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Top 5 Ecommerce Blog Ideas for your PrestaShop Store

May 22, 2019

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Top 5 Ecommerce Blog Ideas for your PrestaShop Store

Have you ever thought about the importance of blogging? We live in a world where traditional advertising, like newspaper and magazines ads, TV commercials and radio announcements, are losing their ground as effective promotion techniques. Since more and more businesses realize the importance of online presence and move on to do business online, digital marketing is becoming more and more relied on strategy.

Digital marketing counts numerous promotion techniques: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate and email marketing, etc., but among all of these means, there is content marketing, or blogging.

In this article, we are going to explore the importance of blogging for ecommerce and what to blog about. Here you will also find a bunch of great topics for blogs on PrestaShop and the selection of exemplary ecommerce blogs that may serve as an inspiration for you.

Table of contents:

Why is blogging important for ecommerce?
How to choose blog topic?
Best ecommerce blog ideas for PrestaShop
5 eCommerce blogs we love

Why is blogging important for ecommerce?

Blogging has secured its position as a must-have marketing strategy, and the majority of websites now necessarily have the blog. Content marketing has become especially valued in the field of ecommerce as the top method for gaining brand visibility and expanding the customer numbers. Devising a content strategy, choosing relevant topics for blog and composing a content plan are currently as common marketing activities as enterprise budget planning has always been.

Yes, we believe that a blog and ecommerce site belong together. Here are the reasons why you should engage in content marketing for ecommerce.

Reason #1: Build reputation.

Trust is perhaps the most relevant feeling you as a business should create among your clients. If your clients trust you, they will rely on you and will believe you can make them become better or solve their problems. Running a blog that contains relevant information on the aspects that your potential or loyal clients are interested in is the best way to establish a solid reputation.

Another benefit of blogging for establishing reputation is that you are the owner of your content, independent of any standards and rules. When you are competent in an industry, you can share on ecommerce blog the information with your customers in any format you find suitable. You can offer tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions and how-tos, case studies and FAQ, full-scale research and industry news – and if your content is good, your audience will value it.

Reason #2: Drive traffic.

Unless you are a company with a world famous Brand, like Tesla, Apple or Hermes, there is a small chance potential clients know about your brand and will look for it directly in the search engine. So, instead of waiting for traffic flow to happen, business owners can take matters in their hands. Content is the best way to promote not only your products, but your Brand vision to the world.

This is where content marketing and search engine optimization intertwine and work together. SEO is the strategy of using popular and relevant to your business or industry keywords and key phrases to attract more traffic to your website. Obviously, keywords can not exist out of context – they must be surrounded by text to look natural, easy for understanding and not spammy for search engine algorithms. Ecommerce blogging provides you with unlimited opportunities for embedding all the right keywords to your online store and driving traffic to it.

Reason #3: Sell without pressure.

When traditional marketing ran the show, the customers got accustomed to its insistent, sometimes even aggressive methods. Today, no customer believes the direct advertising, bragging about a product’s quality and usefulness. Instead of following the advertisement calls blindly, the audience tends to conduct thorough product research before making a decision about the purchase.

Well-written and informative content will have the power to influence people opinions, swaying their favours towards whatever is considered good. Demonstrate your knowledge of the topic, answer the questions that customers may ask or show the ways your products can be used – and win customers without a struggle.

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How to choose blog topic?

You probably think now: “Yeah, writing blog is cool and great for promotion, but what should I write about?” and honestly, we understand you. There is an infinite way to dip into interesting world of blog topics, which makes it simple for a newbie blogger to get lost among them. Yet, we managed to overcome the confusion by narrowing down this unlimited number to a small but relevant selection of ideas. Now it brings us a large number of readers and a steady audience gain that has a positive effect on our search engine ranking results and industry reputation.

Get an answer to the following four questions to pinpoint the great topics to write about at your ecommerce blog:

Question #1: Who is my target audience?

You can go the easy way and research most popular blog topics, but they will not speak to your audience. In the end, you write articles not just for search engines – you share your vision with your current and potential customers, and knowing who they are and what they are like contains the answer to the question “What should I write about?”. Using Google Analytics or any other similar tool, a store owner can get the core demographic data about their audience and, based on this data, choose the blog topics for them. Then, you can explore further with the help of email or on-site polls and find out more specific data, like what topics they like to read about and what exactly they are expecting from your blog. With this information on your fingertips, making up your mind about your future blog topics will be by far easier.

Question #2: What content is relevant for you to write about?

