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Meet Magento Greece 2019 in Athens

Nov 26, 2019

811 Dasha M.

Meet Magento Greece 2019 in Athens

The planet keeps on turning and Magento community keeps on evolving. Want to stay tuned for the recent events and trends in the e-commerce world? For our community, innovation is a never-ending process, so, guess, what ideas have been shared on the latest Meet Magento event? Go on reading to find out who, what and where the e-commerce story is shaping.

The fifth time Athens has welcomed the leading e-commerce conference – Meet Magento on Saturday, on the 23rd of November.

The Meet Magento Greece 2019 conference’s aim is to one more time unite e-commerce enthusiasts and online merchants under one roof to give them an opportunity to learn directly from the community leaders and core Magento architects. The benefits of such events constitute an easy networking opportunity for all interested locals and international guests to get in touch with experts and devoted e-commerce fans to educate each other.

The event has been organized by Steficon SA partnered with Meet Magento Association. Steficon is a full-service agency offering services in digital marketing, internet applications and audiovisual development for both Greek and International companies. They have done a great job and arranged a magical atmosphere with the right choice of a conference venue. The event was conducted in such a magnificent place – the Zappeion Hall in the National Gardens of Athens, formerly The King’s Garden, which was even used as an Olympic village once. Now it is a tropical paradise right in the middle of the concrete jungle of the city. We are so glad that the record number of visitors were lucky to witness it firsthand, mixing work and pleasure at a time.

The start was given once the sun shone bright exactly overhead the bright minds of the Magento world. Michael Sarantinos, the founder and CEO of the host company, launched the odyssey to Magento ecosystem with the warmhearted welcome. On that point, there were 5 presentations to embrace in the first session of the day conducted in Greek as well as in English which began with Marsha Naidoo’s “Philosophical Component”. She induced the audience to ponder upon whether each member of the extensive community contributes enough to become a driven forth in the e-commerce world. She shared the knowledge with the desire to enlighten the others, pointing out again how much we can get from the international events and conferences like Meet Magento.

Then, Alex Tse – a true business enthusiast amazed the audience with the speech with a promising title “the craziest PWA speech you have ever attended”. It sounded truly intriguing and most of the guests could not but waited to listen. He spiced up the mood with creativity, wit and proven-to-work PWA examples because there is always room for fun and there is no better way to engage the audience than a good joke.

The following presentations covered such hot topics as Magento marketing key features, as well as examples from real-world applications that have yielded amazing results by Thanos Dimitriou. Mits Xourikis presented tips and tricks of complicated B2B Implementation and migration process. Dionisis Papanikolaou shared a deep analysis on new technologies Magento 2 delivers to the creation of trusted e-shops and how these technologies help small and medium-sized businesses.

Anticipating coffee break, guests were happy to share their impressions and discuss latest Magento trends while refreshing the brain and breaking the ice of the business atmosphere. As even a quick conversation with a knowledgeable colleague can help to view the particular aspect of e-commerce in an absolutely new perspective. Did anybody experience an aha-moment?

The panel kicked off from the enlarged conversation of the evergreen topic: “The e-commerce innovation with Magento ecosystem and its future capacity”. Four community gurus – Mits Xourikis, Giannis Karalis, Petros Aroukatos, Michael Sarantinos – elaborated on how to flex the e-commerce power and provide unmatched flexibility for brands to bring into play their most inventive ambitions. The Magento history ultimately stems from a genuine desire for innovations – remember? Discussing the importance of creativity in the development process and work of the global community, the speakers sparked conversation on how to push the boundaries of Magento 2 possibilities and continue to level up the operating process.

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Shortly after, brilliant Ami Verma, co-founder of Techies India Inc., took the floor. He went on with “Future of eCommerce with Magento & Adobe” adding a pinch of creativity just to the point. He talked about the construction of proper CRM, improvement of customer’s experience and some most popular Magento features that have already proved to be fruitful for e-commerce ecosystem. Ami Verma also highlighted the constant growth of active engagement:

With more than 300,000 developers, 800 technology partners and 350 system integration partners, active engagement with open source communities and standards has been an increasingly vital tenet of Adobe’s and Magento’s engineering culture.

Many more aspects of Magento development have been discussed. There was no inkling of disinterest no matter who was on the stage, as it is never enough new information when you are sincerely excited about what you do and always ready to commit to the industry advancement.

The e-commerce key players came to this great event to communicate their extensive knowledge on the variety of burning questions, such as easy tips on how to speed up not only the website but conversion rates at a time. Then, they discussed how to quickly initiate the clients into extensions and integration process. The presentation called “Strategic E-Commerce business growth hacks for success” from charming Silvia Dwomoh was particularly interesting. She encouraged the retailers and other business-concerned guests with the “secret” ingredient of useful tactics and smart strategies on how to apply in refining the webstore focusing on both customer and search engines’ needs.

The event pivoted on the moment when one of the most respected people in the country came onstage. Vice-minister of Greece expressed his hopes to digitize the country market and shared the ideas about positive outcomes of the modern marketing approaches.

As usual, the closing speech was made by the host company representative drawing a conclusion of the conference that encourages each and everyone to work harder to maximize the potential in all directions of e-commerce development.


Wrapping it up, we want to say that Meet Magento Greece 2019 has become the last conference of this year, but the phrase last but not least describes it very well. Like all the previous Magento events, this conference is instrumental to the community’s success, growth and improvement. Addressing the key e-commerce challenges, it serves not only educating but spreading the knowledge about such a powerful platform as Magento.

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  1. Meet Magento event has always been a great place for networking and meeting new people in the Magento ecommerce industry. nice post.

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