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How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Dec 18, 2019

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How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Discover the true power of Instagram marketing! This social network is booming – brands of all sizes and shapes look for a way to reach out to over a billion Instagram users and turn them into the followers and then into customers. If you want to join the race for likes, followers and global appreciation, now is the best time to create a business profile on Instagram!

We decided to update the article as working with lots of brands we’ve realized that many business owners still don’t know why and how to create an Instagram company page. So, we are going to change your opinion about this social network and prove the importance of Instagram brand account. We will explain all setup stages in detail and show the best examples of brands who already use Instagram to promote their goods and services globally. Let’s get started!

Why Use Instagram for Business?
Instagram Business Page vs Regular Instagram Account
How to Set Up Instagram Business Account
Best Instagram Business Account Examples

Why Use Instagram for Business?

Over 20 million companies and brands globally are already using Instagram for business. You can hardly find even a startup that doesn’t promote its goods and services on this network. But why Instagram?

More than 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, while over 55% of people say that they usually look for goods and services on Instagram [1]. Great statistics, right? Ignoring Instagram for your digital marketing campaign, you lose a great choice to reach your target audience worldwide. Here are some more reasons why use Instagram for your business.

  • Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks worldwide.
  • 63% of Americans log in the Instagram accounts every day.
  • 106 million Instagram users are in the United States [2].
  • 67% of Instagram users are 18-29 years old – the famous Millennials who are going to remain the prime target audience for most businesses worldwide for a long time [3].

Impressive, isn’t it? Using Instagram, you get lots of opportunities to promote your goods and services. To do it right, you need to know how your target group perceives the content and what they search for on Instagram. For effective Instagram marketing as well as Instagram advertizing, company page is exactly what you need. Keep reading the article to find out how this social network can help you boost sales!


instagram business account - marketing

Instagram Business Page vs Regular Instagram Account

You might be wondering why not simply use a regular Instagram account instead of a business one. What’s the difference? Well, corporate Instagram offers lots of tools and features that can increase the conversion rate of your account and as a result, your website. It can help you build a strong relationship with your customers and achieve real business goals. Below we will prove that need to create an Instagram company page and share some tips on how to use it efficiently.

#1. Instagram advertisement. One of the main useful Instagram features is the ability to create an ad using the app. You also can promote your posts by clicking on them and selecting Promote. You can put the target audience, choose the test for Call to Action button, set a budget limit and pick the time when people will see your ad.

#2. Instagram Contact button. It is an important feature for business since it will provide an ability for users to email you, call you on the phone and view your company’s location on the map.

#3. Instagram stories with links. If you add your URL to a story, it can increase your conversion rates. How? Most of the users always take action to visit a website if they see an interesting Instagram story. However, you need to have over 10,000 followers until Instagram gives you an opportunity to use the feature.

#4. Instagram scheduled and auto-published posts. You don’t need to work 24/7 on your Instagram business account. You can create a list of posts and set up the time when you want them to be published.

#5. Instagram’s “Book” button. It allows your customers to book an appointment directly which can be useful for companies that offer various services, for the restaurants and others.

#6. Instagram profile analytics. On the Instagram business page, you can get information on how often people view your posts during the set timeframe, how many of them click the email or call buttons or follow the link to your website. Using Instagram analytics, you can also see some other actions performed on your page and the number of account views per week.

#7. Instagram audience analytics. It is a great tool to learn more about your followers and target audience. You can get information about their age and gender, see cities and locations where most of your followers are, view the statistics about the most popular days and hours for checking out your Instagram posts.

#6. Instagram posts and stories analytics. It is helpful if you want to find out how your audience reacts to different types of content and what they find more or less interesting.

If you use a regular Instagram account for promoting your brand instead of a business one, you can’t compete with the others who already use all of these features.


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Also, you may be interested in Instagram creator account if you heard about such a thing before. What is it? Creator account is an alternative to the Instagram business account, which is mainly used by public figures, artists and global influencers.

Creator account offers lots of features like streamlined messaging, information on a number of follows and unfollows, demographic data and Instagram dashboard. However, you cannot just switch to the Instagram creator account, in order to get it, you need to go through the verification process.

