liquid marks, and other dirt. It is usually made out of the same material which is used for soundproofing and isolation – melamine foam. Magic Erasers have become a big deal after many famous lifehack bloggers started to promote it in their videos and show how good it handles stains.


10. Enamel Pins

The trend for enamel pins did not appear yesterday. More than five years ago it was already quite popular to put them on bags and backpacks, especially among the school children. But today people take it to the next level adorning their regular office outfits and strict autumn jackets with these small cute elements.


11. Sneakers

Sneakers are no longer used only for sport, fitness or working in the garden. Today, this comfortable type of shoes can be worn with pretty much anything – from school uniform to the most fashionable suit. No one will it find wearing sneakers at the office odd or improper, so more and more people buy them for everyday use.


12. Sticker Packs

Besides the products that can be purchased at the shopping mall, people often buy something intangible. With the growing popularity of different messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, We Chat, and others, the unique sticker packs come to the forefront. Since a huge part of our daily communications take part online, many people look for a way to stand out from the crowd using stickers.


13. Waist Bags

The waist bag trend hit in summer 2018, and it is not over yet. The undeniable convenience of such bags made it possible for them to win the hearts of the global fashion community over. Big enough to fit the mobile phone and a wallet, waist bags keep your hands free, and don’t hinder the movements. New shapes, models and colours of such bags are expected to be on top next summer as well.


14. Car Phone Holders

Using navigator or managing a playlist via the phone is uncomfortable and even dangerous without a special car phone holder. For many people, this item has become a prime necessity that you can’t go a day without. We can also see that it is a pretty popular product to give as a present for Christmas. Many cars today offer mobile synchronization, but people still like to keep their phones within a sight.


15. Wireless Chargers

Wired items are getting dated. Today, consumers demand their gadgets to be wireless and get connected by Bluetooth or WIFI. The popularity of wireless chargers is growing since more and more of the modern mobile phones support this system.


What are the Anti Trends 2019?

After reviews the trending products, we have decided to come up with some items that you need to be careful with. Especially, being new to ecommerce, you have to see what products are not going to bring you as much money as you may think. Selling some of them may still work for a short period of time, but you’d better not consider them for the long run.

All of us remember these trending products of the past. Over the last few years, they went up and down in popularity. Some of them are still pretty popular, but selling these items in 2019 can become a frustrating experience. Some of the mentioned products are obviously dated and won’t surprise you, but the others still seem to be doing well while actually being about to give up the ghost.

1. Fitness bracelet

Fitness bracelets were huge some years ago, but their popularity is getting closer to its end. More people prefer smartwatches because they can perform many other functions, including replying to messages and receiving calls besides the features of a regular fitness bracelet like movement reminder or exercise recognition.


2. BlackBerry

BlackBerry was the dream phone of many back in 2008. The key feature of BlackBerry phones is that they have a small keyboard. It seemed very convenient and modern-looking back in a day when the touch screens were not as responsive as they are today. However, the BlackBerry phones are not widely used now, and the convenience of their design is questionable.


3. Goji Berries

In 2014, goji berries that date back to the rise of Chinese traditional medicine invaded the European and American markets. They were considered the healthiest product number one in dieting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After some time, there were a lot of discussions on whether goji berries actually help to lose weight or not. There is still no unanimous answer to this question, but all the doubts cooled down the enthusiasm of the consumers.


4. Google Glass

Google Glass is a brand of smart glasses that was born back in 2013. At first, people were curious about its functions and the opportunities this device delivers. However, it did not reach the expected popularity and caused a lot of privacy safety concerns.


5. Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy was released for the first time ten years ago. For a while, this phone has been considered the main competitor of the iPhone. It is still a very popular device worldwide. However, over the last five years, it has been losing its positions to iPhone and cheaper smartphones.


6. My Little Pony

My Little Pony has become a massive trend among Generation Z and Alpha representatives. The kids are watching their cartoons, demanding pony toys, games and costumes. However, the pony promoting friendship trend is slowly dying out. The animation does not reach the impressive popularity level that it had at the end of 2013. And since then, My Little Pony was losing a lot of fans.


7. Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick became a must-have item of all Instagram bloggers in 2015. Anyone and everyone used it. Today, we do not see selfie sticks that often, do we? It seems that this trend burnt out, and was replaced by more modern devices like selfie drones. Using the propellers, selfie drones fly around the person who wears a tracking device and makes pictures.


