What is AIDA and Why Online Stores Need It

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What is AIDA and Why Online Stores Need It

It is impossible to launch a successful marketing or advertising campaign without basic marketing knowledge. That’s why it is so important to understand the main marketing principles, especially when we are talking about ecommerce, where competition is extremely high. Today we will talk about AIDA as one of the oldest, but still working marketing models.

What is AIDA model

AIDA is a four-step marketing strategy designed to understand customer’s mind and identify the stages needed to turn visitors into customers. AIDA model was first introduced more than a century ago and is still used with minor updates. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire (or decision) and Action. A seller should go through this stages step-by-step to generate sales. But when talking about online stores where there are no sellers the webstore itself should manage this process. Let’s take a closer look at all the steps and learn how to use them in ecommerce business.


This step is also called Awareness. The idea is simple — catch customer attention. It is believed that in ecommerce you already have buyers attention because they normally run into your webstore while searching for a certain product. Your main task is not to lose it. Easier said than done?  We have some useful advice:

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  • Check the loading time. The truth is that no one will wait too long. According to statistics, customers will close the link after three seconds of waiting.
  • Optimize your webstore pages. Product pages are normally the first pages of you westore that customers visit. Make sure they are effective and look properly.
  • SEO-optimization. Check your keywords, alts and titles. They should correspond to the reality. If you sell red t-shirts don’t use “blue trousers” in a page description. Customers don’t want to be deceived in the pursuit of traffic generation.


Once you catch customer attention, you should generate their interest and explain why your product is what they need. To do it:

  • Target your audience. You should know your customers and understand their needs.
  • Show how your products solve customers’ problems. Use photos and videos, not just words.


At this step, you should pay attention to your product page again. Make sure it contains a detailed product description, high-quality photos, and videos to show your product in action. Customer reviews will be very useful and play into the hands.


You catch customers attention, generate their interest, make them desire your product. You have almost won this game! Don’t ruin your effort by a wrong call to action. Don’t hide “Add to cart” or “Buy now” (or any other action you want your customers to do) buttons in the amount of information on a product page. Make them noticeable, big enough, bright and attractive.

AIDA Marketing model

The AIDA model is a foundation of marketing. Once you miss one of its components you won’t succeed in ecommerce, as well as in any other business. Implement AIDA and you will be surprised by the results!

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