Effective Ecommerce Product Page: Tips to Know

Aug 13, 2018276Luba Andreeva
Effective Ecommerce Product Page: Tips to Know

Your product is the axis of your ecommerce business. It sets the tone for literally everything and its proper presentation is a key to success. How could you do it? Right, you should create a great product page that will be worthy of your product. The product page is as (or even more) important as the homepage and today we will turn to webstore design and talk about creating a working product page.

Product images

Images will be the first thing visitors will notice so it’s worth taking care of them. A clear photo on a white background will be the best option because it will show your product to the customers as it is without anything redundant. Remember that one photo is not enough. Provide your visitors with multiple images so that they can see your products from different angles and perspectives. Photos of people using your product will also be useful, because they show how exactly your products can solve customers’ problems. Add as many images as necessary to answer all customer’s questions. Remember the zoom function to show the products in all details. Images show the most important aspects of your products way better than any descriptions that most properly won’t even read. Put some effort into good photography and you will see how it affects your ecommerce business.

Product video

Product photos are important, no doubt. But product video is the next level in demonstrating your products. It is useful for customers because video is a live demo and shows your product in motion. Also, it helps to increase engagement and encourages visitors to spend more time on the shopping site. Add a short video about your product with an attractive thumbnail and look how it will work.

Detailed product description

Although a whopping number of people perceive visual information better, the text still matters. A detailed description will be useful for both customers and merchants. In the first case, it is necessary to include all the main features and benefits in the description to answer all the possible questions from customers. It is better to add them as a bulleted list for easy reading. In the second case, unique keyword-centric description is important for SEO and helps in ranking higher on Google. But don’t tire your customers with hundreds of words. Add 4-6 lines of text and hide the rest under the “more” tag.


Improve your customers’ shopping experience, make it easier for them to find the product they are looking for. You should offer a choice to your visitors. If your product is available in different sizes and colors, make sure to mention it. It is better to create a color and size selection option on one product page instead of creating several different pages.

Customers reviews

Don’t underestimate the power of reviews. Customers prefer to read them before making a purchase and they will definitely search for them. So why don’t you help them and add a review block to your product page? Don’t leave this block empty. Work with happy customers, send them an email, offer a discount or a gift and encourage them to comment on your product. Positive feedback helps in boosting sales. Negative reviews shouldn’t be left unanswered. The way you handle them shows your professionalism and courtesy.

Call to action

A traditional call to action in ecommerce is the “add-to-cart” button. It is supposed to be the most important element on a page, so take care of it. The button should be eye-catching and be easy to find. Place it near the product name and price and make it stand out of the overall color scheme. Otherwise, you risk losing customers.

Social share buttons

Social networks have a stunning influence on people. It is common now to search for products through social media and ask for advice in social circles. Remember to add social buttons to your product page. Don’t make them too annoying and distracting, they should be easy to find and use. Encourage visitors to share the products and get more traffic to your webstore.

SEO-friendly page

SEO is something you must pay attention to in ecommerce. Make all elements on your product page SEO-friendly: add alt and title to images, use keywords in the product description and optimize the title of the product page. Also, pay attention to the URLs. They must be clear and relevant and show a customer what he will find on the page if he clicks on the link.

The product page should be designed with users in mind. It is not about your product and its benefits. It is all about how your product could solve a customer’s problem. Imagine what questions a customer might have and create a product page as an answer.


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