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Top 20 Work from Home Jobs: How to Make Money from Home

Nov 1, 2019

3298 Dasha M.

Top 20 Work from Home Jobs: How to Make Money from Home

Home based jobs aren’t always a boring sitting-at-home routine, but it can be a good chance to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Today there are lots of various online jobs, so you will definitely find something to taste. Let us help you out and share some good home-based jobs’ ideas.

Why Work from Home?
What are the Top 20 Work from Home Jobs?

Why Work from Home?

When you think about people working from home, you are likely to imagine someone sitting behind the desk, staring at the screen who doesn’t see the sun for months. It is a bitter truth that many people don’t take online jobs as serious as full-time ones. However, there is also a positive side. Regardless of your academic background or age, working from home is an excellent opportunity to try something new and change your everyday routine. It is a wonderful way to save time working according to your own schedule and potentially earn more money than at a regular full-time job. Another benefit which should be especially valued by introverts is that, since you don’t need to work in the office, you won’t have to communicate with overfriendly co-workers or an easily irritable boss.

If you are fond of creative activities, you can start a personal blog or craft something genuinely unique. But in case you don’t feel like a part of the art world, you can find yourself in translating, creating online studying courses or many other activities. In order to give you an insight into the world of online jobs, in this article, we compiled our top 20 part time work from home ideas.

What are the Top 20 Work from Home Jobs?

How to Start Blogging for Money

Some people still think that blogging is a strange hobby for teenagers, but in the modern world, it has already turned into a profitable business. To date, there are lots of teens who earn twice more money than both of their parents combined. But it doesn’t mean that only the youngest Generation Z can blog, there are many older people, who share unique content in their blogs and have a huge army of admirers.

To become a blogger, you first need to choose the main topic that will unite all of your blog posts. You can write about your own lifestyle or focus on a certain topic, for example, pastry and confectionery, gardening, travelling – it can be even a blog about the life from your pet’s point of view. If your content is unique and catching, and the look of your blog draws attention, you will find your audience.

Another important aspect is to keep your text clear and free of mistakes. A blogger who can’t write and express ideas in a correct comprehensible way is not a real blogger. The only reaction that a blog full of mistakes will cause is laughing. You should never forget to check your writing several times before publishing. Reading out loud is a good way to check how the text flows.

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Next step is to choose a platform where a blog is going to take roots. It can be either your personal website or an already existing blogging platform like Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, Medium or others.

After you have managed to do everything described above, you are a blogger – congratulations! However, being a blogger is one thing and being a popular blogger is a completely different one. In order to make your blog visible, there are a few good tricks – advertisements and collaborations with other bloggers and influencers. In the beginning, it can be hard and quite expensive, but later on, it will pay off when the money flows in your pocket from advertisements, digital product sales, and sponsorships.

best work from home ideas - blogging

How to Become a Freelance Translator

It is becoming more and more clear for everyone that there is no need for a translator to wake up early in the morning and go to the office anymore. All you need is a computer and a high-speed internet. So, why waste your time in public transport when you can get down to work straight?

Clearly, the advantages make it one of the most promising work from home jobs but you can’t just decide to be a translator in the morning and become one the same evening. First of all, you need to learn a foreign language and get some knowledge about common translation methods. Luckily, in the modern world, you don’t even need to leave home to find all the necessary information as well as to learn a language – you can do it online.

When you are confident about your language and translation skills, it is time to begin your online career. There are different ways for you to start translating for money. You can either get a remote job at a translation agency or find clients online. In the beginning, you are unlikely to have an opportunity to choose what kinds of texts you want to work with. It can be pretty much anything from fiction writing to judicial, scientific or economic documents. Step by step, you will find loyal long-term customers, and when you find your own niche, you will start making real money.

best work from home ideas - translation from home

Why Start an Ecommerce?

People are obsessed with the idea of saving time. Sooner or later, ecommerce will replace even the good old supermarket grocery shopping. It is the reason why we cannot but agree that ecommerce stores are a major component of our fast developing society as well as a profitable business. Success in ecommerce requires a lot of time and money but this growing industry ensures that sooner or later your efforts will pay off.

ecommerce development

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Online stores provide you with two online career-building opportunities – you can either be hired as a manager or assistant by an already existing webstore or you can start your own online business. If you choose the first way, your job is basically to provide clients of an online with information about goods and services.

