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Social Merchandising Techniques And Tools Used In Ecommerce

May 29, 2017

901 Dmitry Klim

Social Merchandising Techniques And Tools Used In Ecommerce

Only a lazy person never had a thought of integrating his eCommerce with a pile of contemporary and voguish social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest (not to mention the ones which are local and less popular around the world) are only the first coming to my mind when thinking on the subject of the article.


Those huge and trendy instruments can do their job in raising the audience of either a start-up or already well-known online store. Let’s take an example of a real situation with a customer coming to your online store.

Case 1. A customer finds your eCommerce website while surfing the net and googling for the type of product you sell. He makes a few clicks around your pages, comes across the desired product and adds to the basket the quantity of the item he longs for. He or she is redirected to the checkout page, fill in the fields required and … Voila! – the purchase is completed.

That’s it for the Case One. A customer makes his purchase and his involvement is restricted by satisfying his current needs. Whether he gets back to the store to make a second purchase or never returns back to your pet project – no one knows – not me, not you, not even the Pope himself.

But please don’t get frustrated (as the aim of every good and thoughtful businessman is to increase a pull of his customers coming to his shop – I bet you are exactly this type of person! :) ) as there’s an alternative which is called Case Two in our article and tells about a better scenario.


Case 2. The beginning of the process not only resembles but reflects the previously described case. There’s an existing customer which has been insistently searching for goods. Luckily he has made a choice on your store and is going to finalize his purchase. But… Wait a moment. The product detail page contains some features that inspire him to do more than simple buying of the product. He notices some familiar to him icons of his favorite social platforms.

The fact is that if a customer really likes the website, its design, and functionality, its user-friendliness and how the product has been offered, he will end up pressing “like” on the product, commenting on that or even more – sharing it on his personal social page on the Internet. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Vlad Yunusov
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Actually, this is the best development of the case as these social merchandising techniques eventually make customers loyal to your particular company. In the longer term, this strategy will bring you more sales due to new opportunities among which are the following:

  • Your web store appeals to a customer and he is going to be a regular buyer;
  • Since he is becoming more and more loyal to your brand, he will recommend you to his friends either verbally or virtually (i.e. his friends/followers will notice his post in ex. Facebook and will check the link he shared);
  • Thanks to his activity on the web page, your website will attract more attention among website visitors which sooner or later will be converted to your customers.

To sum up, nowadays eCommerce platforms offer a large variety of integrations with social networks: logging-in, sharing, liking via Facebook, Twitter and much more. It will be practically a sin not to use them in your online business as they provide a lot of advantages in your marketing campaign.

I bet you are a big fan of Magento 2 and a couple of extensions from our arsenal will be a good start in your promoting techniques arsenal: Facebook Connect allowing your to log in as a Facebook user and Facebook All in One to equip you with all the necessary features of Facebook on your eCommerce website.

fb_connect magento_ico_connect_facebook_all_in_1

Hopefully, my outline helped you to get new ideas to enhance your online business. Certainly, as time goes by, you will have new insights how to make your website more successful.

Vlad Yunusov
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