Karmaloop is a well known online retailer of streetwear with products of such giants as Adidas, Converse and New Balance in their catalog. Having ups and downs in their history, Karmaloop is now bigger than selling clothes, it is about a culture.

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Mobile view

As it is all about smartphones and mobile, we develop special app for both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from iTunes and Play Market.
However, we carefully worked out the mobile version of the website. So it is displayed correctly from any device.

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Being part of Karmaloop family, Karmaloop was bought by Shiekh Shoes in 2016. As the parent organization had an positive experience in working with us on webstore development, they contact us to move Karmaloop custom .net websites to Magento 2 platform. We have already carried out the similar work for PLNDR, which greatly simplified the task.

What should be taken into account:

  • integration of Retail Ops, an ERP system, that Karmaloop use;
  • Kazbah store development on the base of Karmaloop. Kazbah is part of Karmaloop company with specialization in newest brands that are growing in popularity.


Along with moving to Magento 2 platform, we managed all data, users and content migration. We also realized new design and more modern and fast theme.

The webstore is based on the customized theme. We designed the Homepage with only three blocks, that’s why it looks understandable for users. Actually, the whole webstore was designed to make shopping process easier and more enjoyable for customers. For instance, we added an opportunity to login with Facebook, so there is no need to create one more account with one more password.

All products were imported from the previous webstore. We developed structured catalog where customers can sort products by category, type, style, brand, color, size and price.

Product page
The three-blocks Product page has all necessary information: a description, photos, reviews, “add to cart”-button, related products. It is also possible to create wishlists.

After adding a product to cart, a pop-up message appears so the customer can choose: continue shopping or go to checkout procedure. The Checkout process has two steps, as it is customary in the parent company: “Shipping” and “Review and Payments”.

Karmaloop & Kazbah
From the technical point of view, Kazbah was developed as Karmaloop sub-store with one cart and stock. But we customized a special theme to make it look different and unique.