CloudZoom Library Critical Update for Magento 1.9

Jul 29, 201489Mishel Soiko
CloudZoom Library Critical Update for Magento 1.9

The CloudZoom extension library has been updated, so the latest official version is 1.0.3. This is the second update for our modules – version 1.0.5.

Magento v1.9 has chosen another plug-in. However, our modules are working with the library perfectly well, and that is why we are improving this library.

Download – v.1.0.5

Major patches have been applied to the functionality of responsive themes:

  • Fixed Blur Effect for responsive themes;
  • If zoom does not fit the screen then plugin switches into the ‘inside’ zoom mode;
  • Zoom is not applied if the image is too small;
  • If picture fits zoom requirements only either by hight or by width, it will still be displayed for zoom.

The following BelVG modules use CloudZoom v.1.0.5:

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