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Big Day Release: Prestashop Scroll Top FREE

Nov 2, 2012

429 Alex Simonchik

Big Day Release: Prestashop Scroll Top FREE

Make it possible for your customers to return to the top of the page with one simple click. Prestashop Scroll Top adds a smooth scrolling effect and eliminates the need to torture the mousewheel to scroll through loads of content. The Scroll Top button is not always visible, appearing only if the page is scrolled down. Scrolling is slight and animated: no page refreshing or sharp jumps. Scroll Top module is totally free!

Key features:

  • Scroll Top button
  • Configurable scrolling animation
  • Possibility to upload the button image
  • Totally free module

Let’s review these features closer.Scroll Top Free module is fully customizable, enabling you to make the best possible use of it. Enter when the button should appear, fade in and fade out duration and time the page scrolls to the top, upload button image and configure its position and size.

The module is perfect for stores with lots of long pages. Provide your customers with a possibility to jump right to the top easily. It improves the browsing experience and encourages users to spend more time on your eShop.

All the configurations can be made in Modules –> Scroll Top Free –> Configure.

In the Start Line field, enter how many pixels should be scrolled manually before Scroll Top button appears, in pixels.

In the Scroll Duration field, enter how long it will take to scroll to the top, in milliseconds.

In the FadeIn Duration and FadeOut Duration fields, enter how long it will take the button to appear and disappear correspondingly, in milliseconds.

In the Width and Heights fields, determine button image size, in pixels.

In the Offset X and Offset Y fields, enter number of pixels between the image and the right hand side and bottom page borders correspondingly, in pixels.

In the Image area, upload button image.

Save the configuration.

Scroll Top button appears on the front end. User clicks it to be scrolled to the top.

Read the user guide to see how the Scroll Top module works.

Looking for PrestaShop developers to create a custom module? We are here to help.

Andrey Dubina
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