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Why Use Product Videos & Add them in Magento 2

Jan 10, 2020

1837 Dasha M.

Why Use Product Videos & Add them in Magento 2

Discover the details about the best product video types for ecommerce, including customer testimonials, tutorials, unboxing videos and even the old-fashioned infomercials. Find out why your online store needs videos and how your customers, as well as your sales can benefit from them.

What is the best way to showcase your product? Posting pictures is an outdated approach – today’s customers rely on videos. Give your website visitors what they want – detailed and trustworthy product videos.

Why do You Need Product Videos?
What Videos Work Best for Ecommerce?
How to Add Product Video in Magento 2

Why do You Need Product Videos?

The idea of adding product videos may be new and unusual to you but other retailers already take advantage of this useful technique. Your ecommerce business can gain more than you can imagine from a simple product tutorial or customer testimonial. However, it does not mean that you should grab a camera and videotape an item from all sides and then just replace all the pictures with videos. It requires a more sophisticated approach.

One of the reasons behind YouTube’s popularity is that people perceive video information much better and faster than when just reading or listening to something. Videos capture customer’s attention but it is not the only advantage. Let’s look through the key points and discuss in detail why product videos are musts for your ecommerce.

Product videos increase trust

Even the top global brands sometimes face a problem when a new customer does not make a purchase because the product somehow does not seem trustworthy. The reasons why it happens differ and it is hard to predict them upfront.

The appealing product picture may look too over polished, the reviews may seem too good to be true, the sizes may not be clear – these or any other reason can become the one that will make a customer leave. It is why you need videos. Most of the people feel more confident about purchasing an item after they have seen it in action.

Product videos can boost conversion rate

People love it when the stuff they buy makes their lives easier. The same way, they appreciate if shopping process becomes as easy as it can be. Product videos can become your brand’s key tool as they require less effort from your customer to understand why they need the item that you sell.

Watching the video, your potential customers see how the product can be applied and they are more likely to remember the small details. Stats confirm that over 70% of customers have a better impression of the brand’s products if they provide video description [1]. It is especially important when your brand sells something unique, new on the market and unusual. Many people may doubt whether they need a product or not if they have not seen a friend or someone else wearing or using it.

Videos can help you hold visitors on the website longer

Product videos are a user-friendly solution, but they can also make your website friends with search engines. Although videos are easier to comprehend, as we mentioned above, it takes more time to watch them compared to looking through images or gifs. Having creative video content, you increase the engagement rate and educate the customers about your brand and product at the same time. It also means that people will remain on your website longer. For search engines, it is a clear sign that your website provides quality content and gives the customers what they have been looking for. So, you both improve user experience and get higher in search engine rankings. Isn’t it a great opportunity to leave the competitors behind?

Product videos will help you win mobile users

Today’s ecommerce is all about mobile users and for mobile users. Online shopping no longer means that it is time to grab a laptop or turn on your desktop computer. Mobile users are taking over and online stores that do not want to lose customers should keep it in mind. However, here we are not going to discuss that a successful website has to be mobile responsive. Let’s discover why product videos attract mobile users.

According to a recent Facebook study, your video is 1.5% more likely to be watched on a smartphone [2]. The majority of the present-day online shoppers consists of younger generations like Millennials or Generation Z and for many of them, ecommerce shopping comes down to scrolling over appealing items and payments with a couple of touch clicks. One of the significant characteristics of their age group is so-called clip thinking. They perceive short video information much better and faster than any other type of content.

Videos are easy-to-share on social media

There are no doubts that videos are the most shareable type of content across most of the social networks. The boom in popularity of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube proves this point better than anything else. Sharing creative product videos with your customers, you may inspire them to share with others – their friends, family or just followers.

To increase the social media presence of your brand, you can also encourage the customers to share their own videos with your product and announce gifts for the most creative ones. User-generated content is a proven way to build a trustful relationship with the others – potential customers. It also makes your product look more credible.


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What Videos Work Best for Ecommerce?

There are different types of product videos that have their advantages and disadvantages for various businesses. Below we are going to provide a brief characteristic of the four most-used types that have proven themselves to work best: customer testimonials, tutorials, unboxing videos and surprisingly infomercials that many people completely forget about, treating them as something outdated.

How to Create Video Testimonials

Video customer testimonials are an old but working trick used by most of the key market players which is getting more and more popular. When your customer leaves a positive review with a couple of sentences about your company or product – it is one thing but when you create a video with them describing in detail how and why they hired you as well as the result they received – it is a completely different one.

Video testimonials feel more personal and looking in the face of a person talking, people are more likely to believe that the review is fair and reliable. Usually, they are produced in the form of an interview with a customer. Besides the obvious advantages of helping to win customers’ trust, it is a great way to make your company look more professional. Following the example of industry leaders, you can use customer video testimonials as a part of your brand recognition strategy.

