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Trust Elements which Make Your Customers Feel Secure

Jul 31, 2017

422 Vladislav Yunusov

Trust Elements which Make Your Customers Feel Secure

One more topic that needs discussing is dedicated to trust elements placed on any web shops. Why is the theme considered as essential? The reason is all the elements including testimonials, site seals, product reviews, and feedback create a safe atmosphere that makes customers confide when choosing between your business rivals. As you can see, this is one of the most significant features that can advance your business. So let’s have a look at the point in order to learn the topic thoroughly.

  1. Monin

Every syrup lover is familiar with the most popular brand Monin which provides customers with sophisticated syrup flavors. Having updated the web shop with the help of BelVG team, Monin has held leading positions on the market suiting the modern age.


To begin with, when you open the category page, there’s a grid of products represented by the store. Here you can see a small image with price and data which includes reviews. First of all, the number of reviews left is displayed.

The distinctive feature of the web store is that every product page contains feedback written by customers who have already purchased the product. Feedback seems rather authentic, as except the title of the review there’s a date when it was written. The difference between reviews can be about a year or two.

Moreover, here is the section dedicated to various activities the brand participated in, news and press releases. All the features speak in brand’s favour and furnish customers with information.


In addition, there’s a page related to Monin’s awards and recognitions. The list of the best awards the brand received is presented here. In general, the company uses all possible ways to come in full force.

  1. RebeccaMinkoff

The web shop preferred by many women worldwide provides shoppers with excellent modern clothing, handbags, shoes suitable for every woman. In order to fulfil the up-to-date requirements, the shop is running on Magento. Let’s find out what trust elements the web shop possesses to get customers secure.


On the main page there’re no points which can be considered as trust elements. That’s why we need to surf product pages where such elements are usually placed.


Having browsed many product pages, we’ve noticed that there’s an option where you can estimate a product and leave your feedback in case you’ve already purchased it. But there’s a crucial element such as there’re no feedback left on the product page.

The first reason is, probably, that the option is new and has been implemented recently.

The second one is customers don’t like leaving feedback as they give preference to another option represented on the site.


The shop represents an option the popularity of which is constantly increasing, but not so many web shops have already possessed it. It is called “gallery” implying the place where you can put your photo with the item you’ve already bought.

It is supposed to be a perfect feature, as, first of all, any customer can estimate the way the product looks like in actual life. Secondly, it is proved the idea that a customer is a real person who purchases these products. Having implemented such a simple feature, you can easily kill two birds with one stone. Web shop owners must chalk it up!


The web store is focused on social networks; it’s one of the most powerful ecommerce trends. Nowadays everybody has its own profile on the most popular networks available in the definite places. That’s why it’s obligatory to have a profile for a web shop as it’s a wonderful tool for promoting your business.


The results of having a page is obvious. While there is lack of feedback on the official web shop, here you can see 25 comments and 2,509 likes. Relying on the comments written here, many prospective customers turn into regular ones. Is it really a perfect tool, isn’t it?


store-working-hours Working hours and other useful information on the footer section

Besides, there’s additional information concerning working hours of the shop. All the options and features used on the website get customers assured in safeness.

  1. Olympus

The web shop where you can buy cameras and lenses is popular among professional photographers and amateurs. The web store is based on Magento, as the platform contains all significant features to provide customers with an amazing shopping experience.


As usual, there are no some relevant features and options on the main page. That’s why we’re going to review product pages.


When opening a product page, you can notice that there’s a feature dedicated to the number of feedback left on the site. It is placed at the left corner.


average-product-value The average value is defined and shown as the number of stars

Having scrolled down the product page, you can find all comments written by shoppers who have already bought the product. Despite the information the feedback contains, there’s a date where it’s been left and the name of the customer. The references seem rather authentic, so there’s no reason to be skeptical about them.

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The company is also focused on the most well-liked services which can solicit customers. So the web shop has its own profiles on the most popular social networks.


olympus-instagram It’s not for nothing that there’re about 34k followers.

If you open the page on Instagram, you can find various pictures taken with the cameras the company sells. In fact, it is an excellent way to show the quality of the product and be honest with customers. This is a case when the company wins up a reputation.

To learn more about using social networks in ecommerce read our article “Social Merchandising Techniques And Tools Used In Ecommerce”.

Moreover, at the bottom of the website there’s information that all rights are reserved and privacy statement. Definitely, all the elements applied be the company make customers feel secure.


  1. Nespresso

The next point for reviewing is Nespresso’s website where quality coffee machines can by observed and purchased as well as capsules and accessories.


On the home page there’re no trust elements, so let’s check product pages.


On the product page, there’s a block related to reviews. Firstly, there’s the number of reviews left. These are 175 reviews! Besides, there’s average value expressed with stars. Then you can see the grade consisting of different stars and the number of people who have estimated the product.


If you scroll down the page, you can read feedback written by customers. Despite the fact every comment contains a comprehensive description of the product including its pros and cons, there’s an option when any future customer can estimate if it’s helpful for him or not.


As for social networks, the website is connected with all popular social services.


nespresso-instagram On the Nespresso page there’re 52k followers who stay tuned with Nespresso’s life.

It’s a perfect tool to solicit as many customers as possible by providing updated news.

On the whole, the site is characterized by having all necessary features that make customers secure. Moreover, it is distinguished by the option when you can estimate a feedback left. All in all, the website can get a higher mark.

  1. Everlast

A well-known brand Everlast runs its own website on Magento. Why did they choose this platform? Probably, because of the options it brings, as the huge brand having so many products needs an up-to-date platform to fulfill customers’ needs.


Due to the experience we gained when checking previous web shops, we decided to look for reviews on product pages at once.


On the product page, there’s a section related to customers’ opinions. It is represented by two sections.

The first one is reviews left by shoppers who have bought the product. The second one is questions asked by prospective customers.

The part “reviews” is not filled with feedback. But “questions” section is full of various questions as well as answers the website’s manager provided. From user’s point of view, it’s beneficial and useful to have such a section with the help of which a customer can avoid different problems.


The brand follows trends and has its own profiles on every popular social network.


Everlast-instagram Everlast’s official page on Instagram contains 120k followers

On the page products the company sells are presented. So expanding the boundaries, the company attracts more customers.


Here is a seal “godaddy” implying users can conduct secure transactions with the help of SSL certificate.

Having compared the ecommerce sites, you can easily reach the conclusion which web shop is considered as the most excellent and can make customers feel safe.

Want a website with an actual design and well-organized structure? Feel free to request a quote.

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