Having your own online shop opens to door to a much broader range of tasks. You will need to choose what goods to sell, find out who your potential clients are, find a developer for your website, and manage the online store when it is launched. Starting an ecommerce business is quite expensive and you will probably have to find a reliable sponsor, if necessary, and a supplier.

best work from home ideas - ecommerce

What is Webinar?

Isn’t it great that today people can study while lying in bed or in public transport on the way to work? It sounds even better when you think that you can not only study yourself but offer your knowledge to others and make money with it.

Webinars are getting more and more popular, while huge lecture rooms with no opportunity to leave when you need to lose their attractiveness. A webinar is an online seminar where people all over the world participate with an ability to communicate with the lecturer and ask questions when something is not clear.

Here you have some directions for professional development. On the one hand, you can create an online course about something you are very much interested in or understand well, for example, economics, physics, social studies or cooking. On the other hand, it is possible to create a motivation course telling people how they can get rich and famous. Such webinars usually contain information about the fastest ways to make money and motivate people to follow their dreams. It cannot be argued that the second option doesn’t require much talent or knowledge, but there are always lots of people who want to hear that everything is possible if you really want it and put some effort.

best work from home ideas - webinar

What is Virtual Assistance?

Have you ever seen the pop-ups with live chats where the online assistants are ready to answer all your questions? This job is about helping the website visitors to orient through the website and find whatever they need. In order to work from home as a virtual assistant or in online support, you have to understand the product that the online store offers well enough to explain the others how it works and provide any maintenance details.

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The global market always has a lack of online assistants, and in order to get started here, you usually do not need special education or academic degree. A big part of your responsibilities is to answer customers’ emails. If it is a small company you are also likely to be the one who manages a calendar of your boss and set appointments. After a while, if you do your job well, you can get promoted to a manager or a head of the assistance department.

best work from home ideas - Virtual Assistance

How to Learn Web Design

Web design is a great way to challenge your creativity, learn something new and earn good money. To become a freelance web designer you usually do not need to spend time on getting a university degree. However, the online courses that promise you a successful career and enormous profits after taking a few classes for a month are not entirely true – it is not that easy.

magento webdesign

Magento Web Design

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Besides taking the web design courses themselves, in order to get customers and enjoy a stable income, you will have to develop good communication skills. It will be of much help in getting a connection with your customers. If you keep them informed during the whole project and stay polite as well as perform your job well, they are most likely to recommend you to their friends and leave positive reviews.

best work from home ideas - webdesign

How to Start a Tutoring Business Online

Teachers have traditionally enjoyed the highest respect. But not all people can cope with a big group of students. Sometimes teachers lose interest in their profession due to constant stress, problems with a headmaster, inconvenient working schedule and other reasons.

Consequently, many teachers today prefer to create online teaching courses, in particular, language ones. The university degree is not a critical factor in online education, good language skills and a desire to share your knowledge are basic requirements of this stay at home job.

There is a great variety of platforms for online language teaching, for example, Preply, Workday, Teach&Learning, etc. You just need to choose the one with the most acceptable conditions. Then you are usually required to fulfil a test task that checks your language skills.

If you succeed, you can start creating your own teaching plan. But don’t forget to size your capabilities. In case you are unable to explain basic concepts and more advanced concepts clearly, don’t waste time and money of your online students. It can come back to you with a lot of negative reviews. Besides, it should be clarified that at the beginning tutors with a college or graduate degree usually receive higher wages than people with lacks of credentials. However, if you are fond of teaching, over time you will get your client base and start making more money.

best work from home ideas - tutoring online or teaching online

How to Do Data Entry Online

Data entry seems to be the easiest among work from home jobs described above. Actually, it doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skills. The only important thing for you is to be disciplined, accurate and focused. Such employees are always in demand, because, usually any corporation needs people to collect data and feed this data in their existing bases in accordance with working and professional standards.

Compared to the previously mentioned remote job ideas, data entry requires less time and energy, but there is no significant professional growth and wages are usually quite low. Thus, data entry is more suited for students who just want to make some extra money without much effort.

best work from home ideas - Data Entry

What is Social Media Management?

Modern society is obsessed with social media, and the biggest part of our life is concentrated and even depends on it. Thus, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others are the main platform for business, where customers can easily interact with brands. But business owners usually have other tasks to perform other than managing social networks themselves, so it is the reason for them to hire social media managers to handle the company’s social media presence.