Everybody should profit from the content you create. Relevance is not quite the popularity among the audience – it is addressing your clients’ challenges, it is giving them answers to the questions and providing solutions to the problems they have been struggling with. Relevance is also being industry-, or even niche-specific thing; your content should be valuable for those who are knowledgeable in the field, otherwise, you will never gain the credibility you are looking for. Moreover, relevance is tending to the global goals and smallest objectives of your own brand. Decide what you want to get as a result – is it conversions, closed deals, subscriptions in social networks or something else?

Question #3: Who can you look up to?

Find the industry gurus and just quality blogs you want to be like and learn from them. How often do they post? What headlines do they have? What is their target audience? What call to action do these articles contain? What comments do readers leave and what opinions do they express? These are not the only aspects that should be analyzed so that you could select the tactics and ways to follow.


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Best ecommerce blog ideas for PrestaShop

Need a surge of inspiration to start your first article? Or perhaps you have a writer’s block and think you have exhausted your blogging capabilities? These PrestaShop company blog ideas will set you right on the track and give you the encouragement you were looking for to start writing.

This is the list of top e commerce topics for 2019 that your audience will love.

Idea #1: Gift Guides

No matter how much people love their family and relatives, cherish their friends and value their colleagues, when the holidays come, they are at a loss about what to give. Solve this problem for your customers and offer them comprehensive gift guides for the holidays and special occasions of the year. Aim your gift guides directly at your target audience and make them visual and colourful – this encourages readers to share them.

Idea #2: How-To’s

Tutorials or how-to’s are educational content which allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of the products you sell. Create valuable and wholesome tutorials that feature the items you produce or sell and make your blog the resource respected in the community and looked up by your customers.

Idea #3: Interview with Influencers

Nowadays young customers tend to base their purchasing decision on the behaviour or preferences of this or that popular person or an expert in the field. Such people are called influencers, and they indeed have enough power to impact their audience’s buying behaviour. This tendency is especially prominent in the younger audience. Keep the balance between entertainment and usefulness and get a great post that improves your community reputation. Best ecommerce blogs use this practice, so it is high time to do it as well!

Idea #4: Customer Made Content

Customer made content is a wonderful way to emphasise that you communicate with your customers directly and value their opinion about your services or products. There are many forms of customer made content can come in; a great idea will be to start a competition among your audience for the best story featuring your product or the most detailed product review.

Idea #5: Lists

Articles like “Top 5”, “10 Best” are great article topic ideas for they captivate readers’ attention. Information in such information can be scanned and comprehended quickly and easily, which is a great advantage for the fast-paced world we live in. Apart from this, such articles make people’s life easier, excusing them from the labour of researching and making their own decisions on what is good and what is not. Moreover, such articles are universal and can be easily adapted for any field and industry.

5 eCommerce blogs we love

Remember I mentioned choosing the best blogs for your industry and you personally and looking up to them? Well, BelVG also has the selection of best ecommerce blogs we regard highly and learn from. We believe our collection will be useful for those engaged in the ecommerce industry and digital marketing.

Blog #1: Shopify blog. At this blog, you will find an impressive collection of retailing e commerce articles covering nearly every online retail topic imaginable. Long, expert and enlightening articles about online business, SEO, marketing and selling are posted every day, providing its readers with brain fuel and inspiration.

Blog #2: Hubspot Inbound for eCommerce. As much as Hubspot itself it is a superb online marketing and sales tool, its blog is a well-reputed ecommerce retail resource. Both a beginning author and an experienced marketing or SEO specialist will find new ideas and practices there.

Blog #3: PrestaShop Blog. Here you will find a selection of PrestaShop technical and marketing blog posts that every expert and novice in the field will find useful. Get expert insights from experienced developers and digital marketing specialists.

Blog #4: Bigcommerce Blog. This blog offers valuable marketing tips, insights, news and strategies any ecommerce retailer will find useful for their work. BigCommerce is especially good at longreads, based on thorough ecommerce research.

Blog #5: The Ahrefs Blog. The content at this blog is published not as often as at Shopify, for instance, yet the level of the ecommerce expertise and knowledge Ahrefs blog offers is incomparable. Every article is so detailed and so meticulously address every aspect of its topic that it be used for education.

Wrapping it up

We hope this information will serve as an inspiration and encouragement for the new and experienced PrestaShop blog authors alike. We love to share our ideas about online retails and our experience, so we encourage you to share yours as well! Leave us a comment and describe what blog topic ideas have we missed and share your blogging expertise.

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