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What is Scrum?
Dec 14, 20178407Alex Huk

Scrum is one of the most popular Agile frameworks originally used for developing software projects. Scrum is characterized by fixed time iterations called sprints which usually last 2-4 weeks. At the end of the sprint, all team members discuss further planning. Read more

What is Scrum?
Agile Methodology. Magento Certification
Nov 15, 20171176Alex Huk

Agile methodology is the software development approach based on iterative development and incremental model. Instead of in-depth planning at the beginning of the project, this methodology implies continuous requirements changing during the development process. Agile is aimed at ongoing interaction with end users (in our case, a customer is implied). Every project includes some iterations which take definite time. The goal of every iteration is to get a working product. Read more

Agile Methodology. Magento Certification
System Development Life Cycle. Magento Certification
Nov 8, 20171492Alex Huk

SDLC is a multistage process used for laying the groundwork for the project development. It allows breaking up the project lifecycle into stages. SDLC controls the decision-making process and provides quality and speed of development process that meets business expectations or even exceeds them. Read more

System Development Life Cycle. Magento Certification
PrestaShop 1.5 Developer’s Guide
Apr 14, 2014642Alex Huk

Countless hours of hardworking – and a whole book of helpful hints on Prestashop version 1.5 is finally ready!

We deal with Prestashop ever since the first versions were released. A lot of time have passed and we are glad to see how much this platform has grown. Our developers get asked all the time  about Prestashop’s inner workings, about bugs or some advice we can share with them. As a result of our experience on all Prestashop related projects and extensions we wrote a whole book about Prestashop. We feel it’s the best way to share our insight and educate both the storeowners and new developers on one of our most-loved ecommerce platforms. Read more

PrestaShop 1.5 Developer’s Guide
Upcoming Prestashop 1.6 Release
Sep 27, 2013447Alex Huk

A short blog post here about the upcoming Prestashop 1.6 release.

Most of you should already know this, but the update have been revealed recently and it’s bringing along a number of great things.

And the most important thing from my opinion is the new and improved back office statistics.

I got to say that from the screenshots and video – it looks awesome. It really looks like something built with our thoughts and propositions in mind. Read more

Magento CE 1.8 Now Available
Sep 25, 2013435Alex Huk

Congratulations to everyone. Today the official magento CE 1.8 build appeared.

The main changes fix the current version issues.

Functional of tax calculation was improved and optimized. USPS and DHL libraries were updated as well.

Cache performance optimised and there is a new cacheing provider – Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis.

There also is an ability to move sessions to Redis with Cm_RedisSession.

Now you can use this from the box: Read more

Magento CE 1.8 Now Available
How Can Magento & PrestaShop Merchants Sell on Facebook?
Sep 20, 2013573Alex Huk

This post was contributed by Yariv Dror who is the Co-Founder & CEO of

Any Magento or PrestaShop merchant – big or small – can sell on Facebook, significantly boosting his/her sales.

Here are a few examples for that:

  • The jewelry designer Nava Zahavi who started with only 100 fans on Facebook. Running a small budget Facebook ads campaign driving traffic to her Facebook store, she made 400% Return on Investment (ROI) selling on Facebook.
  • The Scandinavian fashion brand OnePiece, sold over 1,000 items in 24 hours offering a group deal inside their Facebook store. In addition, this brand has increased its Facebook community by 4,000 fans in those 24 hours.
  • The New York Times has recently covered that The Polkadot Alley company switch from e-Commerce to f-Commerce (Facebook-Commerce) increased the company’s sales from $400K to $1.5M over the period of one year.
  • The average conversion rate of Facebook stores that we see is 20%! As an online merchant, you can appreciate this very high number.

Here are the do’s and don’ts for selling on Facebook Read more

How Can Magento & PrestaShop Merchants Sell on Facebook?
BelVG PrestaShop Guide for Ecommerce
Sep 10, 20131320Alex Huk

Meet BelVG PrestaShop Guide – the key to your understanding of PrestaShop inner workings. We’ve already posted a number of articles about this world’s leading e-commerce platform. But that’s not enough. Now we gathered them all under one roof. Check out the table of contents to find and learn new PrestaShop topics or revise something you already encountered in our blog. Chapters in grey will be published shortly so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned!

Read more

What is PrestaShop
Apr 16, 2013517Alex Huk

As stated in the General Public License, PrestаShоp is a free distributed software. Although it is a freeware, its modules, templates and themes are distributed on paid basis via the PrestаShоp store. Officially launched in August 2007, it was initially focusing on small businesses and start-ups. Currently PrestаShоp has been translated and is available in various degrees in more than 40 languages. It was awarded Best Open Source E-commerce Applications at Pасkt 2010 Open Source Awards and Best Open Source Business Application in 2011 at Open Source Awards.

PrestаShоp is easy to install and set up, has many settings options available & low system requirements for hosting server: Apache web server 1.3 or later with PHP 5 or above & MySQL 5. Read more

What is PrestaShop

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