The main functions of these specialists include account management across different platforms, social activity analysis, posting on social networks, comments’ monitoring and response to them. Thus, if you are an amateur social media enthusiast with lots of subscribers, why not turn your online hobby into a profession?

To get a job as a social media manager, you usually need to have a marketing or communication degree or learn the fundamentals of marketing, writing and design by yourself. Besides that, a successful portfolio of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts showing that you know how to run a campaign would be a good supplement to your CV.

best work from home ideas - Social Media Management

How to Start an Online Bookkeeping Business

Bookkeepers have always been in demand, since every company needs people to record the expenses, income, and transactions as well as reconcile financial accounts, and help with financial reports. Although many companies hire bookkeepers as full-time employees, there are also lots of businesses that employ such specialists on a freelance basis.

In order to get a job as an online bookkeeper, you need to have a degree and most companies want to see the proven experience of working as a bookkeeper offline. But if you don’t have both, you still have a chance to start a career as a bookkeeper. Taking accounting courses and obtaining certification can help you in getting this job.

best work from home ideas - Online Bookkeeping

How to Sell Handmade Items

Many people think crafting is a fun hobby, but in fact, it is one of the most profitable work from home jobs. You can turn all your extraordinary ideas into a way of making money. Let’s say you craft scented candles, natural soap, bubble bath bombs, seashell jewellery, wedding bouquets or anything else. You can invest some money in your hobby and start selling unique handmade goods online. Modern technologies will be a great support for your startup. You can create an Amazon or Etsy account with macro photos of your handmade products and a price list.

As an alternative, you can start your vlog on YouTube with DIY guides on handmade crafting, and under each video add links to your website where clients can order ingredients to craft the same goods or buy already made products. Working hard, your handmade crafts will see the world.

best work from home ideas - Handmade

How to Learn Web Development

Web development is not for everyone but if you are the person who does not give up after a few fails and keeps working hard, it may become your future career. Many people wonder where to start after they have decided to try themselves in web development.

One of the critical points here is to evaluate your knowledge and skills critically. If you did not have anything to do with web development before or even with computers in general, do not try to go for complex advanced classes. They will not bring you any good, and you are most likely to lose faith in yourself after the first ten minutes when you cannot understand a word.

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There are a lot of ways for a complete beginner to get in – the number of good online and offline classes is growing. However, the booming popularity of information technology has made web development a competitive field where you are never allowed to put personal and professional growth on pause.

best work from home ideas - Web Development

Why Farm Herbs at Home

Farming herbs on your backyard or even inside the apartment can become your way to make money for living within one month. It makes it one of the fastest to get started home-based jobs. Most of the commonly used herbs do not require much sun, special treatment or sophisticated gardening skills. All you need is to buy the seeds at the local farmer’s market and watch a couple of YouTube videos about how to grow them.

After some time, you are likely to develop your own approach to farming specific herbs and find the ones that are the easiest to handle and that bring you the most profit. In the beginning, it is better to follow advice from a video precisely not to make mistakes that can spoil your harvest.

best work from home ideas - Gardening at Home

How to Start Baking Business from Home

Has always found special magic in creating cakes, cookies or cupcakes? Then, home-based baking business is for you. It is a great opportunity to turn your hobby into a profitable business as well as share your cooking masterpieces with the people. Let the world take advantage of your cooking talent.

This idea can be found interesting not only as a local home based business for stay at home moms. Many massive businesses started at the kitchens of ordinary women who just once gave selling their bakery online a try. If you already have confident cooking skills, it is a good idea to combine baking for money with blogging or managing a social media account. People today enjoy watching descriptive recipe videos and learning some unconventional cooking tips and tricks.

best work from home ideas - Home-based Cake maker

How to Become a Home-based Fashion Consultant

Many of us enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls and dressing them up when we were kids. However, after growing up a lot of people do not want to spend their time choosing what clothes to buy and wear. There are also the ones who want to dress up but their taste leaves much space for improvement. Then, they have an opportunity to hire a fashion consultant.

If you have a good taste, know how to match the colours just right and follow the latest fashion trends, home based fashion consultant job is something for you. At the same time, be careful and keep in mind that it is not a Barbie doll you are dressing up. The cloth is one of the first details that people notice, and it plays a huge role in the first impression – picking clothes for someone else is a big responsibility.

