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BelVG’s Lifehack: How to Notify of Deployment Status via Telegram
Nov 27, 20171018Siaržuk Piatroŭski

When developing the project, we prefer using messengers to simplify communication between team members. Which one do we use on a daily basis? This is Telegram which is considered to be the safest and most user-friendly messenger. It’s private enough, as all messages are encrypted, and compatible with all platforms. Besides, there’s a flexible API for creating bots that factored our decision to choose Telegram.

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BelVG’s Lifehack: How to Notify of Deployment Status via Telegram
Shortly About Magento 2.0 Web APIs
Mar 2, 20162565Siaržuk Piatroŭski

APIs* can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from creating shop applications to CRM*/ERP* integrations. It’s quite easy to start working with APIs. Let’s take a look at creating products and categories using token-based* authentification. To do this we need Composer and Magento 2.0. Read more

Shortly About Magento 2.0 Web APIs
$5 To All Our Twitter Friends!
Jan 30, 2013453Siaržuk Piatroŭski

$5 Coupon

We are happy to have so many lovely followers on Twitter! We also believe that the end of January is a perfect time to treat all our Twitter buddies. So, here and now, follow simple steps to receive a $5 coupon from BelVG! Read more

Why Google Analytics May Play the Fool With Your Magento Store
Mar 26, 2012270Siaržuk Piatroŭski

Google Analytics is a virtual Chuck Norris in web analytics software that provides admins with necessary tools for collecting website statistics. ECommerce sites need web analytics software too. Google Analytics collects two types of eCommerce data: order data and product data. Order data include general information about orders (order ID, store name, grand total, tax, shipping, city, region & country) while product data incorporate information about every order item (order ID, SKU, product name, product price & quantity). It works like typical Google Analytics service, but only for checkout success page.

Usually Magento gives you the detailed order statistics, but you can’t relate it to page views or keywords. If you don’t know what increases your sales (SEO, email campaign, advertising), you can not manage advertising budget correctly. Statistics grants you successful advertising campaigns and increased ROI accordingly.

Working with Google Analytics in Magento, you may have wondered now and then, why it is not functioning in a proper way. A typical problem occurs when your store name includes symbols like single-quote, for instance, Molly’s Dolls or L’enchantement. No challenge anymore. We offer you to download this bugfix for Magento 1.5-1.6.2. Enjoy your smooth statistics gathering!



Useful Tips to Apply While Importing Customer List
Feb 7, 2012399Siaržuk Piatroŭski

Many website owners want to import customers from their old sites or email services like MailChimp to some new location. Basically, Magento has all required functions for a standard importing, but sometimes more complex actions with customers are needed. It concerns, for example, extracting customers from CSV and CSV-like files and sending them welcome email messages.

We suggest you to download the module sample that helps importing CSV customer list, generated by MailChimp, to your Magento store. The archive includes two customer titles for practicing purposes and is tested on Magento 1.6.


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