8. Facebook Phone

Facebook Phone, which is also known as HTC First, did not win people’s hearts over as its developers expected back in 2013. Its key feature was a Facebook-based analysis of the owner’s user experience. Some experts suppose Facebook Phone idea did not work out because the customers at that moment were not ready to agree to have their data constantly possessed. Getting app suggestions based on their preferences caused only fear that their private information can be misused.


9. iPad

One of the most popular devices of 2012 was not meant to stay at the peak of success for a long time. Some years ago, when iPhones’ screens were much smaller purchasing a tablet seemed reasonable. Apple fans were using them to watch movies or videos on YouTube. But today the size of iPhone Plus is pretty much enough to fulfil this task.


10. iPod

This device was over for good a long time ago. Back in 2005 iPod was a dream and many teenagers all over the world were hoping to get it as a Christmas gift. But today, the latest model of iPod is not able to compete in functionality with iPhones – at least because the first one cannot make regular phone calls. Even though Apple released a new iPod Touch 7th generation, many people don’t even know about it.


11. Yoga Clothes

Yoga is catching on, but today instead of showing off their fashionable yoga outfits, more and more people prefer to go for casual sports outfits, not specifically made-for-yoga clothes. However, while selling yoga clothes is unlikely to generate much profit, yoga equipment such as yoga mats can be a good product choice for a retailer. Yoga is popular among environmentally conscious people, so you need to make sure this equipment is made out of environmentally friendly materials.


12. Digital Camera

A few years ago, digital cameras were popular not only among photographers. People were using them to make casual pictures on a daily basis. A person with a big digital camera was not an uncommon picture anywhere and was not associated with tourism. However, over the years, the trend went down, today’s smartphones have good quality cameras, and people more often use them for taking pictures.


13. Desktop Computer

Personal computers are taking a back seat while smartphones come to the forefront. The time when computers are no longer the primary devices for going online is already here. It is especially critical for those who want to work in the ecommerce field since many people order electronic devices online. Today, they are more likely to go for top-notch smartphones than for computers.


14. Stuffed Toys

Children around the world love stuffed toys. Now we can see that they are a bit less popular compared to the last year and the year before. Today’s children – Generation Alpha – are less interested in cuddling with Teddy bears or other toys than the previous generation at their age. Kids of the 21st century demand gadgets.


15. Go Pro

Go Pro is a camera which is popular among extreme sports fans and travellers. This brand has become more than just a company but a community. Go Pro videos are all over YouTube. However, besides all the positive sides, the past few years have been troubled for this device, many new products appeared on the market, and their functionality is more impressive and up-to-date.


Timeless Classic – What are the Items with Stable Demand?

While some trending products replace each other and go up and down in popularity, there is also a pretty big group of items that continues to be in demand over the years. Besides the obviously-popular general broad categories of products like food, clothes or make-up, there are also more specific stable-in-demand items.

However, retailers need to be careful with the products listed below. They are trending for a while, and there is already a pretty big group of potential competitors who have started selling these items earlier.


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1. Coffee Cups

Stable as ever, coffee cups are not getting less popular. As well as coffee itself, the cups are always needed. They come in different shapes, colours, and materials, and are often used as gifts. Customization like placing a favourite picture or a company logo on the cup makes them even more popular.


2. Fake Eyelashes

Some people think that trend for the fake eyelashes appeared recently, but it is not the case. The girls from all over the world use them for a while. It became popular more than six years ago, and already for five years, the demand for fake eyelashes has remained stable.


3. Kitchen tools

Basic kitchen tools like knives, bowls, spoons, cutting boards, and others do not become outdated. People need these items regardless of the releases of new devices and products. However, you need to keep in mind that today most want to purchase high-quality kitchen items. Wooden bowls and tools are increasingly popular.


4. Microwave oven

A microwave oven is one of the most commonly seen devices on anyone’s kitchen. Practical and affordable, they are not likely to experience any changes in demand coming years. Recently, there was breaking news that microwave ovens are banned in some countries like Japan but in fact, it is just a rumour.

oven-trending-kitchen-products (1)

5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of the flowering plant called Salvia Hispanica [5]. The health benefits of these seeds were discovered by the public about ten years ago. And since then, people started to put them in their meals, mix into smoothies, bread, snacks, yoghurts, and cereals. The demand for Chia seeds did not change much over the last five years.


