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BelVG Newsroom: Buzz You Might Have Missed This Week

May 10, 2012

202 Alex Huk

Assuming that Rothschild and later Winston Churchill were right saying “who owns the information – that owns the world”, you are committed to be aware of major eCommerce events to outperform rivals. Most likely you are a busy person, who runs stores or develops extensions and sometimes doesn’t have enough time to monitor latest happenings in the eCommerce area.

I have created a virtual sheet of recent news, announced earlier this week, that you may find useful.

Facebook launches Offers Coupons for online stores. Businesses will be able to deliver discount options, available to their fans via news feed, ads and Sponsored Stories. Along with the text teaser customers will see the Get Offer Code button. Upon pressing it, they will receive the code on the relevant email address.

Apple starts generating food and drink daily deals for residents in the Bay Area. Combining efforts with a Seattle startup Pirq, Apple is planning to penetrate Mobile Commerce with discounts for  their local clients first, and later for all iPhone users.

 MasterCard released a global survey on mobile payments adoption across the planet. Its data are not that positive as we wish it to be: generally users are not ready for mobile payments. According to survey results, the highly ranked Singapore has 100% mobile coverage, 70% Internet penetration and 68% mobile phone penetration. At the same time, the United States are warned about much work to be done. “The existence of Isis and Google Wallet do much to boost the United States’ score; but until both these projects begin to achieve air speed by engaging all players, it’s still in the early days.”

I am sure you have found and shared with your team mates some other eCommerce news that may catch the attention of our audience as well. Make them visible in the comments below and let your international colleagues know what you find significant.

Igor Dragun
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