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Lykki, previously known as ‘Costless Express Ltd.’, is a Canadian online store that sells office supplies primarily to the corporate clients. Founded in 1989 by its present CEO Calvin Johnson, the company turned into the biggest distributor of office supplies, furniture, beverages, snacks, pantry-stocking items, party platters and cakes in Vancouver. Their mission was designed 20 years ago, when Calvin Johnson came up with the idea to establish a company that could distribute office stuff and reduce the amount of trucks on the roads at the same time. Lykki delivers everything from candies to toner cartridges throughout the greater part of Vancouver today. They also offer catering assistance for parties, BBQs and other events. The values that their clients particularly appreciate are respect, honesty, warmth and a chance to get precious advice from true experts in office products.


Lykki asked our seasoned coders to help them with website improvement. First of all, we conducted a thorough Magento audit and investigated online store performance in detail. Moreover, we provided outstanding support and maintenance services for the company and carried out successful Magento ERP Integration. Lykki team uses the Facebook Pixel advertising tool that collects data and helps track conversions from Facebook ads. With Facebook widget the customers can easily access Facebook social network. Besides, there is a special marketing tool Feedbackify which lets visitors come up with some really great suggestions. SnapEngage is a scalable live chat that is used as a communication tool allowing sales and customer service teams to engage, support, and convert visitors easier.


Magento Audit


The first step of every project that doesn’t include website development from scratch is audit. A proper audit simplifies both communication with the client and the whole process of development. Lykki already had a Magento-based store that they had been using for years. At the beginning of the cooperation, BelVG carried out the Magento audit. We estimated their webstore, defined its weak points, correlated them with Lykki’s technical requirements and finally created the action plan.


Such an approach makes the development process simple and straightforward for both sides. Moreover, Lykke team uses the Facebook Pixel advertising tool that collects data and helps to track conversions from Facebook ads. With Facebook widget the customers can easily access Facebook social network.


Magento Support & Maintenance


Experienced webstore support is of vital importance for high-quality Magento development. It helps prevent a number of issues and can save time, effort and money for merchants. Support and maintenance is necessary for webstores like Lykki, as they have thousands of different products in their catalog. All of them should be displayed correctly, no matter what kind of browser and screen resolution customers use.


Our software engineers are reliable and competent experts in ecommerce who can solve any issue quickly and efficiently. Besides, SnapEngage is implemented to engage, support, and convert their website visitors easier. Moreover, a special marketing tool Feedbackify lets visitors come up with some really great suggestions that can improve performance of the online store.


Magento ERP Integration


Conducting a successful business implies constant management of various processes: procurement, products storage, finance, supplies and many others. The same is true for every online store. Its development helps businesses grow and reach new markets. In addition, it is necessary to devise a thoughtful strategy when making a decision on how to improve a webstore.


Integration of the current ERP system is one of the major steps that should be made. Besides, to manage all the company’s processes Lykki uses Sage X3. We handled its complete integration into the Magento platform and made them work together flawlessly.

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Review - Lykki

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