RetailOps ERP Integration for Karmaloop

The World’s largest online retailer of streetwear

Karmaloop is an online retailer specializing in urban fashion and street culture, offering hundreds of various styles and brands that are in fashion today. An American entrepreneur Greg Selkoe founded it with the idea to provide consumers with a wide selection of hard-to-find brands of streetwear. As an ecommerce business, Karmaloop has extended to a number of web stores, consisting of MissKL, PLNDR, Brick Harbor, Kazbah and even an online TV “KarmaloopTV”, created in collaboration with Katie McEnroe, a former president of AMC and music producer Pharrell Williams. Today’s Karmaloop is among the world’s biggest streetwear retailers, selling apparel, footwear, accessories and more.

Karmaloop made a decision to launch a new webstore and reached out to BelVG for help. We performed excellent Magento migration, integration and support services. In addition, we carried out RetailOps ERP integrations and used PerimeterX for protection. Moreover, thanks to New Relic tool application health can be controlled. Facebook Pixel allows easy data and tracking conversions from Facebook ads. Besides, Crazy Egg online application lets merchants understand customers’ interests better to boost profit from the website.


Migration to Magento 2


Being a fashion and street style retailer means always to be on the top of current trends. Karmaloop owned a custom .net webstore that was far from perfect, so the company decided to launch a modern, stylish and productive webstore and chose Magento 2 as the most suitable platform for this purpose. The main requirement was to manage the migration whilst saving all the data, such as products, orders, users and their login information.


BelVG had already worked with Karmaloop’s parent organization Shiekh Shoes. As the cooperation was fruitful, Karmaloop decided to emulate this experience and chose us to develop their new webstore. Besides, New Relic is implemented on the website to control application health and availability while monitoring the real user experience. Facebook Pixel advertising tool collects data and tracking conversions from Facebook ads. With Crazy Egg online application the company enjoys eye-tracking tools such as Heat map, Scroll map, Overlay, and Confetti to track a website’s operation and understand customers’ interests better to boost profit from the website.


Magento Integrations


Being a part of Shiekh Shoes family, Karmaloop aimed to bring on board various new integrations. All of them should improve the customer shopping experience and accelerate the work of the webstore manager. To achieve these goals, BelVG implemented several services, such as Nextopia to improve the search process and Justuno to increase conversions. As high-level security was the aim for Karmaloop as well, we used PerimeterX to protect the webstore against web scraping and bot attacks.


To integrate the Karmaloop store with the business evenly, BelVG inbuilt RetailOps ERP system and customized it to work with the Magento platform correctly. Thanks to Facebook widget customers can access Facebook social network easily. The online store uses Hotjar as a heatmap, survey and funnel application to help with feedback forms, conversion optimization and audience measurement.



Magento Speed and Optimization


The target audience of Karmaloop is young and modern people. Webstores that are slow and outdated are not what trendy people are looking for whilst shopping online. As Karmaloop understood perfectly how much every extra second of webpage loading will cost, BelVG were tasked to optimize and speed up the Magento 2 website. Our professional development team successfully met this challenge.


We speeded up the catalog performance and optimized the registration procedure by adding Facebook login opportunity and a simplified checkout process. Thanks to Klaviyo tool, which is used to streamline the automation of personalized emails, Karmaloop can design a variety of emails for marketing campaigns with the fat stack of integrations at the same time. AddThis instrument reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts sales. What is more, the ecommerce website supports mobile content. Moreover, the KAP Diagnostics website uses Recaptcha for protection from spam and abuse.

Founded in




Million in annual sales

130 $

Million of unique visitors


Review - Shiekh

Denis Ivanov,

CTO, Shiekh Shoes (Karmaloop’s parent organization)

Review - Shiekh

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