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Our Prestashop Work:

Jun 2, 2017

628 Vladislav Yunusov

Our Prestashop Work: is assured to be one of the well-developed web stores known for its designed functionality and up-to-date features that make shopping experience enjoyable. The site is hugely popular with gamers who prefer regularly playing computer games and are familiar with gamer world. Involved in e-commerce sphere, has to follow current trends in order to meet client expectations. That’s why a year ago it was resolved to upgrade the website by adding additional features and altering the current details into unique special features that make the website stand out from its contemporaries. So the task to redesign the website was trusted the BelVG company.

The current site is built on Prestashop 1.5 having the main purpose to sell game extensions, skins, keys as well as other supplies necessary for the most much-in-demand games in the world. During the development process, needed modules have been installed and custom functionality has been added. Moreover, a special statistics system that allows comparing prices between various stores has been implemented. Besides, there is the list of the rest features reproduced on the web store.

First off, before providing step-by-step description, it should be mentioned that the theme, as well as modules, has been transferred to another site while products, customers, and orders remain.

  • Steam connection

Our Prestashop Work:

Actually, the Steam platform is supposed to be the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. It is a place where all needed gaming supplies can be purchased. In order to simplify shopping process, has been integrated with a third party system called Steam. With the advent of the feature, there’s no need to create a new account on the website. The only thing to perform is to sign in through Steam by entering a Steam username as well as a password. After completing, the data represented in Steam community is available for Moreover, it implies the connection with the most popular social network Facebook. In addition, it is supplied with the module responsible for price updating. All the prices presented on the market are updated simultaneously while a user gets an optimized price. As you can see, the process is considered as facilitated and saves users time.

  • Live chat

Our Prestashop Work:

Live chat is an additional tool used for providing customers with online support in case when something is going wrong. Nowadays it is believed to be a must-have every web store should possess. The great benefit of live chat is the possibility to manage multiple clients at the same time. Besides, the module allows maintaining any visitor who browses the website in real time. On the whole, chat is promoted as a cost-effective way to add personalization and social interaction to the online shopping experience. Using such a feature, you help customers reach the expected result without much effort.

  • Stickers

Our Prestashop Work:

Stickers have been added in order to make users have a truly colorful adventure and present the variety of the existing items. With the help of stickers, a user has a coherent idea about the items to purchase. Focusing on the visual aspect, clients are granted to consider the suggested products in details.

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  • “Trust your luck” roulette

Our Prestashop Work:

The feature called Trust your luck has been implemented for making users amazed with the diversity of items to purchase. Actually, all a user should carry out is to click on the box containing a lot of items. Then after opening the window with proposed products, the button “open” should be clicked as well. As a result, any item is selected in a random manner. Actually, all the items that belong to the same category are united, so a user can win any item. In addition, a demo video can be watched after playing the game.  It should be mentioned that security of the service was in the limelight when developing. It took much time and effort, but now the service can’t be hacked or intercepted by a third party. The roulette “Trust your luck” is supposed to be an up-to-date feature that creates an amusement atmosphere and encourages users to take chances one more time.

  • G2A Pay


One more significant feature that increases web store conversion is payment systems. The more alternative payment methods are provided on the website, the more satisfying shopping experience a client gets. That’s why has added one more payment method called G2A Pay that is an online payment gateway helping accept local payment, credit cards, PayPal and debit cards. Besides, it is supported more than 15 currency unit. The distinctive feature of the system is to purchase a needed item without adding to a shopping cart. It doesn’t require additional time and effort. With the help of the feature, the payment process is easier for online customers.

  • Notifications

Notifications are considered as a way to speak directly to a user. In fact, it is a message that pops up while a user browses the site. It is a great tool that helps keep a client updated with recent news and innovations that have been implemented already. They can tell a user about discounts, coupons, sales, added items or just be a reminder about the products left in the user’s cart. All in all, it gets a client to take an action to purchase items, that’s why has been implemented the must-have feature.

  • Trusted Reviews

Our Prestashop Work:

Trusted reviews are the section which new prospective customers usually rely on. Focusing on feedback and references of the users who have already described their shopping experience, new clients get to know to decide whether to continue buying or not. That’s why the section should be designed in a proper manner to get clients satisfied. First off, putting feedback shouldn’t be a long-drawn process that takes much time and effort. Rather, it should be simple to make a client positive. Secondly, users should be provided with the opportunity to estimate by choosing a number of stars. Combining the details mentioned above makes shopping experience excellent. Based on the obvious details, has designed the section and simplified the whole process.

  • Quick search module

Our Prestashop Work:

Quick search module set on the web store was customized according to customer needs. With the help of the module the search process is simplified and now it is easy to navigate and find an appropriate item on the web store. By the way, advanced slideshow placed at the top of the site displays top products while “deal of the day” arranged in the right sidebar contains discount items. Surely, security was paid much attention as well in order to avoid being compromised.

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