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Partners Spotlight: working with PCCZONE.COM

Dec 7, 2011

334 BelVG Team

A day after the 1000th order this year is a perfect time to think over, what are you doing, what way and who your clients and partners are.

Today we start spotlighting our clients’ and partners’ stores.

To make the very first story, we have talked to one of our clients who we know for such a long time and communicate so often that he sometimes seems to be a part of our team. Welcome Louis-Sebastien Rodriguez and PCCZONE.COM!


  • How old is your store? When did you start using Magento and Magento extensions? In what way has it changed your business?

    We are running the store since July 2008, 3 updates were made so far. First Magento extension was canonical extension for SEO purposes and also pick up at event extension (local pick up) . Magento has completely changed our business model going from paper price lists and traditional walk in sales to e-commerce even if still 60% of the invoice is done physically at our retail location the product research price comparison and buying decision are mainly done online. We basically have clients ready buy who visit us physically, and we save on staff.

  • How many BelVG’s modules do you use and which of them can you call must-haves?

    We have 5 BelVG’s extensions installed, the must have I would put it by priority.

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  • What effects did you feel when stated using these extensions in your store?

    Positive comments and customer experience enhancement. The more tools or options are provided to the consumer the more time they will spend browsing your web store which results in sales conversion.

  • How often do you contact the support team and what are the usual questions?

    Regularly! We usually look for integration problem with purchased extensions or for custom work, either way we always have a solution and or a decision together as a team. This is our preferred way to work and we have never been disappointed.

  • What do you think makes the strongest impact on the business relations and their productivity?

    QA Quality testing and direct implication from clients into the projects.  One on one communication is also important..

  • What are the laws the merchant should always follow not to lose regular customers and to get new ones?

    Customer service is high on top when it comes to keeping existing customers, sometimes clients will go try cheaper competition it is part of the market rules but the moment they receive poor customer service they will go back to whom they had great customer service. And new clients equals advertising.

  • Imagine your must-have module that nobody has created yet, what will be the main purposes and features?

    I would like to have an opportunity to change multiple prices based on various attributes – like category, current price, manufacturer, etc. It would be very useful for larger magento stores. Why update prices one by one when we could massively update – let’s say in our case – all video cards from manufacturer Asus with a cost range 100-200$.

Andrey Dubina
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