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Fashion Ecommerce – How to Start Selling Jewelry Online?

Aug 23, 2019

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Fashion Ecommerce – How to Start Selling Jewelry Online?

Fashion is no longer what we see only on the red carpet or on TV shows like America’s Next Top Model. It is everywhere – we live in a world of fashion frenzy. This huge industry is worth hundreds of billions, and it is still emerging. New trends appear every couple of months, changing the way people dress and what they look for. When talking about fashion in general, jewelry is always a hot topic. For many people, it is not just some simple trinket but a means of self-expression. 

Table of contents:

Ecommerce Fashion Industry
What about Selling Jewelry?
What Jewelry do People Buy Online?
How to Start Selling Homemade Jewelry Online?
Where to Sell Jewelry Online?
Magento for Jewelry Ecommerce
How do People Choose the Store for Online Jewelry Shopping?
Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

Ecommerce Fashion Industry

A new generation comes into play, the purchasing power of the population increases, globalization paves the way for new markets. All of these things have a huge impact on different industries worldwide, including fashion. Now, it doesn’t matter where you are – you can connect to the internet, check out Kim Kardashian’ latest outfit, and then order the same one. The digital boom has greatly increased the pace of fashion industry development.

It is difficult to predict how the fashion industry will transform in the coming years. But let’s take a look at the foremost trends:

1. Personalization: 94% of companies have already discovered how personalization techniques can influence their sales [1]. Today, people want to be treated like a friend or even family member by the company they buy from. They are not surprised when they receive an offer based on their previous orders, searches, or the website pages they perused – they now expect it. Customers want their favorite fashion brands to know what they want to purchase before they even know it themselves. 75% of consumers prefer their brands to personalize their offers, including – but not limited to – special birthday or anniversary discounts.
2. Social media boom: in the modern world, Instagram influencers are the voices that are often heard most. Top brands commonly invest in celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, as well as in a variety of micro-influencers to promote their products. But advertising is no longer the main benefit that retailers gain from Instagram, the companies have learned how to sell directly to their customers. A couple of years ago, most people simply window-shopped on Instagram, then they had to go to the main website in order to make a purchase. Now people can easily buy directly from the platform where they encounter the product for the first time.
3. Pushing the envelope: the global fashion market is shifting. Historically, it has been centered in the West, in partnership with the top brands and those customers with the highest purchasing power. However, we can now see that ecommerce has leveled the playing field for all consumers regardless of where they live. Countries like Japan, South Korea, and China are now emerging at the forefront of fashion.
4. Flash sales are catching on: often fenced in by deadlines, people in the modern world refuse to let that sort-term deal pass by. Black Friday and Prime Days are the time when people purchase all the clothes they have previously just considered buying. To top it off, consumers usually purchase many impulse items simply because they are discounted today and will cost more tomorrow.

Ecommerce fashion revenue infographics BelVG

As a significant part of the fashion market, we can single out jewelry and accessories as one of the most sustainably growing fashion market segments. Every year it enjoys the growth by 5-6% worldwide. Today, more and more people are thinking outside the box and looking for an opportunity to get started within this lucrative field. You, and many others like you, want to get a piece of this continually growing pie.

What about Selling Jewelry?

Looking for new ways to stand out in the crowd people purchase not only clothing but also different accessories. 29 million people around the world purchase jewelry daily [2]. These stats reflect what could be potential customers for your future store.

There are many reasons why people want to be involved in selling jewelry. One of them is due to the size of most jewelry items, the costs of shipping are quite low compared to bigger products. The probability of damaged shipment is also not high. If a jewelry merchant is located in the US, international shipping may not even be needed since it is one of the biggest spenders on luxury items after China.

Another big reason for people to sell jewelry is diversity. Since there are so many types of jewelry it can be quite easy for a newcomer to find their own niche in both creation and marketing.

Likewise, customized jewelry has been shown to generate high-profit yields for both merchants and makers alike. It is very important for merchants to take requests from customers for customized items. It is not that difficult, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

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What Jewelry do People Buy Online?

The jewelry market is not limited by golden wedding rings and pearl necklaces. A great variety of options like vintage, handmade, costume, fine jewelry, and others may make you dizzy.

Some people still think that precious metals and gems are the dreams of pretty much everybody. However, these views are no longer realistic. More people prefer handmade and vintage jewelry, even if they are made of cheaper materials. The feeling of oneness is what makes this kind of accessories special for the customers.

The client groups purchasing jewelry differ in many ways. It is highly important to identify and define your product as well as your customers at the early beginning.

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry BelVG


Vintage jewelry popularity boomed among the same people who are deeply in love with flea markets. Usually, vintage fans purchase previously owned jewelry, not just old-looking. A 100-year-old jewelry item or the one older can already be called antique. Usually, it is more expensive than modern accessories, and in some cases, the seller needs a certificate to prove the item’s age.

Vintage fans monitor the market to get something with a history like estate jewelry. They go online very often and make a lot of purchases there. However, most of these customers check out private collections and offers from single-time sellers.

Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry BelVG


Fine jewelry is commonly the most expensive type of jewelry. Usually, it means that platinum or gold of the highest quality with inserted precious gemstones is used to create an item. However, other people think that craftsmanship and care also need to be involved in producing fine jewelry. Besides commonly used diamonds and rubies, jewelers often involve different non-traditional gemstones. Pearls, jade, aquamarine and others go up and down in popularity in high-end jewelry houses.

Usually, people do not want to risk their money ordering gold or diamonds online. However, there are exceptions. Shopping at the chic offline store can be an unpleasant experience for the customers who don’t want to admit something is too expensive for them to purchase. Also, there are a lot of people who consider wandering through the shelves of luxurious stores torture. They are likely to order online the item they need from the brand they are already familiar with.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry BelVG


Handmade jewelry must be crafted only using hand power. No mass production machinery can be involved. Currently, handmade is one of the most popular jewelry types worldwide – a lot of people create, sell and buy it.

One of the main reasons why handmade jewelry became so popular is that you support real people by purchasing it. You never know where the money goes when you buy from big multinationals. Contrary, when purchasing jewelry from a single handmade producer you create a connection with the author. Your purchase supports the real person whose work you admire.

The exclusivity of the product is another aspect of high importance. Many people are fascinated by the idea that the artist creates just a limited quantity of jewelry items during their career life. There is a story behind every piece of jewelry, and you can see the work and time spent by someone to craft it.

Many people search for homemade jewelry online and read the rave reviews to learn more about the artist and their work. Social media interactions are critical for merchants who want to begin selling jewelry online. Internet is that very place where most of the potential customers can encounter the product. The task of a merchant here is to impress people not only by the jewelry itself but also by the way it is presented.

Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry BelVG


Costume jewelry is what we call mass-market stuff. These accessories are designed to wear with current fashion clothes. Usually, they are made of inexpensive materials like gemstone imitation and low carat gold. People change these jewelry pieces pretty often after almost any new sweater or t-shirt purchase.

Many customers order costume jewelry online. Mainly because they don’t have to worry about the stones’ genuineness. However, the average price of one item is not too high. For retailers, it means that they have to sell a lot to generate profit.

Dog & Cat Jewelry

Pet Jewelry BelVG


Jewelry for pets is now popular as never before. Many websites suggest specific jewelry for different breeds. They also usually sell a bunch of products related to pets such as toys, clothing, and custom jewelry with pets’ faces or names.

Dog-collars with the hundreds of gemstones won’t surprise anyone today. People invest a lot of effort and money in making their pets stand out among others. Things like crowns and bracelets for the pets are often bought online. Even though the concept of jewelry for pets is not new, there are not many physical stores selling it yet, especially in smaller towns. Most of these accessories also require some customization, for example, placing the address on the collar.

Custom military rings

Military rings BelVG


Military rings are catching on in the US. Some standard logos and signs are usually placed on such rings, but they still require a high level of customization. The best way to provide this service is via the website. People often want to carve an inscription on the ring specifying the year of service, deployment location, or some memorable words.

Sometimes military men order these rings themselves, but in most of the cases, they are ordered online as a retirement or birthday gift to someone who serves in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. The main feature of this type of jewelry is durability – it should be of high quality and last a lifetime.

Wedding jewelry

Wedding Jewelry BelVG


Wedding jewelry can be seen not only on the bride and groom today but also on the other people involved in the wedding ceremony. There are a lot of types of occasion jewelry, but there is no single one as popular as wedding jewelry. No bride would accept the fate of being a commonplace on her wedding – everything must be unique – from engagement rings to statement earrings. People from all over the world spend millions on jewelry for their special date. However, there is a piece of bad news for retailers – the competition in this niche is pretty high, and not many brides-to-be want to take the risk of buying wedding jewelry from a new retailer.

How to Start Selling Homemade Jewelry Online?

How to sell homemade jewelry online? Infographics - BelVG

Where to Sell Jewelry Online?

The homemade jewelry market is booming. More and more different people look for opportunities to sell their handiwork online. Ecommerce provides unlimited market and makes it much easier for the jewelry beginners to start. Staying-at-home parents, students, professionals moving their business online – people who want to give it a try are different, but most of them use the same marketplaces.

