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How to Create a Perfect Homepage

Aug 6, 2018

1121 Luba Andreeva

How to Create a Perfect Homepage

Once you decide to launch a webstore and choose a platform responsive to all your needs, a design is your next step. Why is it so important? The answer is obvious: according to the statistics, it takes only 50 ms to assess visual appeal. Less than a second to gain a customer. In today’s article, we will consider the design of a homepage as it is one of the main pages of your online shop.

The homepage is like a front door. It is supposed to be beautiful, attractive and welcoming so that customers will stay on your website instead of pressing the “back” button. We prepared a list of things you should pay attention to while creating a homepage.

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  1. Competitors analysis.
    The road to perfection is paved with mistakes. But who said that these mistakes should be yours? Look carefully at your competitors, notice everything you like and dislike and learn from their experience.

  2. The layout.
    After making a market research, imagine your future homepage in all details: main blocks, content, functionality. Make a scratch first and only then start developing it. This will prevent you from redoing the same thing several times.

  3. The content.
    After you decide, what blocks will be at your page, prepare the information they will contain. Pay a special attention to the images. They just must be on the page to water down the text. But don’t use too many pictures because it may slow down page loading time. Remember to add titles and alts, otherwise, it may hurt your Google conversion rate. The high quality of all images goes without saying.

  4. Simplicity.
    The truth is that customers don’t want to think too hard while shopping online. We all spend the whole working day thinking and what we are really looking for in our free time are simplicity and relaxation. Give it to your visitors, let them understand in a couple of seconds who you are, what you do or sell, how your product can help them. If customers can’t identify it within moments, they will definitely leave your store.
  5. The audience.
    It is your duty to know your client. Your homepage simply has to speak to the right people using the proper language. In a word – it has to be the right place.

  6. Calls to action.
    The homepage is the first page your clients see. It should invite them to stay on your website and move further. Calls to action are a small clue that helps to guide users and tell them what to do next.

  7. Motion.
    Static images are yesterday’s news. Dynamic content has been a major tendency for the past few years. Use it to draw attention, interest or simply for entertainment purposes.

  8. Mobile responsive.
    If the homepage looks good at your desktop, it doesn’t mean anything. It should be optimized for all devices and compatible with all internet browsers. This is not something you can dispense with if you want to have a successful webstore.
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  9. Speed up.
    Customers wish to receive all they want as fast as possible. In such a competitive environment as ecommerce, you will succeed only if your webstore loading speed is lightning fast. Why would customers wait for your store to upload when there are thousands of other online stores to choose from?

  10. A/B tests.
    It is possible to argue endlessly which option it better: the first or the second. But you will never know until you try. Don’t be afraid to change the design, test it and see how it affects the conversion.

Here we mentioned main points you should pay attention to before creating a homepage. Last but not least – spend some time writing technical tasks and hire professional designers. Present your ideas as clear as possible, but don’t be too attached to them. Sometimes it is better to see your webstore with someone else’s eyes.

Remember that there are plenty of ready-to-use themes for online stores of all types. Professional designers have already developed this templates according to the latest trends. Many of them are adaptable. It means that if you like it, but they are not perfect enough you can easily improve their appearance.

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