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System Development Life Cycle. Magento Certification

Nov 8, 2017

1533 Alex Huk

System Development Life Cycle. Magento Certification

SDLC is a multistage process used for laying the groundwork for the project development. It allows breaking up the project lifecycle into stages. SDLC controls the decision-making process and provides quality and speed of development process that meets business expectations or even exceeds them.

The development process includes different stages thanks to which users are able to observe and comprehend what occurs at every stage. Besides, it’s allowed to repeat action at any time or change if necessary.

SDLC consists of 7 stages:

  1. Planning
  2. Systems Analysis and Requirements
  3. Systems Design
  4. Development
  5. Integration and Testing
  6. Implementation
  7. Operations and Maintenance

This is the first stage of system development which defines whether a new system is required to accomplish business goals or not.  The aim is to determine the scale of the problem and its decision. Here resources, time, expenses, profit are considered.

Systems Analysis and Requirements
The second stage implies functional requirements consideration. We analyze the system as well as end users’ needs. Besides, we define if the system meets users’ expectations.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Designate people responsible for every part of the project
  • Project timeline

Systems design
This is the third stage which includes a detailed description of specifications, functions, and operations that fulfill functional requirements of the proposed system. The structure of the main components are created here.

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The stage means the beginning of development. Here the developer gets involved in the process and starts developing the project. This is the end of the initial stage and the beginning of the specific development.

Integration and testing
The stage contains system integration and testing which is conducted by quality assurance engineers. They define whether the current project fulfills business goals. Testing is conducted until it gets accepted by end users.

At the stage, the big part of the code is written. The developed feature is to be implemented. The data and features of the old system can be directly transferred into the new one. Since it can be risky, it is transferred out of working hours when risk is minor. End users can see changes implemented.

Operations and Maintenance
The is the final stage which includes maintenance and regular updates. It is possible to implement additional features and fulfill extra customers’ needs.

SDLC models

Nowadays there are different software development cycle models considered as the leading ones when developing. Besides, they can be called as software development process models. Every model has its own unique steps applied to complete the project successfully.

The most popular process models are as follows:

  • Waterfall model
  • Agile model
  • RAD model

Moreover, there’s the number of modules which are also important and used during the development process:

  • Iterative model
  • Spiral model
  • V-model
  • Big Bang model
  • Prototyping model
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