Prestashop development

Prestashop from scratch

Do you have an idea of having your own web store and do not know how to turn it into reality? The team of advanced developers can work out the most appropriate solution according to your requirements. What should you do for it? Just fill in the questionnaire providing the team with a comprehensive description of your ideal web store. What comes next? Be ready to receive an up-to-date tool for running a successful business.

Module Development

The modules developed by BelVG company are considered to be much-in-demand. The most sought-after module is Live Chat that is listed as having more than 5 000 downloads. According to the statistics, about 30 000 online stores use modules developed by our company. Moreover, we were lucky enough to get the task for developing Prestashop official module called Checkout. What does it mean? We are a reliable company which you can give confidence to. When having the desire to get the unique module that meets your needs, ask us for help.

Adaptive Themes

In case you need a ready-made decision concerning different themes, we are ready to propose you the variety of themes suitable for any web store. What distinguishes the themes designed by our company? First off, peculiar colorful design, as well as functionality, makes shopping experience enjoyable drawing customer attention. Do not believe? Craft Prestashop Template is a bestseller that has been downloaded more than 3 000 times. In addition, Craft Template is available on Prestashop 1.7. As you can see, we keep up with the times providing our clients with excellent solutions.

Responsive design

Responsive design allows your web store to adapt to the device your shoppers are viewing it on. When the content can be resized, hidden, shrunk or enlarged to look great, it makes shoppers have a pleasant experience while purchasing items. Focusing on the feature, you increase the level of usability. Do you have a strong desire to develop a unique responsive design? Having diverse design ideas, we are ready to suggest the best ones.

Migration to Prestashop 1.7

For many web store owners, the question concerning migration to Prestashop 1.7 has arisen. Why is everybody involved in the migration process? The answer is obvious. The new Prestashop version 1.7 has been rebuilt to improve its usage. There are distinctive features such as refreshed interface, quick actions, shortcuts, automatic management for combinations. Besides, the navigation has been upgraded as well to simplify its using. All in all, it is the modern version that can enhance shopping experience without much effort.

Оur clients


  • You send us the description of your tasks (via email, Skype call, personal meeting) If necessary, we can help you create technical specifications
  • We provide you an hourly estimate for each milestone and divide it into weekly iterations for FREE
  • If we agree on the estimate, you prepay for the 1st week and we start working, then at the end of the week you check the results and the weekly report and we discuss the development of next iteration
  • If you come up with new ideas after the start of the project, we review them and make an estimate as for a new iteration

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