    • Etsy is the biggest website for selling jewelry online worldwide. In 2018, in the United States alone, its online transaction rate for jewelry and accessories grew by 49.6% [3]. Loyal customer base is one of the biggest reasons why so many people choose Etsy. This website connects individual sellers and people looking for unique stuff from all over the world. However, Etsy also works for mass production stores. A merchant can sign up for free, but small listing fees and a percentage of each sale made on the platform are applied.
    • Amazon Handmade is popular not only among the beginners but also among the webstores promoting their goods on different resources. In 2018, Amazon waved their monthly fee, and now retailers have to pay only a 15% referral fee. It is a fair price for selling your goods on one of the most popular marketplaces. However, the growth projections of Amazon Handmade leave much to be desired. 2018 showed a slightly negative growth rate of -0.1% [3].
    • Aftcra works specifically with handmade goods produced by individuals in the United States. On the one hand, this fact is positive because merchants don’t experience the competition with mass-production. On the other hand, they are not able to reach potential customers in Europe. Another good thing about Aftcra is that it allows sellers to import the listings directly from Etsy if they want to change the platform.
    • ShopHandMade is the option which is fully free for using and selling. The merchants who use this marketplace get to keep all the profit they make regardless of the number of sales. The website exists from voluntary contributions from the admirers.
    • Folksy is a U.K. based webstore for selling handmade crafts. The merchants can sell there not only jewelry but also clothing and art pieces. Folksy is more than just a marketplace – it has a constantly updating blog, forums and an active loyal community supporting this project.
    • EBay is considered to be a good place to get started with selling jewelry online. As a large popular marketplace it has numerous customers. The beginners in online retailing can take a look at other people eBay profiles and learn how to organize their own stores in the best way possible. The available bid price function helps define the best product of a store and get a clear understanding of reasonable pricing.
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Magento for Jewelry Ecommerce

When the sales on the marketplace go up, any merchant should consider starting a personal website. In this case, one of the first decisions they make is choosing an ecommerce platform. There are quite many different options on the market, but here let’s take a look at the stunning websites created by top brand common pick – Magento.

1. Since 1999 Glamira has grown from a small German jeweler into one of the front-line players at the European jewelry market. In 2012, this brand started to work on designing and selling their own products. It helped Glamira successfully spread all over the world. Today, the company has offices in 6 countries and ships pieces of jewelry to more than 60+ countries.

Magento Jewelry website homepage


2. Catbird NYC is a jewelry studio based in Brooklyn. In 2004, Rony Vardi launched Catbird as a one-person business. Now his jewelry is a must-have for fashionable girls from all over the world, including such celebrities as Meghan Markle, Emma Watson and others. Catbird NYC is well-known for its one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, and specifically for minimalist engagement rings.

Magento website homepage


3. Lagos has a long history started back in 1977 when the company was founded by the artist Steven Lagos. The global fashion community did not leave unnoticed the unique approach and a new category of jewelry that the company brought into existence. In 1984, Lagos introduced a new design that has become its highlight – Caviar jewelry.

Magento website homepage



4. Foundrae is a family business co-founded by Murat and Beth Bugdaycay. In 2018, they opened the first store in Manhattan which has become a house of inspiration for many people. The brand is famous for its personal approach to every collection. Each piece of jewelry created by Foundrae celebrates the value of individuality.

Magento website homepage

5. Loquet London is a fine jewelry brand born back in 2013. The company specializes in personal keepsake lockets. Every single one of them tells a story, and Loquet London collects these stories. All their items can be customized with various birthstones and charms. Loquet London also offers a Bespoke service, which allows their customers to create jewelry according to their own design.

Magento-based website homepage


6. Maria Tash is a brand based in NYC that has revolutionized the fine jewelry industry. The company’s credo is creating a piece of jewelry based on the client’s personal style and body anatomy to ensure a perfect fit. Maria Tash sees the goal in delivering the jewelry that looks unique and feels good to wear at the same time.

Magento website homepage example


How do People Choose the Store for Online Jewelry Shopping?

How do people choose the store for jewelry online shopping? infographics BelVG

Selling Jewelry Online Tips

1. Make sure to have the Return Policy in stark terms. If you don’t accept the return – you don’t believe in your product. Your potential customers will see it this way. Jewelry is usually expensive, and for most people, it is not easy to decide on ordering it online. The return opportunity is exactly what the customers need to feel more comfortable.
2. Provide a lot of information. In the modern world, many people find it important to purchase something more than a pretty looking piece of jewelry – they want a story behind it. Tell them how the jewelry piece was crafted, how the unique design came to your mind, and let them learn more about you as an artist. Take it personally.
3. Provide measurements and certificates. This is especially critical if you are involved in selling fine jewelry. People what to know what their necklace or ring is made of and what kind of gemstones they wear.
4. Remember that most of the jewelry pieces are gifts to someone else. Nice present packaging will increase your item chances to be purchased.
5. Make multiple macro photos. Show your potential customers every tiny handcrafted detail. Clear photos will help them imagine they are holding these jewelry items in their hands.
6. Wear your jewelry yourself. Every person you meet in real life is your potential customer. When sooner or later, someone compliments on your jewelry, hand them a business card.
7. Use a material, look or word as a highlight of your brand. When people see your jewelry, they should have no doubts it is your work.

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Wrapping up

Concluding, we can say that jewelry ecommerce is a promising field that deserves a lot of attention. Your location in one of the world’s fashion capitals is no longer a shaping factor for your brand’s success since social media platforms increase people’s awareness about the brands from all over the globe. To top it off,  a wide variety of jewelry types provide growing brands with a great deal of choice – every merchant can find a niche to work within.



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