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MuscleFood Ltd was founded in 2013 by Darren Beale. Today it is known as a leading healthy food retailer in the UK. Originally started as a food supplying company for bodybuilders, later it has been transformed into a website that sells healthy food throughout the UK. Muscle Food gets products directly from the British meat suppliers and sells lean meats and a wide range of supplements online. In 2015 Muscle Food started to offer their clients the first protein pizza in the UK. Successfully helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, MuscleFood continues to gain more and more popularity.


The company asked BelVG to help them improve their website and enhance its functionality. We managed to conduct a comprehensive audit of their website, created a custom theme and sped up the website performance. The MuscleFood website uses Hotjar as a survey application and OWL Carousel as a responsive slider to boost browsing experience. Thanks to TrustPilot they can host reviews as user-generated content. Moreover, the Optimizely usage statistics tool allows the clients to receive more relevant and effective digital experiences through A/B testing and personalization. Besides, the DoubleClick instrument allows merchants to organize ad stacks easily.


Magento Audit


It is almost impossible to create an action plan of webstore development without conducting a deep and complete audit. BelVG started its cooperation with MuscleFood with an assessment of their webstore performance. Having years of experience in Magento development, we understood the webstore’s bottlenecks and found out the ways to solve them. Then we were able to evaluate the status of the store and decided what exactly has to be done. With such a clear vision, we performed transparent cooperation as much as possible.


The website uses OWL Carousel that allows creating an amazing responsive carousel slider which is fully customisable and boosts mobile browsing experience. Moreover, Hotjar is implemented as a heatmap, survey and funnel application to help with feedback forms, conversion optimization and audience measurement. TrustPilot helps sellers host reviews as user-generated content.


Magento Theme Development


The appearance of the webstore requires the complete attention of the development team. Customers won’t be able to appreciate the readability and quality of the code, but they will notice its fancy appearance and rich functionality. Clear, understandable and user-friendly design plays a significant role in website success. There are tons of already created themes for Magento-based stores that are compatible with different shop types. But with the help of experienced developers, webstore owners can always create a custom theme depending on their online store requirements. BelVG transformed MuscleFood’s mock-ups into the optimized one-of-a-kind Magento theme.


The online store uses Google Conversion Tracking to let merchants get a grasp of what happens after customers click the ad,whether they purchased the product, called via the mobile phone, etc. With Optimizely usage statistics tool the clients of MuscleFood are empowered to receive more relevant and effective digital experiences through A/B testing and personalization. Besides, ScarabResearch service helps get more personalized recommendations to enhance customer satisfaction.


Magento Speed Optimization


Webstore optimization is an endless but mandatory process. It is one of the main requirements when you aspire to get higher ranking and attract more users. As Magento is a pioneer in the sphere of ecommerce, they provide their clients with multiple optimization opportunities. Having a qualified development partner makes this process even easier. During cooperation with MuscleFood, BelVG optimized their webstore from both back and frontend points of view. We were able to streamline the online store and to significantly improve its performance.


Moreover, Criteo usage statistics is implemented by MuscleFood to help build proper retargeting and remarketing strategies. With the DoubleClick instrument merchants can organize ad stacks easily and Google Remarketing tool is used for retargeting-based advertising as well.

Review - MuscleFood

Lewis Love,

Head of Technology, MuscleFood Ltd

Review - MuscleFood

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