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USA holiday calendar 2018

Jan 29, 2018

697 Dasha M.

USA holiday calendar 2018

There are so many holidays during the year! It’s not difficult at all to miss one of them while preparing marketing and technical activities. BelVG would like to help you handle this issue, so we created the USA holiday calendar for 2018.

In the calendar you will find major holidays and key dates in the USA: from Martin Luther King Jr. Day to New Year’s Eve. In addition to basic holiday data, we added gift types ideas.

Igor Dragun
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How to work with the calendar

  1. Download the file. It’s totally free of charge. Moreover, we don’t ask for your personal information: either phone number or email.
  2. Look through the information. What holidays are suitable for your business? Pick major ones and plan special offers and discounts.
    Good news if your store is on Magento or PrestaShop. We have a free module with 9 different promotional banners that help you inform visitors about special offers. Get the module here for Magento and here for PrestaShop.
  3. Help your customers to choose a right gift by creating gift lists. For instance, you manage a chocolate factory and have a web store. So, for International Women’s Day you could create a special website section ‘Heart-shaped candies’, for Father’s Day — ‘Best dark chocolate’ and so on. Don’t limit lists with obvious ideas, try to impress the customers.
  4. Make a to-do list with due dates and assigned persons. It’s not a good idea to make promo actions and design holiday pages three days before the holiday.

The main goal of the calendar is to remind you how many holidays we have during the year. Each of them is a golden opportunity to offer customers something new and great, what makes them and their beloved ones happier.

So, download the file and make notes for your annual marketing plan. Happy sales!

Igor Dragun
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