You have looked through the list of Instagram features for your business that can help you build an audience and, as a result, gain customers. Now, if you strive to succeed in social media marketing, you need to know how to create an Instagram business account. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to make your life a bit simpler.

Instagram business account - getting started with Instagram for business

How to Set Up Instagram Business Account

Do you have a Facebook account? If yes, it won’t be too complicated for you to create the Instagram business page. Instagram is considered to be one of the simplest social networks and less time-consuming for the person who manages the account. Empower your marketing campaign with our guide!

1. Download the mobile app. You can download Instagram from the App Store, Google Play or Windows app store depending on your mobile device. You can also visit the official website and download the app on your desktop if you prefer using computers. But some mobile Instagram features won’t be available on a computer or they may require a separate plugin installation.

2. Set up an account. Creating a business account, you can choose between two ways. You can either sign up using your phone number or email or log in with Facebook business account if you have it.

3. Connect to the Facebook business account. If you want to use Instagram for business, you need to connect your future account to a Facebook business page. Click the profile icon at the right bottom of the screen. Open the setting menu, which is at the top right corner of your Instagram page. Scroll the page until you see Switch to Business Profile. After the slideshow, you will receive a prompt to connect to the Facebook business page. Choose a page and make it Public. Finally, click OK.

4. Create a new Facebook business page.

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5. Finish your profile. To complete your Instagram business account, enter the phone number, email and company’s address. If this information was already filled on Facebook, it will appear on Instagram automatically. After you click Done, at the top of the app you will see a new graph icon. It is your insights page where you can track stats.

6. Edit the account. Click on Edit your Profile to add a photo, link to your website and bio.

7. Invite users to follow you. Click Settings, Follow and Invite Friends by email and SMS or use Invite Facebook Friends to send a notification to your Facebook business page followers. You also can invite friends from other social networks like Linkedin, Twitter and others.

8. Post and follow users, write creative posts and don’t forget about hashtags to drive engagement on Instagram. You’ve got it!


How to set up instagram business account

Best Business Instagram Account Examples

Top world brands invest lots of efforts and money in empowering their social media marketing and increasing their digital presence. But what’s the secret behind the popularity of their accounts besides the popularity of the brand itself?

Instagram trends are what helps them reach the top of the network. Brands that follow the latest social media trends in account design and posting, including, for example, making more stories and fewer posts, interactive stories, using IGTV channels, cooperating with other accounts and others, get in the top. It’s time for some inspiration, let’s see how top brands run their Instagram profiles!

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GCDS – 377k followers on Instagram

GCDS is an Italian streetwear fashion line founded back in 2015. Their Instagram business profile is a great example of successful digital marketing since it represents the style of the brand.

What features do they use?

  • You can contact the brand by selling messages or email through the account.
  • GCDS uses stories to promote their products, they save stories on the page and announce upcoming sales.
  • On their account, you can find photos of their products as well as photos of celebrities, for example, Dua Lipa wearing their branded clothes.
  • They use their branded hashtags #GCDSNAILS, #GCDSbeauty, #GCDSunnies in stories and posts.

LUSH – 638k followers on Instagram

LUSH is a brand of organic cosmetics founded over 20 years ago in the UK. They are famous for their 100% vegetarian handmade products. When you buy their products, you always know who exactly made it – they add stickers with photos and makes. But running so creative campaign, they use Instagram benefits to promote their products globally.

What features do they use?

  • On their page, you can find a link to their official website and a short bio.
  • Their photos are bright and posts are not overloaded with hashtags and text.
  • They have a branded hashtag – #LushCommunity – and ask followers to use it when they make posts with LUSH cosmetics.
  • LUSH usually posts stories and saves information about their products on the page.

DNKN – 1.7m followers on Instagram

Dunkin’ is the US brand of fast-food restaurants which was founded in 2004. The company is famous for their delicious donuts and pink colours. As you can see by the number of followers, Dunkin’ runs a great digital marketing campaign.

What features do they use?

