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How To Submit an Issue To BelVG Support Team

Jun 28, 2013

481 Olga Shishuk

How To Submit an Issue To BelVG Support Team

Before you submit your request, please, read the article “The Look at Support Service from the Inside” first. It has the answers and detailed instructions to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Please, try to be specific in your request: avoid common phrases and give a detailed description of the problem.

When submitting a ticket, fill in all the fields in the submission form on this page. In the text field provide the following information:

  • The name of the module/theme that you are using.
  • Provide your license number if you are using a paid version of a module/theme.
  • Indicate the version which is installed on your store.
  • The version of Magento/Prestashop.
  • Provide a detailed description of your problem.
  • Indicate the browser in which the problem can be reproduced, make screenshots and attach them to the request.
  • Provide access to the website in the following way:
    1. Website Back end URL
    2. Website Back end login details
    3. Website FTP host name, username and password

All this information is necessary to help us solve your issue ASAP, without wasting time to determine this information.

How long should I wait for a response?

All issues are responded in the order of their appearance.

Vlad Yunusov
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You will receive the first response to your request within 1 hour during the business hours (from 9am to 5pm GMT +3) or within 8 hours during the off hours. Even on weekends and holidays.

The things you should avoid doing.

Submitting several requests for the same issue. It will not speed up the resolving of your issue in any way.

Contacting us every hour to verify the status of your ticket. Your issue will be resolved in the standard order and you will get the repsonse as soon as we fix the problem.


  • Try to provide as many details as possible.
  • Describe step-by-step what you do for us to reproduce the problem.  If possible, make a screenshot, specify the link and attach a file.
  • Avoid providing the information which is not related to the problem.

If you have any questions about the module functionality, license agreement or other questions  it is better to contact us by Skype: store.belvg (during business hours). It is better to submit the problem description on this page or send it by e-mail to [email protected] attaching all the necessary information.

You can verify your ticket status by skype or via LiveChat.

Please note: We will respond to your request in any case, regardless the way you chose to contact us.

If you have the module Facebook free, please, first visit this page since it may already have the solution to your problem. This will save your time.

Vlad Yunusov
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