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Grounds to Believe We Will Soon Witness the Heyday of Virtual Trade

Feb 6, 2012

225 Alex Huk


1. According to prognosis, the growth of customers in 2012 will outnumber the growth of monetary assets – roughly 25% while funds will increase by 22%.

2. The expansion of internet shopping and regular customers. First of all I mean increased purchase frequency. In Europe about 70 – 80% of Internet users have at least one-time experience of shopping in online stores. Besides, there are 30 – 40 % of active Internet users with one and more online purchases per year. It is a great deal of folks.

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3. The growth of commodities in the store matters vastly. The year 2011 is a time of stores with a huge product offer. Actually, there are a lot of online stores, which sell 20, 30, 50, 200 items. As long as the online store includes 15,000-20,000 articles, it can be considered as a serious market player with high turnover funds that traditional retail networks should beware of. Those sorts of stores are leaders on eCommerce market.

4. Payment services. Nowadays consumers can pay online with credit cards, pay pal, phone account (SMS) and others – 80% of Internet users have one or more payment services to pay quickly and easily.

5. Delivery services are almost a magic today. For instance, merchants wrap up the product in Canada and four days later their customers receive it in Sydney, Australia.  The shipping cost from seller to customer’s door is just $ 50.

All this makes possible to believe that online trading volumes will grow rapidly. I am convinced that we are approaching a new trade era, when every kebab eatery will have its own online store. Presently uncommon stores with 100,000 items will be no longer a surprise in a while. Housewives will order cheese from Italy on Monday, fish from Japan, spices from India and Bavarian beer for a Friday night party. It will be much faster, easier and cheaper than buying in traditional stores.

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