Girard Sudron is a lighting company Based in Paris, France. The company created in 1894 today turned into one of the largest manufacturer and retailer of LED and eco-halogen lamps, bulbs, tubes, and decorative objects. Along with the online store, there are eight brick-and-mortar shops in eight countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, China and India.

  • Magento 2
  • 5Months
  • 3Developers

Mobile responsive

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Girard Sudron is a multi-store with four language versions. In fact, it is eight separate stores on one Magento 2 platform that were developed from scratch. The company uses WIZAM as an ERP system. Our main task was to build an online shop along with WIZAM integration.


Originally, Girard Sudron worked on a website with another developer. But as we are experienced in Magento 2 development, we helped to finish the project.

The webstore is designed in such a way that some pages could be different for each version of the online shop. The Homepage is among them. We installed a revolution slider to make it look as the client wants.

All products are divided into three main groups: sources, lighting and light equipment. Every group has its three subgroups and own filter with different amount of criterions. We also added an opportunity to change the display of the products (list or table) and to choose only available products. Catalogs as pdf files have their own page.

We created a smart search engine that works with several languages. It is possible to search for products not only by name but by watts, EAN, and other technical characteristics.

Product page
The Product page has two main blocks: product’s photos and a tab with technical data, application, and reviews. Technical documentation is also available for download.

User accounts
Each version of the webstore has its own sign up form. Moreover, all customers are divided into two main groups: individual customers and companies. All users are registered as individual customers by default. But once additional fields are filled and the validation is passed, the customer becomes a member of PRO group. This category has several subcategories with different discounts and delivery terms. The webstore manager CAN move customers to different groups in the admin panel.

Since the company operates in eight countries, each webstore has its own delivery and tax costs.

Additional opportunities
All versions have three general tools that were developed according to customers requirements:

  • Eco-calculators. They were created to help customers compare traditional lamp with the lamp with LED technology, and estimate their savings and return on investment thanks to LEDs.
  • Converters. They help customers convert a value from one unit of measure to the corresponding value in another unit of measure (from lumen to lux, from lux to candela, from lumen to candela). Chromaticity/color temperature converter is also available.
  • Brightness calculator. It helps to calculate the diameter of illumination and is very useful to understand how many bulbs are needed for lighting the room.