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BelVG Is Getting “Best Web Tool 2012” Award

Feb 16, 2012

232 Alex Huk

One day this week we have received the email from WebHostingSearch, a web hosting provider, informing us that their visitors are rather satisfied with BelVG work. Being recommended by WHS customers and reviewed by WHS editors, WebHostingSearch recognized BelVG as the “Best Web Tool 2012“, telling us they “applaud your great products/services that truly helps to make websites more interesting and easier for users to understand and use.”

WebHostingSearch entitles BelVG the dedicated page in their Web Development Companies listing with the following record:

              Email Attachmentwebtools2012

Along with inclusion in WHS listing, we were given the award to display on our website. So here it is – BelVG deserved recognition.

Vlad Yunusov
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