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6 Ways to Win the Heart of Your Customer

Oct 22, 2018

1071 Luba Andreeva

6 Ways to Win the Heart of Your Customer

It is not enough anymore just to sell goods or provide services. Today’s business is all about customers. And the winner (who, as we know, takes it all) is the one who understands what customer centricity is and why it is so important to build ecommerce business strategy around this idea.

What is customer centricity

Before talking about transforming your business into customer-centric let’s first understand what it means. Customer or client centricity is an insurance of positive experience for customers on all steps of interaction with an ecommerce business: before, during and after making a purchase. We in BelVG believe that it is important to provide positive experience even when a purchase has not been made.

When competition is too high it is extremely important for webstore owners to keep customers and put them into the centre of the business. Clients are too capricious, they want to know that they come first, not the product you sell. Once they feel real respect, they will visit your store again and again. And that is what all merchants want.

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How to become customer centric

Hope you have already understood that client centricity is not a whim but a necessity. Let’s consider how to achieve it and create customer marketing.

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  • Collect data. It is the very first step of customer centricity integration into your business strategy. You should know everything about your buyers. From their sex, age, country of living and interests to their behaviour in your webstore. To provide an excellent user experience you should understand what devices they use, how they find your webstore and what pages are the most important to them.
  • Analyze information. Simply collecting the data is not enough. You should examine the information you receive and create a portrait of your customer. Primarily it will help you to better understand your customers and launch successful relationship with them.
  • Personalization. Communication with customers is permanent and it is better to personalize every message you send. You should know your customer’s shopping history better than he does and provide only interesting and useful information.
  • Loyalty program. Loyal customer is better that a regular one. Companies that understand it have already succeeded. Best offers, special prices and gifts are common features of a loyalty program but they are not the only way to gain customer loyalty. Figure out your weaknesses from the clients’ view, fix them and you will see how Customer Lifetime Value is increasing.
  • Return policy. Take care of clear return policy. Your customers should rest assured that if something goes wrong they won’t suffer from this situation.
  • Feedback. Almost all customers make their own research before making a purchase. Make sure your webstore managers know how to work with clients reviews, both positive and negative. Reputation is too important to be left unattended.

Customers are a core element of ecommerce. No matter how good your product is, without customers there will be nobody to assess it.

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