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Are you using the right ecommerce platform? Does your current shopping cms allow your Brand to scale? What about security issues? These are common questions which every business owner should be asking himself. You are lucky if you use PrestaShop built with an open-source approach and combination of hundreds out-of-the-box features and user-friendly interface. Such world’s famous brands as McDonald’s FR, Le Chocolat des Français, Decathlon IN and Naïa (Ma P’tite Culotte) use PrestaShop. Why do they choose this software for their Brand development? Being an open source flexible cms system, it gives webstore owners nothing but a freedom to create an online store of their dreams.


Ready to create an unforgettable shopping experience with PrestaShop? Start your ecommerce business with a trusted, result-focused and creative development team. Being with PrestaShop since its first steps, we know how to combine the deep understanding of your Brand objectives with the latest PrestaShop features and tools to turn your website concept into a powerful and attractive online store. Use new default theme option, SEO improvements or Product price updates for a better customer environment. We share your business vision and work to build a family relationship with our clients. We have been developing and releasing PrestaShop online stores since 2008. Think big and launch an ecommerce website with us.


PrestaShop Development Services

PrestaShop Development

Successful webstore development is not just an online product catalog. It is much more than you can imagine, it is a more complicated task that needs certain knowledge, experience and understanding of ecommerce trends. To achieve this, rely on PrestaShop which is one of mature shopping cms systems in Europe. It has grown up as the world market leader for online stores of all shapes and sizes. Every tiny detail matters, from webstore design to payment opportunities you provide your customers with. To win your online customers hearts and beat your competitors create a webstore based on PrestaShop latest features, themes and integrations that will tell your story and make your Brand stand out.

Ready to start your online business with PrestaShop which has already ideally suited to multinational enterprises and smallest webstore? We develop, build and support PrestaShop online stores. Diving into your business, we will analyze your products, research competitors and create a webstore that helps you to dominate your niche in the market. Let BelVG go deep in your online store customer experience, find out more about business aspects and tools which have broader ecommerce value for your online store covering all your Brand challenges. We enjoy our clients success and are happy to be a part of it.

PrestaShop Theme Design

What are the core areas to create customer journeys on your online store? The first thing that comes to head is design. Creativity and unconventional design and other tools to create attractive webstore for your customers, that what makes your online store different. Every online store is built with individual circumstances. If you do not that, you will ruin your business development because of the outdated design of your store which your customers will be afraid to use. Use the best User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) practices to highlight your products and share your Brand philosophy with your customers. With unlimited PrestaShop design opportunities you can make your webstore unique and extraordinary and provide your customers with a smart and unforgettable shopping experience no matter what devices they are using.

With a deep understanding of your products features, we build a design to show them in the best way. With plenty of both paid and free PrestaShop templates available at the market now, you will get the only one for your online store. You get a PrestaShop template based on a more technical-focused approach with design ready to implement your marketing strategy. Our focus is to give a new push for your Brand development. We build ecommerce sites with PrestaShop native functionality and client goals in mind.

Custom PrestaShop Development

Not satisfied with the built-in PrestaShop functionality or eager to add new feature? It is high time to think about custom PrestaShop development. Being an open source ecommerce software, PrestaShop is a perfect start for further customization and improvement. Go beyond the limits. Add new features to PrestaShop theme, customize payment or delivery system with new integrations or product page layout. Let us personalize your admin panel makeover, you will get much easier solutions for daily use from an operational aspect. Take all opportunities PrestaShop provides and build webstore that you will love.

Meet the team of PrestaShop fans who are here to turn your vision into reality. Share all your amazing ideas with our PrestaShop developers and designers to hand this challenge. With custom PrestaShop tools you get a webstore your are looking for. We are always eager to go beyond the native PrestaShop features and break any limits and compromises. You come up with your future vision, we do the rest. It is time to broaden your PrestaShop online store with new feature to offer brand new sophisticated approach to online shopping.

PrestaShop Integration

Do you know what makes your online store different? Prices, the largest choice of products or glamorous designs. When you enumerating those features you forget about payment, delivery accounting, shipping and of course user-friendly admin panel. These tools are a must for any successful online store today. You need them all to make all processes work smoothly and provide your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. These tools should be integrated into your webstore admin panel or you will go crazy trying to monitor all operations and tasks in real time on your own.

If you decided that your online store cannot survive without PrestaShop integrations, we are here to build them to bring your webstore management to the next level. We have done them before and helped hundreds online stores to increase sales and improve their customers shopping experience by creating an easy-to-use and understandable environment. Just choose all third-party integrations you need to grow your business. And we will integrate them in one click. We have been the biggest PrestaShop fans since it began and know how your webstore should work.

PrestaShop Support

Eсommerce is not just about pushing the product to the market but about personal growth and creating an impressive customer shopping ecosystem which they are eager to use. Webstore development is very important, but not the only key step to success. All your efforts and investments will be spent in vain without PrestaShop support and curiosity or technical issues and problems which may happen. Every bug is not a matter of thousand of dollars loss, but a ruined reputation which can never be repaired. Are you ready to pay so much? Prevent your customers from disappointment and do not let them down and give them a tiny reason to leave a bad review.

With experience across all PrestaShop development aspects, it will be nothing but easy to detect any possible tiny issue that your online store may have and fix it. All you need is to focus more on improving your customers shopping experience which is the core value for your Brand. In BelVG we not just develop online stores, we turn all available PrestaShop features into your benefits and create a space your customers will come back again and again. You take care about your Brand strategy, we do all the rest. High performance is what your webstore deserves.

PrestaShop development process

  1. It is all about your story and its onward journey
    It is time to start your ecommerce chapter. We are here to listen, understand and transform your visions to the next stage.
  2. Details matter
    No project development without a detailed plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish.
    We investigate and plan future action. We share our knowledge and experience to put life and new colors to your business.
  3. It is all about bright colors
    Start a new shopping experience for the most curious customers. Creativity is the core value for designers in our team. Get a new look to webstore design combined with a functional approach with respect to your marketing strategy.
  4. Let’s get the job done
    We are ready to put live into the plan. We leave all promises and hopes behind to reveal our commitment. With every step you get closer to the ultimate goal.
  5. One step closer to success
    We deliver websites without bugs or errors. We go through tests and even more tests before we launch your online store. It is not a matter of time and effort, it is respect to our client as a family member of our team.
  6. The ball is on your court
    It is time to make your dreams come true. We deliver you a new online store built with our passion for PrestaShop development. We have put all your ideas into your webstore. May the force be with you.
  7. It is all about implementing the fixes and updates
    As a new member of your business we will make sure you stay away from hacker attacks and bug issues. Be first to install PrestaShop updates and security patches to implement fixes for your online store. We are always on the line with your business.

Why us

No online store without conversions

No successful online store without happy customers, no profitable business without conversions. We create online stores with a conversion-driven approach.

Honesty and respect is above all

We create online stores to start a family relationship with our clients. It is not about your own success, it about respect and common values. We create and enrich your business message to the world of ecommerce to push your Brand forward.

Life is different without a thirst for development

We believe that PrestaShop development is changing our values for the better. There is no way forward without a desire for improvement. We have been with PrestaShop for many years and there is still room for improvement.

Keep your online store getting more and more

We are always working on improving our customer skills. A properly developed, optimized and maintained webstore is the core to success. You spend your marketing ideas in vain if your webstore has technical issues. Be sure we will keep an eye on your online store.