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What is New in PrestaShop

Mar 18, 2020

1291 Dasha M.

What is New in PrestaShop

The new PrestaShop version is already available. The best way to ensure the security and smooth operation of your website is to update it as soon as possible. The new release fixed several bugs reported in previous 1.7.6+ versions. Upgrade your PrestaShop now to keep providing the best services for your customers. And don’t forget to back up!

PrestaShop is known for its quite frequent updates that help to provide users with new innovative features and security patches. The PrestaShop developers work hard to deliver quality solutions, constantly improving the platform and fixing all the bugs and security vulnerabilities.

It has been just a few weeks since and have been released and now PrestaShop releases a new functional version – PrestaShop This update does not include new features and mainly focuses on security issues. We strongly recommend upgrading your online store to the new version to maintain your online store’s stable performance. Let’s take a closer look at the issues that have been fixed in PrestaShop

  • A bug with validation of customer email
  • A selected color combination was not displayed
  • Issues with a support link in the order confirmation in the Arabic language
  • Failure while loading the product_page.css and translations.css files
  • Product combinations were not displayed on product configurations and particular stock
  • Problems to display issues on the SEO live previews on Safari
  • Display issues on emails’ subject with special characters
  • Problems to view categories when all subcategories are disabled
  • A discount error on the invoice when applying a specific cart rule to an order

The new version – PrestaShop – also includes some important changes what you can find below.
In previous versions, when customers edit their addresses, they can easily change their id_addresses in the form and, as a result, steal someone else’s address. It used to work the same way with CustomerForm, where you can change the id_customer as well as the information about the whole accounts. In PrestaShop the problem was fixed and it is no longer possible to do so.


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The PrestaShop developers follow top-notch solutions to enrich their product and monitor the platform to maintain its high performance and fix regressions if they appear. However, the official team is not the only one that contributes to enhancing this ecommerce platform. There is also a large community of users and developers who report issues and suggest solutions.

As one of the leading ecommerce agencies, working with PrestaShop, the BelVG team understands the importance of keeping your online store up-to-date. We always look forward to the latest PrestaShop versions to provide our clients with the best. Our team hopes that you will enjoy the functionality of the latest PrestaShop version – PrestaShop Upgrade today and leave the competitors behind!

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