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Custom Magento Theme for MuscleFood

About MuscleFood


MuscleFood Ltd was founded by Darren Beale in 2013. It has grown into a notable healthy food retailer in the UK. On its website, Musclefood sources its products directly from British meat suppliers, offering lean meats and various supplements.


Project overview


The client wanted to launch new meal boxes, but the website lacked required powers. It was pretty slow, had a high bounce rate and potential customers often didn’t even reach the cart. All this led not only to the client losing the opportunity to develop the online business but also to the fact that the company didn’t bring enough profit.


Musclefood contacted us in 2019 to optimize the website, change its theme, and improve its functionality and speed. The new service section needed to be carefully thought out from a UI point of view. This would help improve user experience, streamline processes, and drive more sales. The client also wanted to add new features, such as calorie counting for meal boxes.


Our team has developed a plan to improve the client’s website. It consisted of Magento website development and the tasks necessary for future business growth. We focused on the following points:


  • Magento audit
  • Custom theme development
  • Website performance optimization
  • Layout redesign and other features


Thanks to our work according to the plan, website usability and the number of people ordering meal boxes from the client have significantly improved.


MuscleFood Ltd


United Kingdom


Food and Supplements



Services & notable features

  • Custom Magento development
  • Theme customization
  • Website audit
  • Support and maintenance
  • Website performance optimization
  • UI changes and page layout redesign

Review - MuscleFood

Lewis Love,

Head of Technology, MuscleFood Ltd

Review - MuscleFood

Website audit and Support


First, we’ve created an action plan for webstore development that typically starts with a thorough audit. Drawing on our experience in Magento development, we pinpointed the challenges and proposed solutions:


  • UI changes
  • the navigation menu fixes
  • performance optimization


While numerous pre-made themes are available for Magento-based stores, our developers crafted a custom theme tailored to MuscleFood’s brand identity and increased website performance.


Our team also helped MuscleFood to optimize their webstore, enhancing both backend and frontend aspects to streamline operations and improve performance.


Build Your Own Box with Magento


The Build Your Own Box section allows clients to order boxes with individual product selections. Here are some features that our team implemented into this section:


  • Redesigned Page Layout. We overhauled the page layout, introducing organized boxes for improved navigation and clarity.
  • Introduction of Meal Selection Feature. A Meal Selection feature was added along with customizable boxes to tailor meal preferences.
  • Implementation of Calorie Counting. We integrated calorie counting functionality within the meal selection boxes to provide nutritional information.
  • UI Enhancement in Meal Selection Pages. Our team updated the UI in Meal Selection pages, refined design elements, and optimized layout for improved usability.



Small Tweaks for Better Conversion


In addition to the updates, several other adjustments are proposed to enhance the overall user experience and optimize various aspects of the platform:


  • Update CTAs on Product Tiles. Revise the call-to-action buttons on product tiles to make them more compelling and intuitive, driving higher click-through rates.
  • Enable Longer Product Titles on Product Browse. It helps to provide clearer information and improve SEO.
  • Customize Footer In Checkout and Login Page. The team added the total order amount to the footer.


Project Results

Money growth icon

Increase of custom boxes sales

By adding a new building boxes service on the online store and introducing UI features, we managed to attract new customers and improve website performance.

Better user experience and navigation

Implementing intuitive design elements and clear navigation pathways ensures seamless interaction and satisfaction for users and raises website’s engagement rate.

Metrics growth icon

Incresed performance

We’ve improved the online store by refining both its backend and frontend components to streamline processes and enhance overall performance.


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