  • Their Instagram business page is made in one style with brand colors as the main ones. Great way to stand out among the competitors!
  • There you can find unique posts with photos and videos of their products and people who enjoy them and wear Dunkin’ merch.
  • They combine selling and entertaining posts with tutorials to provide followers with different information that helps not to lose their interest.

Teva – 490k followers on Instagram

Teva has been producing branded sport sandals since 1984. It is famous not only for the comfort of their footwear but also for creativity in their Instagram account. What differs Tera from other Instagram brands?

What features do they use?

  • The company reposts the content that their customers create. Want to appear on Tera’s Instagram? Buy their sandals, make a photo with them, add their hashtag and voila!
  • Teva saves stories from NY Fashion Week, provide tutorials on how to clean their shoes, show stories that their shoes will look perfect even after a music rave.
  • On the page, you can view a small bio and info on their branded hashtag – #StrapInToFreedom as well as visit their website by the link.

West Elm – 2.1m followers on Instagram

West Elm is an American decor and furniture store founded in 1956. Their corporate Instagram acts like a store with unique design ideas.

What features do they use?

  • On the page, you can find lots of photos of their furniture as well as ways to use it. Clicking on a photo, you can choose View Products to see the names of goods, their prices and possible discounts. Picking a chair, for example, you can see various design ideas with this chair and click on the link to the website to get more details and finally buy it.
  • The brand is also famous for its saved stories where you can find the best design ideas, holiday decorations, recipes, their values and how-to-stories.

SALAR – 51.1k followers on Instagram

Salar is a luxury bags, shoes and accessory brand founded in 2011 Milan, Italy. Their slogan is femininity and rebellion, dark and romantic, chic and rock and roll. You can easily see that it is a fair one on their Instagram page.

What features do they use?

  • Minimalistic photos of their bags with branded hashtags – #SalarMilano. They also use hashtags for their collections and all their products have their own hashtags like #Frida bag.
  • In their saved stories, you can find what the press writes about the company and collections as well as videos from fashion weeks.
  • How they simplify the selling process? By clicking on Shop, you can view all their products with prices below and add them to Saved if you want to come back and buy it.

Gryffindior – 29m followers on Instagram

Dior is a world-famous fashion house from France founded in 1946. It created a style of the mid 20th century combining simplicity and elegance. If these times are far away, Dior is still one of the most famous brands globally. Following the latest marketing trends, Dior can amaze its customers for a long time. But here we want to tell not about their official page but about the Gryffindior account – a great strategy to increase brand awareness.

Using a unique idea to combine heroes of Harry Potter and Dior fashion the account’s owner gets a unique chance to promote Dior fashion stuff among fans of the book. Looks interesting, right? You can’t buy things from the account but you can see their fashion clothes on your favorite characters.

MailChimp – 110k followers on Instagram

MailChimp is an American email marketing service founded in 2001. The company focuses on selling solutions and services to other businesses. So, you might think that Instagram is not the best way to promote MailChimp. Well, you are wrong. The company Instagram is a great example of how to find your audience everywhere.

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What features do they use?

  • The company uses Instagram posts to explain the followers benefits of their solutions in a funny way.
  • They use short video tutorials helping their customers to pick the right solution and explain how to work with MailChimp tools.
  • MailChimp use saved stories to tell followers about their employees and their work, bringing the human touch.

Sephora – 19.1m followers on Instagram

Sephora is a French chain of cosmetics stores founded in 1970. Their stores sell either their label products or ones created by other brands. Sephora runs a successful digital marketing campaign in their Instagram business account and easily stand out among the competitors.

What features do they use?

  • They invite beauty experts to create posts stories with their tips and tricks.
  • Sephora IGTV channel is a great way to get valuable information about products and beauty trends.
  • The company shares its reviews, testimonials and any other achievements with their followers.


Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding of how to create a successful business profile on Instagram. If you have a regular account for your brand, we recommend switching to a business one – it is free and offers lots of benefits. It is a great tool to engage more customers, boost conversion rates and reach the global market. Follow our tips and your Instagram visitors will love your content and buy more of your products.

Have already launched your Instagram business account? Share your experience in the comments and follow our official profile on Instagram!


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