The main task of a fashion consultant is to develop a personal style of a client matching their taste, material preferences and the hottest trends. Besides the obvious fashion knowledge, you need to possess a good understanding of human nature and some psychology skills. You have to make sure that the customers feel comfortable wearing the outfits you pick for them.

best work from home ideas - Home-based Fashion Consultant

How to Become an Internet Researcher

The internet is obviously the easiest way to carry out surveys and collect data from all over the world. Going online in the United States, you can find out what people in Indonesia think about a certain type of bubble gum. However, there is a massive amount of the wrong, untrustworthy or fake information on the internet. Googling may sound easy, it is what all of us do every day but looking for the necessary data online is something different.

Internet researchers work for different companies providing them with the statistics they need. While most of the research related jobs require at least a Bachelor degree, internet researcher needs only to be an advanced Google or another search engine user and be able to critically analyse the given information.

best work from home ideas - Internet Researcher

How to Become a Meal Planning Expert

You might think that meal planning experts are those popular Instagram bloggers who suggest you follow their diet and lose weight. In fact, the situation is different. Meal planning is not something where you can follow ready-made solutions, and most of the people who follow the advice of these bloggers do not reach the desired result.

To become a meal planning expert you in most of the cases need to be a certified and qualified nutritionist. It is not something you can learn in one day and then teach others. Besides that, food is an important ingredient of a person’s health and sharing random advice about meal planning that you found online, you can harm someone.

After you study nutrition practices at the university level and gain expertise, you will not only be able to earn money without leaving home, but you will be the one who helps people and improves their lifestyles for the better. Preparing personal meal plans, you can also become a good example following such a plan and eating healthy yourself.

best work from home ideas - Mealplanning Expert

How to Become a Pet Sitter

If unconditional love for our cute animal companions is about you, there is a chance to enjoy spending time with them while getting paid for it. There are a lot of benefits of getting a dream job as a pet sitter. You do not need any kind of education, just a lot of free time and willingness to spend this time playing with cats, walking dogs or taking care of more unusual animals.

Certainly, the easiest way to become a home-based pet sitter is to start with the beloved pets of your friends and family members. After you successfully look after them a few times, the knowledge about your pet sitting talent will spread, the client base will grow, and soon enough you will be able to make it your prime occupation.

best work from home ideas - Pet Sitter

How to Become a Home-based Sales Manager

Usually, you don’t find a sales manager career in the list of work from home options. Want to know why? Somehow, thinking about home-based salespeople directly imagine telemarketing or home party makeup sales by stay at home moms. However, there is much more in working as a sales manager than that. If you are talented in sales, think out of the box and consider different markets.

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There are numerous industries that need remote sales managers, including real estate, tourism, media, fashion, and many others. Most of the large brands hire a big group of sales managers and you can always check out the job offers at the website of a company you admire. You need to keep in mind that even if you think that you have a natural talent for selling, most of the companies want to see the poofs.

The common requirements for this job differ from one company to another. Some of them want their future employees to have proven experience in sales, others look for good industry knowledge, and there are also those who want both. However, the market is huge and full of opportunities for everyone who is ready to spend some time searching for the desired position.

best work from home ideas - Home-based Sales Manager

Why do SEO Consulting

Search engine optimization is booming in digital marketing. On one side, it is good because it clearly means that there is a lot of demand for SEO experts but at the same time, it is a sign that there are many people who have just read a few articles and start to call themselves SEO professionals. If you want to become a successful home-based specialist in this field, you need to have a good understanding of how Google and other search engines work combined with the knowledge about the best SEO practices and the most useful tools.

It will take some time for you to learn everything you need, and then comes the most critical part – gaining experience. You cannot really call yourself a SEO expert when all you have is plenty of theoretical knowledge.

best work from home ideas - SEO Consulting


Wrapping it up, we can say that working from home is a good alternative to full-time desk jobs. Stay at home mothers, sleep till noon lovers, travellers and many others can pick an online job to their liking and enjoy life moving at their own pace. There is a great number of opportunities and various part time online jobs, we described just some of them here but in the future articles, we will definitely share more stay at home work ideas. If you are tired of the office job, why not try something new?

Stay tuned for more articles about home-based jobs with our blog!

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