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“What’s Wrong” Tips: Making Magento Products Visible
Mar 19, 2012265BelVG Team

BelVG support team receives hundreds of emails, skype calls and direct messages via social network from customers. We are glad that our users are pretty curious and want to get a close look at every single feature of their extensions. However, there are some standard “What’s wrong” and “Why doesn’t it work” questions, so we want to cover customers problems regularly and help them avoid typical pitfalls to run stores smoothly. The first query of the week is right here.

I did everything I could but my store products are still invisible. I’m lost.

There are certain locations in Magento-based stores that are responsible for enabling products in frontend. Inspect them all and make sure their parameters are set correctly.

1. Go edit product page info and check product Status and Visibility. Select Status Enabled and Catalog, Search Visibility.

Status and Visibility

2. Transfer to Inventory: specify product quantity and put it In Stock.

3. In case you run several websites, make sure the one you need now is checked. Move to Websites tab.

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4. Don’t forget to adjust parameters for a particular localization you work with. It means if you are creating products for you English website version, you need to select the corresponding attribute and сheck points 1-3 once again.

Drive your store successfully in Magento waters!

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What Is Better Than Magento?
Feb 24, 2012233BelVG Team

The February 2012 eCommerce survey tested Alexa top 1 Million websites and Alexa top 100K busiest sites for the use of 40 different eCommerce platforms and revealed the following trend – Magento leadership is dominant and indisputable. 20% share of eCommerce stores belongs entirely to Magento.

Its closest competitors in top 1 Million websites category, Zen Cart along with VirtueMart, are long way behind Magento back and only together make up 20% of the market.

Magento again is the most spread platform among top 100K websites. Traditional Enterprise products IBM WebSphereand Oracle’s ATG are twice less popular than Magento Enterprise edition.

Observe the complete present-day picture of eCommerce platforms popularity and infographics, visiting the website of Tom Robertshaw, UK Magento Developer.

ECommerce Will Get Richer with Nordstrom $1 Billion Spending
Feb 23, 2012450BelVG Team

Ecommerce growth expands enormously and more big companies and chains invest their money into ecommerce operations and upgrades. The good demonstration of this pattern is Nordstrom department store chain in the United States that recently announced the 30% allocation  of their $3.3 billion capital expenditure budget for ecommerce business improvements.


Around $1 billion in spending, isn’t it impressive?

Australian Interview of Roy Rubin
Feb 21, 2012244BelVG Team

Roy Rubin, Co-Founder of Magento, took a business trip to Australia, where he gave an interview to Australian online newspaper Power Retail. It’s always the event when Magento top officials go public and unveil their business secrets. However, don’t expect big revelations in there: all conversation is spinning around pillars of Magento success, X.Commerce concept, acquisition by eBay, open source security issues and some others.

ecommerce development

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You will be definitely interested in this interview if you are relatively new to Magento development and know not that much about its happenings. Most likely that Magento professionals will consider questions quite typical with answers to what they already knew. Anyways, practice makes perfect, so enjoy the article.

BelVG Team: The Door Plates Competition
Jan 30, 2012313BelVG Team

Monday is a hard day and besides, it’s abnormally frosty outside. Since we have recently moved into a roomy office and still arrange accommodations, we try to make a little difference in there. Look how creative our guys are!  They drive off the boredom with new door plates – “Ninja Geeks” and “Ward №7” (referred to Anton Chekhov’s “Ward № 6”).

Belvg Door Plates

Who is gonna be the next?


The Last Presentation of This Year
Dec 28, 2011886BelVG Team

BelVG is finishing these year‘s last days with Prestashop Checkout Fields and Prestashop Black Suede Theme releases. We encourage you to make ultimate purchases before taking a break and celebrating New Year’s Eve.

You will have a rest while your customers still have to buy some gifts for their mates. It’s a great time to introduce to your customers a soft and expensive-looking Black Suede Theme that will help them to cool New Year’s fever. And don’t forget to give better service with different types of checkout fields for your clients to fill in and acquire what they really want.

Happy New Year!

Olga Shishuk: “I Still Have a Rest Working 24/7”
Dec 23, 20111293BelVG Team

We continue our series of interviews. Today we talk with the person who communicates with our clients most of all and can answer almost any question about our modules. We present Olga – BelVG support manager.

Olga is 24 years old. She graduated from Belorussian State Economic University and began to work in BelVG half a year ago. Olga always come to work in a good mood and cannot live a day without a book. Believes that every former job was a small step to the current work.


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Do You Have Magento Store? Then Socialize It!
Dec 16, 2011344BelVG Team

We are finishing this working week with one new extension released and two others coming soon. We are sure you will like a newborn Socializer: Like and Share module for its great advertising potential. It will provide your store with Likes and Shares from multiple best-known social services. Its developer Michel Soiko is rather flexible and will add new services and buttons upon your request.

Good job, Michel! You deserve a nice weekend.

Facebook Crush Is Finally and Entirely Eliminated
Dec 15, 2011301BelVG Team

All our Facebook-related extensions are fixed now. We have solved problems with Facebook connection yesterday and by now automatic login function and multi-language option for dialogues and widgets are working perfectly.

New patches Belvg Facebook Free 1.0.4, Belvg Facebook Connect 2.0.4, Belvg Facebook All In One 1.0.2, FB Twitter Connect 1.0.2 are available.

For customers with paid Facebook extensions: our support team will send you all necessary patches on your emails.

For customers with free Facebook extensions: we have an enormously huge number of customers with our free extensions. Unfortunately, we are not able to send required patches all of them. Please, visit our Magento Connect Page or Our Store to download patches on your own.

Zen and the Art of Mobile Theme Development
Dec 14, 2011300BelVG Team

Recently we have created a new mobile theme. Our designers have taken the inspiration from much-debated Microsoft Metro design language. The result seems to be extremely modern-looking, user-friendly and juicy like every Metro-sample. Though for a mobile theme the priority is usability, not the look. Out front-end developer Denis shared some of his secrets of creating fast and bug-free mobile themes.

Denis is 24 years old. He obtained a diploma in economics, but he dreamt about more creative job and had to get the second one. Denis has been working as a front-end developer for about 5 years. Three of them he spent in BelVG. By the way, all BelVG mobile themes were authored by him. His other interests include art photography and music.



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