Let’s take a look at the process – how to create video testimonials.

Typically, at the beginning of the video, the customer or client company representative introduces themselves and answers a couple of questions. Depending on the service provided or product supplied, the questions may vary but the main structure in most cases remain the same. After the introduction, the conversation usually comes to the following question:

How have you heard about our company or product for the first time?

If there are several testimonial videos where customers describe different places where they have come across the brand, it may serve as an extra promotion for company’s social media accounts, blogs or brick and mortar offices. Then comes one of the following questions:

Why have you chosen us?

What are the three benefits have you gained from purchasing our product (service)?

What problem has our solution solved for you?

All these questions are used to make a customer name the positive features of a product or company. To encourage your interviewee to share more details, not just mention one or two aspects, it is a good idea to ask for a clear number of advantages as you can see in the second example above. Sometimes to underline the honesty of the review, the interviewee is asked one of the following questions:

Have you faced any challenges while working with us?

Were there any difficulties in the project?

Is there any recommendation you could give us to help improve our services?

The success of video testimonials is in the right questions. After you pick the questions that you find most suitable, we recommend you practice interviewing one of your colleagues or employees to check how much time an average answer takes. Another important tip is to prepare some extra questions in case your interviewee replies to one of the main ones too shortly.

Keep your video testimonial middle length – about 4 minutes, simple and convincing. Check out our customer video testimonial examples on our YouTube channel!

Why Use Video Product Tutorials

Video product tutorials are the best tools to share all the inspiring ideas with your customers about the ways your product may be used. It gives them an overview of the possibilities and allows to imagine how the product will look like in real life at the same time. Posting product tutorials, you will show the customers that their user experience matters.

Such videos can be created in many different ways but make sure to carry out a small research before getting started here yourself. Depending on your product and target audience you may need to use more entertaining or just strictly informative videos. Analyze social media profiles and websites of your competitors, take a look at what the industry leaders post and then develop a strategy.

Another good idea is to create product tutorials in partnership with an industry influencer and post the results across your social networks. DIY and How-to videos are one of the favorite content types of YouTube users. Especially, when it comes to products and brands that have not been discovered by numerous customers yet.

What is an Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos are created to show the process of unpacking a newly purchased item and share the experience of opening the box [3]. The word “unboxing” has become one of the most popular searches on YouTube, it generates over 50 million video results that get billions of views.

The most famous unboxing videos are produced by kid influencers who promote different kinds of toys. They have been ramping up over the last ten years and now many top companies take advantage of this tool to increase their brand awareness among the smallest customers and their parents. The second most popular type of unboxing videos is technology unpacking. The products of this category can be quite expensive to purchase on your own and many tech-savvy YouTube users, as well as the other digital enthusiasts, watch tech unboxing videos to explore the capabilities of a new gadget.

What is an Infomercial?

Last but not least is infomercials. It is a well-known form of TV commercials, video advertisements. The main goal of an infomercial is to market a product while demonstrating it from different angles, including showing all the functions and ways it can be used. The idea is similar to video tutorials and infomercials have some features of unboxing videos and may include testimonials from actual customers who have been using the product.

The main difference from other product videos is that infomercials are typically as long as an episode of a TV show – about 30-40 minutes. Another special feature is that the contact number and company website should be displayed during the whole video. Besides being broadcasted on TV, these advertisements are sometimes posted on the company’s website that potential customers may check them out any time they want, not only during specific TV hours.

Usually, companies invite a celebrity to create an infomercial and it is also a popular tactic to hire industry experts to share their opinion about the product qualities and results it shows. This year, cooking appliances and jewelry are still occupying the first place in the list of top products for infomercials.

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How to Add Product Video in Magento 2

First of all, you should generate API in order to use YouTube functions. Access your YouTube account following this link.

How to add product videos in magento

Let’s create a new project.

How to add product video in magento

Search for YouTube Data API v.3 and activate it.

add video to magento

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add videos to magento

create videos in magento

add video from youtube to magento

upload video in magento

upload videos in magento

add credentials to video - magento

How to upload a video in magento 2

After that, you need to open the Magento admin panel and save the key.

video upload magento

Now, you can add YouTube videos to your products. Enter the product page in the admin panel and select Images and Videos.

how to add videos in magento 2

Enter the link to the video content that you would like to add.

magento 2 video upload


As you can see, product videos are a great way to scale up your business without investing millions. However, you should be careful and do research on your market and target audience before creating them. Tutorials, customer testimonials, infomercials and unboxing videos work well for various kinds of businesses but depending on the industry and product, you may need to use different content or video design elements.

Have your ecommerce experienced a boost in sales after using product videos? Share your tips with the other readers down below!

The following people contributed to this article: Aleksander Kutseika.


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