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What is New in PrestaShop

May 6, 2020

1725 Dasha M.

What is New in PrestaShop

Want to update your PrestaShop? There is good news for you – the new PrestaShop version is already available to download. Be sure that your online store is secure and up-to-date – try the new PrestaShop version!

PrestaShop is one of the ecommerce solutions that get updates as regularly as possible. It guarantees its high security, smooth work and no bugs experience. Now, 2 months after the previous release, the hard work of the development team has resulted in PrestaShop release.

What is special about PrestaShop Well, the release doesn’t only fix bugs in versions but also focuses on fixing a list of security issues from 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions. This new release ensures more security on PrestaShop. Moreover, PrestaShop is not going to stop on that. The developers will keep working to provide a solution with no security breaches. To enjoy this new PrestaShop, we recommend upgrading your store right now. And, of course, remember to backup!

The new release fixes 7 regressions found in the previous PrestaShop versions. The issues had an impact on both back and front-offices. Let’s take a look at all main issues that have been fixed.

Front-office issues fixed:

  • Failure with canonical redirects for products with combinations, what could cause content duplication.
  • Creation of a new address instead of editing an existing one in the customer account and checkout.

Back-office issues fixed:

  • Bug with help card display on view order and new employee pages.
  • Incorrect value discount while adding a cart rule to an order from the back-office.
  • Incorrect number of last emails in the customer view page.
  • No access to the translation interface for the Serbian language.
  • No redirect to the category edition page while searching for a category with the quick search.

As it was mentioned before, some security fixes have been included in PrestaShop version. Let’s consider some of them:

  • Improper access controls on customers search, product attributes page and others.
  • Reflected XSS on AdminCarts, Search, AdminAttributesGroups, AdminFeatures, Exception pages. Moreover, reflected XSS with back parameter, on dashboard calendar and in security compromised page.
  • Open redirection with the back parameter.
  • A few security fixes on native modules – faceted search, social follow and link list.

The new version also includes the following changes that you may find interesting.

There was an issue with installation under CLI which didn’t take BASE_URI and Apache rewrite in consideration. The problem was fixed by adding the rewrite parameter in index_cli.php that enables the rewrite engine.

The PrestaShop developers work hard trying to deliver top-notch solutions – the platform is getting better with every new release to keep up with the growing competitors such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and others. PrestaShop also has a huge community of developers and third-party marketplaces which create solutions that can empower your PrestaShop store even better than the recent upgrade.

The BelVG team works with PrestaShop for many years and understands the importance of keeping a platform up-to-date. If you feel the need to make the best of it – update your PrestaShop to the version We hope that you will enjoy the release as much as we do.

Need a professional team to upgrade your PrestaShop? Contact BelVG right now!

Vlad Yunusov
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