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7 Practical SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Nov 5, 2018

1175 Luba Andreeva

7 Practical SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Today we will talk about what is seo, how it works and why it is so important for online stores to use it. You may think that launching a webstore is enough to start a successful business. But it turns out that there are so many things you should think about besides selling goods. And SEO is one of them. It is so easy to get lost in all these search engines, keywords and ways of optimization. Don’t be confused, we are here to help you.

What is SEO

Let’s start from the very beginning. Every network such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing has its own search engine algorithms. It means that search engines explore every webpage of every webstore, analyze it and when it comes to responding to a search requests the list of suitable websites is ready to solve someone’s problem. Here is how the list of non-paid organic search engine results is formed.

It is absolutely clear that the higher your position is, the more customers will find your webstore. Your main task as a webstore owner is to fill your online shop with all the information that search engines need. This process is called search engine optimization.

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How to do SEO for online stores

Search engines are very smart. They understand almost everything and analyze every word and image on your webpages. But even so they still need your help.

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  • Content. Webstores with fresh, unique and frequently updated content are usually higher in the list of search results than their lazy competitors. That’s why it is very important to generate new content correctly. The best way to provide your webstore with content is to start a blog. Here you can share useful and interesting information with your visitors, make reviews and promote your products. Use your content to solve customer problems and give answers to their questions.
  • Use keywords. As we have already mentioned, every word matters. That’s why it is very important to do research and use the right words and phrases for product names and descriptions. There are lots of different tools, both free and paid, that can help you. But don’t use too many keywords. Two or three at the beginning of the page will be enough.
  • Titles. A title is the page name. It is very important to fill it correctly. A title should be unique, include keyword and reflect the essence of the page. In other words, search engines perceive titles as contents of a book and it should comply with the page text.
  • Links. To put it simply, link building deals with reputation. The more websites refer to your online store, the higher your position is. Search engines pay attention to the quality of such links (so we don’t recommend buying them) and to the link words (engines perceive them as a clue from other sites that tells what is on your page).
  • Images. All images should be unique. Try not to use somebody’s photos, make your own. Don’t underestimate images, because they are a great assistant in sales. Always remember to brand your pictures and optimize them. Spend some time adding alts and titles to images so that search engines know what’s on them. It will help you to improve image search results.
  • Speed optimization. Together with webstore content search engines analyze the loading speed of the page. The faster, the better. Here is some advice on how to improve your Magento store speed.
  • Security. Safe webstores have a better ranking. That’s why if you want to be in the top, your #1 task should be the migration from HTTP to HTTPS.

You should pay a special attention to search engine optimization of your webstore. Competition in ecommerce is too high to ignore SEO. Moreover, there is so much information and tutorials that there is no need to hire a full-time specialist.

In our article, we compiled the basic SEO rules you should always remember and follow. We will talk about each of them separately in our next posts. Subscribe to be informed! And feel free to leave your questions and comments.

Have a productive week ahead!

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