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How to choose the best platform for your ecommerce business

Jul 16, 2018

1054 Luba Andreeva

How to choose the best platform for your ecommerce business

Choosing an ecommerce platform is probably the main decision every business owner should make before creating a webstore. There are so many of them that it’s very easy to get disoriented once you start diving into this topic. We prepared a list of points you should pay attention to before preferring one platform to another.

What is an ecommerce platform

Until recently, it was popular to develop customized webstores. But now it is understood that retail business processes are quite typical. Leading developers of platforms have absorbed all best practices in ecommerce and now suggest platforms that meet the requirements of all business owners. An ecommerce platform allows to create a store in a few months or even weeks. But you can’t just buy it and launch a store, it is necessary to customize it according to business requirements.

A typical ecommerce platform has a wide range of functions and functional units:

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  • Product Content Management. Products are the main thing in the webstore. That’s why catalog is the first you should think about before starting a project. A typical project for the development of an online store on ecommerce platform includes the configuration and implementation of PCM, as well as integration with internal accounting systems.
  • Content Management System. Think about what pages your webstore will have and what information will be displayed. Templates, themes, HTML-layout, javascript, images, advertising blocks, and content are typical components of the content management system of every online store. Don’t forget about an opportunity of content personalization. It means that different users will see a different design of the same page.
  • Fulfillment and Order Management. This is a key business process of ecommerce. It includes management of order status, payment, shipment, returns.
  • Marketing, Merchandising, and User Experience. This function allows a webstore owner to inform customers about different offers and to make this information as interesting and personalized as possible.
  • Search. You should pay special attention to this point. Take into account that customers will search products not only by its name but by some characteristic too.
  • Payments. It deals with the interaction of the online store with various financial services. Moreover, different countries have different requirement for payment gateways. Don’t forget about that while choosing an ecommerce platform.
  • Search Engine Optimization. If you want your webstore to be successful and stay in the top you should pay special attention to this point. Look for a platform that will give you an opportunity to optimize your store.
  • Templates and Themes. It will be much easier for you to install a ready-to-use theme and customize it. That’s why the more templates a platform has, the better because the appearance of the webstore is as important as the products you are going to sell.

It is worth paying attention to the successful projects based on the platform you have chosen. It will give you an opportunity to see solutions that fully correspond to the latest trends in the world market or avoid some mistakes. You should look carefully at your business, its needs, and perspectives. We have already compared the most popular platforms so it will be easier for you to make a decision and choose the one that suits you best. Or you could simply contact experienced developers that will help you choose a platform and create a webstore that you want.

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