How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Oct 1, 2018

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How to Create an Instagram Business Account

One billion of active users. One billion of potential buyers that could be yours. An impressive number, isn’t it? We are talking about Instagram and its opportunities for your business. Sounds simple: create a beautiful content and count profits. But it is not that easy. In today’s article, we dive into Instagram and learn how to use it in ecommerce business.

How Instagram works

Before creating a business account on this super popular social network you should understand how its algorithms work to avoid wasting time, effort and money.

Instagram abandoned chronological feed some time ago and today it creates a content feed to each particular user according to his past behavior. The network analyzes how you interacted with similar posts before: have you already liked them or not, how long ago, how close you are to the account that shared it. Moreover, Instagram considers the frequency of opening the app, the time you spend using it and the people you follow.

There are rumors around Instagram, but the representatives of the company told that the network does not hide posts or prefer personal accounts to business ones.

How to create a business account on Instagram

In order to be used for business purposes, your Instagram account should be designed in a proper way. We have compiled the tips that will help you to create a working company’s profile:

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  • Nickname. Choose a unique, simple and easy-to-type nickname. It should be short enough, memorable and referring to your business.
  • Avatar. Use a bright and clear image that will reflect the essence of your business.
  • Name and bio. Search engines recognize names on Instagram. That means your clients will easily find you. In bio, you have 150 characters to tell about your company, business, products, and its benefits.
  • URL. Don’t forget to add url to your online store, list of your works, projects and other social media. Complete your url with a short description to explain to customers what they will find after clicking the link.
  • Highlights. Stories is a trend. Save them in highlights, sort and name them and you will get a great amount of useful content.

How to integrate Instagram into a marketing strategy

Instagram is about beauty. But as every social media, your business account should have its strategy and content schedule. It is not enough just to post beautiful pictures from time to time. If you want your business to benefit from your Instagram account be prepared to work for it. Here is some useful advice:

  • Uniqueness and beauty. These are the main requirements for your Instagram content. It applies both to photos and text.
  • Conversation. Talk with your clients, ask their opinions about your products, encourage them to leave comments and “like” your content.
  • Sharing. Has your client written a review on your product in his account? Great! Share it and let your followers know how cool your product is.
  • Bloggers. There are accounts with a large audience. Find them, check their followers to make sure they are your potential buyers and suggest collaboration.
  • Hashtag. It is a great searching instrument. Launching your own hashtag will be very helpful in monitoring clients’ reviews.
  • Engagement. It is better to have fewer followers but more active and loyal ones. Quality is always better than quantity.

Instagram has always been considered to be a frivolous social media. Maybe it used to be that way but not anymore. Today it is a growing and powerful social media that gives thousands of opportunities to your business.

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