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Meet Magento Asia 2019 in Bangkok

Nov 14, 2019

1249 Dasha M.

Meet Magento Asia 2019 in Bangkok

Want to discover the insights of major ecommerce events? Find out more about the highlights of Meet Magento Asia 2019 in Bangkok, and learn from the presentations of the Magento community’s key players. Let’s take a look at the main topics of today’s e-commerce ecosystem.

On the 12th of November, 2019, Bangkok brought together bright minds of the e-commerce world in the very heart of the city – Siam Paragon hotel. This venue choice for Meet Magento Asia 2019 has allowed easy access to the central areas with a fast-paced urban atmosphere that perfectly reflects the buzzing world of e-commerce explorations.

The place has been chosen not just by coincidence. Thailand is known for its vast and still evolving online market which is worth to date approximately $8.3 billion – they have a lot to teach and share [1]. The event was organized by Meet Magento Association in collaboration with SmartOSC Corporation. The host organization is a premium e-commerce agency with experience in more than 500 projects across North America, Europe and Asia.

Aside from educating the e-commerce enthusiasts, this year, the event was aimed at creating the opportunity for Magento community members to learn from key players and industry leaders. Describing successful case studies, they have shared the immersive experience and the latest e-commerce solutions to help developing companies gain new practical knowledge. Magento community always strives to be in tune with modern business challenges and keep up with the innovations.

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More than 25 speakers including top experts from Ogilvy Consulting, Google, Dynamic Yield, Omnyfy, and many more. They visited the event with the exclusive presentations for the record of over 700 attendees from 14 countries.

Traditionally, the opening was performed by the host company representative – Jack Tran, the principal consultant of SmartOSC. He expressed his delight in being able to contribute to the growth of Magento global community and sincerely welcomed the audience.

Right off the bat, the guests were amazed by Nicholas Kontopolous’ speech “Brand Utility: The purpose of Purpose”, with always hot-button topic: how to build trust with the customer explaining how purpose matters to both sides. His passion and innovative way of thinking have brilliantly set the right mood for the rest of the day.

Shortly after that, he was followed by one of the most-anticipated presenters – Lucy McCabe, The Ogilvy Consulting Managing Partner. She piqued the interest with the presentation focusing on “Connecting With The Consumer With Creativity & Technology” that exposed some of the magic formulas to win the customer with the help of creativity. It has totally shifted the ordinary perspective of common marketing approaches.

At that time, the refreshment break was of quite a good help giving some time to order the acquired knowledge and recharge the brains. It is impossible to keep up with such a pace of the event without timely breaks. Next two speakers managed to hold up well too, centring the speech on the improvements of a customer’s experience at the marketplace with the multi-layered structure. The subsequent lunch break gave a chance to use the power of networking and explore cooperation opportunities.

After that, the discussions were separated into two major directions: commerce solutions and digital marketing. Let’s try to grasp some key points from each of them and more importantly, learn something new. Unlike all the previous Meet Magento events, instead of giving a closing speech, Ben Marks, the famous Magento Adobe’s Evangelist, was the first to take the stage upon the beginning of the second session. He was expressing his ideas about the Magento future for the last time this year. The community is fond of his active speeches that have become one of the reasons why so many people attend these events.

And since “message merits repetition”, Donald Liam proceeded to go over the topic of customer’s needs making it a headliner of the day. Donald is an expert in establishing rapport with even most of the pickiest clients across all verticals, including Ford, Nike, Sony, HSBC, and many more. He presented the main reasons why some companies fail, this topic gave everyone something to think about and motivated retailers to review their business models with a fresh eye to hit the ground running with a new pace.

However, it was not just beating around the bush. There is no secret that more and more e-commerce enthusiasts aspiringly try to find ways to scale up the businesses and customer’s flow, and there was also some more top idea followed. “Turn your customer to lifetime fans” presented by talented Michael Thai and Chee Koon Foong absolutely marvelled the public with their impressive stats on approaches gauging consumer behaviour and consequently drive changes in the relationships with the clients in any business sphere. They managed to break out the complex processes of e-commerce and communicate it clearly in simple ways.

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One more presentation that proved to stand out was “Recession Proofing Your Brand” by Pacharee Pantoomano. She communicated what she has learned in her 20 years of experience regarding proper supervising and shared the examples of non-effective companies. A pivotal moment was taken place when she came down from the stage to fully engage the audience.

The last, but not the least exciting presentation came from a real thinker – Matthew McClelland speaking about emails strategy tips and tricks meant to retain the customer. Besides his witty examples, he kicked off the fun that the visitors were subconsciously waiting for. It was totally a long informative day that left a lot to think about, enough till the next Meet Magento event.


To sum it up we want to restate that Meet Magento Asia: Bangkok is one of those very engaging and enlightening meet-ups that should be recommended to visit for everyone interested in e-commerce. It provides a great opportunity to enrich contacts, embrace the spirit and discover lots of unconventional ideas. Looking at the overall activity and friendly atmosphere, it was clear that the participant’s expectations were surely met.


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