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Good nutrition for living a long and healthy life.

Z Natural Foods, LLC is a US based retailer of organic food. The company has been providing some of the world’s most trusted brands for clients since 2008. Z Natural Foods’ mission is to supply their bulk customers with over 400 specialty products, many of which are very difficult to find together with the best customer care. Striving to offer the highest quality products available the company ensures its buyers, they always get the products tested in adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. Counting by employing expert organoleptic testing to ensure the product is fresh and of high quality. Z Natural Foods uses low temperature drying technologies to preserve the vital nutrients. The products are packaged in airtight, reusable bags for convenient storage and long-lasting freshness.


Migration to Magento 2


Choosing an ecommerce platform is a crucial task for every business owner. Products you sell, customers demand, business size, future plans and development goals – everything should be taken into account when making this decision. Having previously worked with PrestaShop, Z Natural Foods decided to move forward and migrate to Magento 2 as this ecommerce platform seemed to be more suitable for them at that moment. BelVG came to help them with this cross-platform migration and managed it whilst saving all the data. The development team successfully migrated all information about customers, orders, products, their attribute sets and subscribers with no loss.


Magento Webdesign


User experience is a king of ecommerce. The ease of use of the platform greatly enhances the probability of increased purchases. Z Natural Foods wasn’t satisfied with their original webstore design and took the migration procedure as a chance to update it. The main goal was to adhere to UX guidelines whilst reworking the webstore. The mobile version of the online shop was also on the agenda. BelVG paid special attention to the mobile site navigation with a purpose of streamlining.


Magento Speed and Optimization


Magento established itself as a robust platform for a successful ecommerce business. Such a situation is impossible without webstore optimization as site speed is the main condition for success. The faster your ecommerce website is, the higher SEO ranking position you take. Having a high-performing, well-functioning and fast webstore as a major goal, Z Natural Foods determined server and speed optimization as a priority. BelVG applied all its experience to achieve this goal which allowed Z Natural Foods to improve the quality of the webstore and increase sales.

Review - ZNaturalFood

Jonathan Parker,

Director, Z Natural Food

Review - ZNaturalFood

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