6. Leather bag

Animal protection activists work hard to prevent it, but the demand for leather bags remains almost on the same level for over five years. It even experiences a slight growth from time to time. Leather bags are timeless classic which is not going to be replaced with fake leather yet.

leather bags trending products

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7. Lace Lingerie

Lace lingerie is a timeless classic that can get outdated only if the End of Days come. As we can see, the demand for this product does not go down, and with the booming popularity of custom lingerie, the demand is not expected to decrease.

lace lingerie top trends

8. Heelys

Heelys are the shoes with installed inside wheels. Today, many brands release their versions of such shoes, but back in 2006, it was something new and impressive. Even though this item does not reach the popularity, it had about ten years ago, but surprisingly, such shoes are still pretty popular. The demand for them has remained almost at the same level for the last five years.

heely trending product

9. LED Lighting

While smart lighting, as we mentioned before, is a popular trend of today, LED lighting remains in demand for a while. At the moment, it experiences a slight fall in popularity, but the statistics show that in the long run, LED lighting will keep its positions.

LED lighting rending products

10. 3D Printer

3D Printers build three-dimensional objects from a computer-aided design model [6]. This process is also known as additive manufacturing. This device was created much earlier than someone could think – in 1981 but met with wide recognition much later. Today, 3d printers have become much more common than they used to be ten years ago. People actively purchase them to create different items.

3d printer trending products

11. Dolls

New brands start producing different kinds of dolls with new exciting functions like the ability to talk or walk, but the central concept remains the same. Young ladies still play with dolls, and the situation here is not going to change.

dolls trending products

12. Video Camera

Besides the fact that smartphones that make high-quality pictures are eating up the share of the market that used to belong to regular cameras, video cameras are still popular. The demand for them did not change much over the last five years.

video camera trending products

13. Projectors

Used for making presentations, projectors remain in demand at universities and conferences and not losing their positions. Today, replacing regular TV sets with projectors is also popular as the cheaper version of home cinema. It saves not only money but also room since they can be any time quickly put away.

projector trending products

14. Pet Food

The food for our little companions is always in demand. Having a lot of pets requires purchasing a lot of food. Today pets are trending, and people have more cats and dogs at home than in the past. It means that this market is growing. There is also a new trend in this field – vegan pet food [7]. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it. Many people think it is unhealthy for some pets to be vegan and depriving them of meat is mistreating. The others claim that this type of diet is exactly what pets need to stay healthy.

pet food trending products

15. Office Supplies

School kids, office workers, company owners, and many others – they all need office supplies daily to fulfil their tasks and do their job. Some schools try to implement electronic books and note-taking via laptops or tablets, but old-school pens and notebooks will keep their position as the main item in studying. Office or school supplies are not going to lose in popularity in the foreseeable future.

office supplies trending products

What are the Trending Products 2020?

In terms of clothes, some punk spirit is expected to catch on. You will see the outfits with a flaunting look in combination with grunge elements and dark shiny colors everywhere [8]. As a retailer of fashion niche products, you should also know that the fashion lovers will be searching for capri pants and the pieces that have a black dot ornament. Pay attention to this when deciding clothes to sell next year, and keep an eye on the latest 2020 trends.

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When it comes to the products that don’t belong to the fashion industry, you need to keep an eye on the most talk-about topics. The concerns and interests of people are not expected to shift towards something new but today’s trends are going to strengthen their positions among the 2020 top products.

Conscious living remains up-to-date. Organic, smart, social, eco-friendly – these words are going to describe 2020 best selling products. More and more people worldwide want to know what they eat and use, what it consists of and want to be sure that no one was hurt while the item was created.

Vegetarian, vegan, beegan, flexitarian, pescatarian and all the other special diets – this list is expected to become even broader in 2020. It delivers a great number of opportunities to the retailers of the food niche products. People are picky about what they eat, and special types of products and diet kits are going to be in demand.


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The mindset of the global population is emerging. Over the years, people’s needs and demands have changed paving new ways to retailers. The latest trends open new doors, and more people can get in, find their niche and start selling to reach success.

Being new to commerce, you should remember to analyse the market before making a crucial decision on what to sell. At the same time, even if you have knowledge and experience in sales, you have to check whether the product is as popular as you think. It may look like some item is doing perfectly fine on the market but in fact, it can already be close to turning into a relict of the past. Stay tuned for the latest trends, and do not let the opportunity to find your niche pass by.


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